An Elmwood Trail – Episode 1 The Missing Girl Walkthrough

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Mystery games are one of my favorite genres, so here’s my latest walkthrough for An Elmwood Trail. I’ll be giving you a full step-by-step walkthrough so you know what to do to save the missing girl.

This is an interactive game, where you can choose the way your character responds. In the beginning, it won’t matter much, but as the game advances you’ll discover certain things that will help you solve the mystery.

The game starts with a message from an anonymous number. That’s you’re starting point. Find out more about how to complete this game and save the day.

An Elmwood Trail Episode 1 Walkthrough

An Elmwood Trail walkthrough Missing girl

The answers you give won’t change the story too much at the start. But it will get harder and you’ll need some clues to solve the mystery. Let’s get going, shall we?

  • Hello Adam
    • Yes?
  • The famous detective Adam Lane, not so famous after all, are you?
    • How does that concern you?
  • Sadly, the only case you are getting must be of lost bikes.
  • The Brown’s murder case. That really was your peak, wasn’t it?
    • Do I have a stalker? 🤔
  • Just someone who can help you get back on track.
    • Sorry I’m not looking to get back on track.
  • I have a case for you. A case that will help you redeem yourself and overcome your past.
    • Where did you copy these lines from?
  • I want you to solve this case.
  • The disappearance of Zoey Leonard.
    • What do you know about that case?
  • An 18-year-old girl named Zoey disappeared 3 weeks ago. Police marked it as a runaway.
  • I believe there is more to that case than a simple “runaway”.
    • I cannot just take a case like this.
  • I don’t think you have a choice.
    • Is this a threat?
  • Does the name Victoria ring a bell?
    • Victoria, who?
  • Do you need a reminder of what happened at Lake Isle, 5 years ago?

They sent you a short video of a forest.

  • Your silence tells me you don’t.
    • You… couldn’t possibly know… about this…
  • Coming back to the point, Zoey’s disappearance.
  • You’re going to solve it.
  • I will be sending you something to get started with.
    • I have to talk to my colleague first at least.
  • I don’t care. Talk to your colleague, call up your wife, or get permission from your cat. I want you to get started with this case right away or else…
    • As long as the name Victoria stays hidden.
  • No one will find out about it if you do as I say.
  • I am simply asking a detective to solve the case of an innocent girl who went missing. If you find her, it’ll be a win-win situation for everyone here.
    • What’s your reason for doing all this??
  • The clock is ticking detective. If I were you, I would get started already.

The conversation ends and you will get a new message from Tim:

  • Hey Adam, where have you been?
    • Hey, I need to talk to you.
  • Sure, what’s up?
    • I think we might be able to solve the case of Zoey Leonard’s disappearance.
  • I thought we agreed on not taking up Zoey’s case.
    • Solving Zoey’s case would be our big shot…
  • This case is a waste of time. It’s a dead end.
  • The trails have gone cold, and who knows if she’s even alive?
    • What happened to the detective inside you?
  • What’s up with you today, we’ve talked about this in the past.
    • We need this case… our agency needs this!
  • You need this, not me, and the agency will recover.
    • Think about it, it’ll be just like old times
  • Adam listen to yourself. There is no decent evidence in this case. And if there wasthe hope of finding any, it is far gone now.
    • We’ll never know until we try.
  • Why are you so hell-bent on finding her?
  • Not every mystery can be solved.
    • I guess I will prove you wrong then.
  • I am not getting on in this madness with you.
  • Detective Maxwell won’t be happy once this reaches him.
  • If you want to do this, then fine.
  • Just know that I am not going to help you with this one.
    • Since when did we start fearing Maxwell??
  • It’s been 3 weeks since she disappeared. It makes no sense.
  • I have made my decision Adam. If you decide to go ahead with this case, you’ll be on your own.
    • My decision is final. I will solve this case.
  • I don’t know what to say. Talk to you later. Good luck.

Tim will go offline after this and a new notification will pop up. Click on it, or on the top left corner to see it. It says a new item has arrived.

It’s a box with a lot of evidence and information about Zoey’s case. Her file, photo of her and her parents, Student ID, and a photo of her. Right after looking through all these, you’ll get another message from the unknown sender.

