Rooms&Exits Full Game Walkthrough [Updated]

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The full walkthrough for all the Rooms&Exits stages is here. I’m covering all the levels in the game, from the tutorial at level one, all the way up to the final chapter.

The levels, as you probably know already, go from easy to hard very fast, but with my detailed walkthroughs for each of them, you’ll be able to go through them pretty quickly and without headaches.

If you enjoy my walkthroughs, don’t forget to show your appreciation by sharing them with your friends. I spend countless hours playing the game, then countless more writing the walkthroughs. But it was fun, I won’t complain!

With all these in mind, let’s get it started!

Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 1 Warm-Up Walkthrough

This is as easy as it can get as the hand shows you what you need to do.

Level 1 First Room Walkthrough

  • Tap on the desk, and the drawer will open.
  • Take the key.
  • Tap on the backpack in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Click on the key and on the use button.
  • Now go back to the room and tap on the door. It will Use the key to open the door.

Level 1 Second Room Walkthrough

  • Open both doors from the cupboard.
  • Take the key part and the pack of blades.
  • Go to your backpack and select the blades and choose to dismantle them.
  • It will give you just one blade and tap use.
  • Click on the pillow on the couch and use the blade on it.
  • It will reveal another key part.
  • Go to your backpack and select both key parts and tap on the combine button.
  • Now that you have a whole key tap use and go to click on the door to open and exit.

Level 1 Third Room Walkthrough

  • Look at the painting on the wall.
  • Tap and it will rip apart and give you a puzzle piece.
  • The piece of paper on the drawer is a clue to how to solve the puzzle.
  • Click on use on the puzzle piece and put it in the puzzle next to the door.
  • Switch the pieces around till you solve the puzzle.
  • Once you’re done, the door will open.


I am sorry for the inconvenience, but the developers of Rooms and Exits have asked me to remove all the walkthrough articles, based on copyright claims.

I put in a lot of work to create them, and I know they were helpful… but they wanted them removed.

If you need help with any puzzle or need hints to complete the other levels in Rooms & Exits, the game has an inbuilt hint system that the developers want you to use.

If that doesn’t help, they encourage you to contact Customer Support directly and ask for hints. Please do so.

You can find Rooms&Exits on the Google Store and on the iOS Store if you want to play it or leave a review after you play.

I apologize for having to remove all the walkthroughs for the game. If you want to, you can check out other escape the room games that I have walkthroughs for on the blog:

And basically just keep an eye on App Amped for new walkthroughs for popular adventure games & awesome mobile games.


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16 thoughts on “Rooms&Exits Full Game Walkthrough [Updated]”

    • After you enter the arrows on each clue into the drawer, you need to enter the number you found behind the green apples first (in your case 1 I suppose) and tap the arrow under it to open it.
      The teabags should have some lines drawn that need to form a cup in the background.

    • First get the iced coffee can, then use the can opener use the clues on the third draw when opened you will find the clues for the second draw and use them on the second draw you will then find the water tap (not sure about tea bags yet)

  1. Ugh, this is so annoying. The in-game hint system is sh*t. I am struggling in the basement of chapter 2 and I got the hint “Tile patterns are important, even in basements”. Yeah, thank you “hint” lol.

  2. So it seems nobody has figured out the new tea box puzzle? All the bags are yellow, green, and orange, like the fruits on the shelves, but for the life of me I can’t figure out the order….


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