Rooms&Exits Chapter 1 Level 1 – Level 5 Walkthrough

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Pretty excited to play and give you a full walkthrough for Rooms & Exits – Escape Room. I’m going to start with level 1 all the way to level 5 and show you what you need to do.

The levels go from easy to hard and I’ll be here every step of the way for you to be able to pass all levels.

You’re going to start easy with a tutorial on level 1, so you know what you’re dealing with and what are your options. So even though you don’t need this first level from me, my OCD needs it, so…

Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 1 Warm Up Walkthrough

Rooms & Exits Escape Room No Honour Amngst Thieves Walkthrough

This is as easy as it can get as the hand shows you what you need to do.

Level 1 First Room Walkthrough

  • Tap on the desk, and the drawer will open.
  • Take the key.
  • Tap on the backpack in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Click on the key and on the use button.
  • Now go back to the room and tap on the door. It will Use the key to open the door.

Level 1 Second Room Walkthrough

  • Open both doors from the cupboard.
  • Take the key part and the pack of blades.
  • Go to your backpack and select the blades and choose to dismantle them.
  • It will give you just one blade and tap use.
  • Click on the pillow on the couch and use the blade on it.
  • It will reveal another key part.
  • Go to your backpack and select both key parts and tap on the combine button.
  • Now that you have a whole key tap use and go to click on the door to open and exit.

Level 1 Third Room Walkthrough

  • Look at the painting on the wall.
  • Tap and it will rip apart and give you a puzzle piece.
  • The piece of paper on the drawer is a clue to how to solve the puzzle.
  • Click on use on the puzzle piece and put it in the puzzle next to the door.
  • Switch the pieces around till you solve the puzzle.
  • Once you’re done, the door will open.

Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 2 Flower Shop Walkthrough

  • Take the remote from the counter in the front.
  • Go to your backpack and select it to dismantle. It will give you two batteries.
  • Tap on use and go next to the TV, tap on the heating controls.
  • Put the batteries on and turn it on, tap on the snowflake icon, and on the to make it as cold as possible.
  • You can watch the thermometer read the temperature as it goes down. It’s on the wall to the left. It will reveal a code behind it.
  • Open the drawer from the right set of drawers.
  • Take the cutter and use it on the painting next to the TV.
  • You’ll find a safe box behind it. Enter the code: 53736 and take the key inside.
  • Use the key on the door to help you exit.

Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 3 Beauty Salon Walkthrough

  • Check out the beauty chair and move the towel to get the screwdriver.
  • Tap on the potted plant in the corner and get the puzzle piece.
  • On the white paper on the desk, there are some batteries.
  • Open the orange box on the desk to find another puzzle piece.
  • Tap on the magazines on the desk and move them to find a third puzzle piece.
  • Check out the cabinet and open a drawer, and take the flashlight.
  • Open the lower cabinet on the right and take the fish food.
  • Combine the batteries with the flashlight.
  • Use it on the top cabinet to reveal a code: 26723
  • Move the carpet from in front of the Exit door to find another puzzle piece.
  • Remove the clock above the window and get another puzzle piece.
  • Check out the vent next to the Massage Room door.
  • Use the screwdriver to open the vent and get another puzzle piece.
  • Go to the frame under the vent, put the puzzle pieces you found, and solve the puzzle.
  • It will reveal a safebox so write the code 26723 to open it.
  • Take the key from inside and use it to open the Massage Room door with it.
  • Tap on the blinds of the window and you’ll get the fishing rod hanging there.
  • Move the carpet out of the way and you’ll get a hook.
  • Tap on the fish tank and use the fish food on the fish there.
  • Combine the hook with the small rod and use it on the fish tank to get the key at the bottom.
  • Move to the Exit door and use the key to get out.

Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 4 Hardware Store Walkthrough

  • Open the middle drawers on the workbench and take the screwdriver.
  • The trolley on the left has a few pieces of ladder on it. Put the ladder back together.
  • Check the vent above the ladder and use the screwdriver to open it.
  • Take the candlestick from inside.
  • Take the crowbar next to the ladder.
  • Go to the clothes hanging and take the lighter out of the pocket.
  • Check out the trash bin on the right and pick up the rolled paper from it.
  • Dismantle the rolled paper, and you’ll get a mallet and a piece of paper with a clue.
  • Tap to use the mallet and click on the cracked wall on your right.
  • Combine the candle and the lighter and use the lighted candle inside the wall so you can see.
  • Now you can take the jack from inside.
  • Tap on the wall next to the hammers on the right where the filler tools are and put the pieces back together to find a safe box.
  • The clue on the paper will tell you in which order to press the buttons: 578632
  • Once open you’ll get a saw from inside.
  • Use the saw on the chain on the cupboard.
  • Use the crowbar on the wooden planks to pry the doors open.
  • Tap on the green box and solve the puzzle like this:
Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 4 Hardware Store Peg - Circle puzzle


  • 1 to B, 2 to C, 1 to C, 3 to B, 1 to A, 2 to B, 1 to B, 4 to C.
  • 1 to C, 2 to A, 1 to A, 3 to C.
  • 1 to B, 2 to C, and 1 to C.
  • Now that the box is open you’ll find the handle of the jack. So combine the two together.
  • Use the fixed jack on the metallic garage door to open it and be able to leave the room.

Rooms & Exits Level 5 Coffee Shop Walkthrough

  • Click on the mugs on the counter to find a water tap.
  • Use it on the sink to stop the water.
  • After the water drains it will receive a green arrows clue.
  • Click on the mugs on the left wall, under the shelf.
  • Take the can opener from the M mug.
  • Check out the coffee machine, and use the can opener to open up the first grate from the left to find an orange arrows clue.
  • Tap on the minifridge, open it, and take an ice coffee can from the top shelf.
  • Combine the can opener with the ice coffee to open it and get a clue.
  • Check the shelves next to the bar stool, lower to the ground.
  • Move the fruits out of the way to reveal the numbers.
  • Apple (green) 6, oranges (orange) 3, lemons (yellow) 8
  • Tap the drawers next to the minifridge, then tap again on the first drawer.
  • Examine the green arrow clue first to know how to open the drawer then rotate the arrows so they look like the ones in your clue. Once opened enter the number 6.
  • Move down to the next drawer and examine the orange arrows clue, set the arrows accordingly, then once opened enter the number 3.
  • Do this again on the lowest drawer, arranging the arrows like the yellow arrow clue, then enter the number 8.
  • You’ll get a tea box from each drawer.
  • Click on the box above the coffee machine and use the teas you found there.
  • The lines drawn on the teas will from a tea mug.
Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 5 Tea Bag Puzzle
  • Once the puzzle is solved, a drawer will open and give you a key.


Used to have a video walkthrough for Rooms & Exits chapter 1 level 1 to level 5, but the developers asked me to take it down because of copyright issues.

I do love these mystery puzzle games, and I’m looking forward to playing more and offering more walkthroughs for Rooms&Exits: Escape Room.

Stay tuned for more answers for chapter 1 No Honor Among Thieves Rooms&Exits level 6 to level 9. I already know I won’t be able to keep myself from playing.


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    • After you enter the arrows on each clue into the drawer, you need to enter the number you found behind the green apples first (in your case 1 I suppose) and tap the arrow under it to open it.
      The teabags should have some lines drawn that need to form a cup in the background.


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