  • I see you received the parcel. Did you have a look inside?
    • It’s just a bunch of pictures…
  • You are a detective, Adam.
  • This evidence could be very handy to you.
  • I am surprised to see such a famous detective giving up on the case every second.
  • You need to be serious here.
    • I cannot be open about this case. How do you expect me to start with all this?
  • I have another gift for you.
  • But, be careful. You can’t share this with anyone.
    • Wait… Is this your guy at the door??
  • You know what to do.
  • I’ll talk to you once you receive your… gift.

A new item has been brought to you. It’s Zoey’s phone.

An Elmwood Trail Episode 1 Walkthrough

After it opens for you, you’ll see a lot of messages and calls coming in, mostly from her mom and dad. Trying to open any of them won’t work without a password.

That’s when you’ll get another message from the person that gave you the case. Tap the top left corner of the phone to pick Adam’s phone and read the messag.

  • Got your gift?
    • Okay, how the hell do you even have this?
  • You need to work fast and question less, count your blessings, and get going.
    • But still, how did you get this?
  • I made myself clear. No questions.
    • I am still not sure how any of this relates to you and a missing girl.
  • Night, Adam. Good luck.
  • To open Zoey’s phone, check out the evidence case.
  • On her student ID there’s the enrollment number: 8-5-18-5
  • Enter that and her phone will be available to you.
  • Go back to your evidence and click on her file.
  • The tap on “Last seen by her father leaving to visit her friend Lily.”
  • Check her messages to Lily (it says 576 messages deleted)
  • You need to find out why they were deleted.
  • Click on the messages to Valeria, scroll up to find Lily’s phone number and tap on it.
  • You can now chat with Lily.
    • Hi Lily. This is detective Adam Lane. I am investigating the case of Zoey Leonard.
  • ummm… is this the police?
  • I thought the police closed this case due to lack of evidence.
    • I think there is more to her disappearance than what the police know.
  • Zoey is my best friend…
  • She was my only friend!!
  • I would be happy to answer all your questions if that brings in some hope for us to find Zoey.
    • What can you tell me about her?
  • Zoey was one of the sweetest souls in our school.
  • Beside this, she had a sharp mind and was extremely talented.
  • She was very friendly and her family loved her to pieces.
  • She used to get good grades and even had the perfect boyfriend.
  • I don’t know what happened suddenly…
    • Sounds like Zoey had a perfect life
  • She did have “the perfect life”, a lot of girls were even jealous.
  • Not me though, I always wanted the best for her.
    • When was the last time you saw her?
  • At school only.
    • Do you know where was she the night of her disappearance?
  • Wait… Don’t you know?
  • She went to a party that night.
    • You mean Zoey lied to her parents?
  • I’m not sure about that.
    • Zoey’s parents gave a statement that she went for a sleepover that night at your place.
  • Well, never knew she could lie to her parents.
  • Probably, she went to the party with Betty and was planning to stay with her only.
    • Betty? Another friend of Zoey’s?
  • She was Zoey’s friend. I never liked her influence on Zoey.
  • She used to throw herself on Zoeyevery time.
  • Zoey was always so kind to everyone so she ignored this.
    • So, didn’t you go to the party?
  • I had more important things to focus on than just partying with a bunch of idiots!
    • You are a teen and not into partying?
  • I am someone who enjoys being with like-minded people.
  • Other kids always try being over-friendly with me because I am the scholar.
  • I allow only very limited people to be my friend.
    • Whose party was this, do you know?
  • Yeah, it was organized by
    • Lily?
  • Lily’s phone will block you so you need to figure out how to recover the data from Zoey’s phone.
En Elmwood Trail Recover phone data
  • These are the steps you need to do so you can recover the data:
    • Switch 14 with 8
    • 10 with 8
    • 6 with 8
    • 7 with 8
    • 5 with 1
  • You need to read the recovered chats with Betty.
  • Scroll up and you’ll see Zoey and Betty planning to meet at Lily’s place at 8.
  • Scroll up more and you’ll see Betty sent Zoey an email with 2 passes for the party.
  • But they were not for Lily.
  • You’ll find out Brad was Zoey’s boyfriend, but Zoey was looking for Kyle.

Check her Mail to find out more recovered information:

  • One is news about Zoey missing.
  • Scroll down and you’ll see an ad about how to find a car’s details fast.
  • Scroll down more to see an invite for a Halloween party from Ur Boy Eddy
  • One of the emails is from Betty Hudson with an invite to the party.
  • Tap the QR code to find the location: 69.2 N, 77.1 W
  • Go to Adam’s phone and tap on the Browser app.
  • Click on Riverstone Map and enter the location at the top.
  • The party was hosted at: Treetops Mansion.
  • To find out Betty’s contact to talk to her you need to tap her image in the messages on Zoey’s phone.
  • Tap her phone number to get you to message Betty on Adam’s phone.
    • Hello Betty, this is Detective Adam Lane. I am investigating the case of Zoey Leonard.
  • Detective? Zoey? What’s going on?
  • Are you like Sherlock or something?
    • I’m a private detective investigating her case, reopening it again.
  • Lol. What do you mean you’re reopening it? You’re a private detective, not the police.
    • I want you to answer some questions regarding Zoey.
  • But, am I answerable to you?
    • Don’t you wanna help me find your missing friend?
  • Don’t get me wrong, I do want to find her. But, I don’t think you can help with that.
    • What other option do you have?
  • Riverstone is incomplete without her
  • You have no idea how cast down I have been since she went missing.
    • Sounds like you are deeply affected by this incident.
  • obviously… I and Zoey were like real tight.
  • Like best buds
    • So, Lily was not her best friend then?
  • Lily?? She had friends?
  • Well that’s some news to me
    • Why can’t she have friends?
  • coz nerds like her don’t have friends 😂
    • I guess Zoey had a few best friends then.
  • One… only her name is Betty.
    • Being her “best friend”, you must have gone to that party as well with her?
  • You need to have better sources detective.
  • I did go to the party with Zoey. But, before the party, she went to Lily’s place.
  • She lied about a sleepover at her place.
    • According to you, Lily lied then?
  • Obviously, she did.
  • hmm… you are not that stupid after all.
    • Maybe Lily was right about you…
  • What? What did she say about me?
    • That you try to get on everybody’s nerves
  • Well I don’t expect anything from her… But what’s with you detective
  • Have you lost all your senses
    • You can’t blame me, look at the way you’re talking.
  • You know what just ask your rubbish questions
  • Let’s just get done with this thing
    • Is there anyone you know who’s really close to Zoey?
  • Apart from me, there’s her boyfriend Brad.
    • Where was he the night Zoey went missing?
  • uhh… I don’t know where he was.
    • Okay and what do you know about the following address?
    • Treetops Mansion, Walnut Street
  • Wait how did you get this?
    • You have been here, right?
  • uhh… No, I have never been here in my life.
    • Weren’t you providing passes to the party which was organized here?
  • No… I wasn’t.
  • Sorry, I gotta go… my trainer’s waiting.
  • Also, I would advise you to stay away… unless you want some trouble.
    • What? Is that a threat?
    • Betty???

She’ll go offline and you can click the circle that shows up on your screen to connect the relevant clues together.

  • Lily said Zoey went straight to the party +
    • Zoey’s parents and Betty said Zoey went to Lily’s place
  • Who was organizing this party? +
    • Betty doesn’t want us to know more about the party
  • Where was Zoey last spotted? +
    • Who was the last person Zoey interacted with?

Now you need to read Zoey’s diary note “Page 1 – Aug 16th, 2022 – Locked”

  • Tap on it and solve the riddle to be able to open it.
    “I pedal down the streets,
    racing wind so bold and swift.
    Been using it forever,
    it was the one and only gift.”
  • If you go and check out the Gallery on her phone, you’ll see one photo on Aug 16th of a bike, and clicking on it will reveal the name of that photo.
  • from mom is the answer to your riddle.
  • This is the Diary note you reveal:
An Elmwood Trail walkthrough Missing girl
  • Now Lily will write you again so you can talk to her.
  • Hey
  • You there?
  • Sorry about that… it was my mom.
    • You got me worried for a sec
  • My parents are very overprotective of me.
  • They never allowed me to really help the police.
    • It’s tough being a parent, I can tell you that.
  • Maybe… but you won’t get it.
    • Anyway, I had a chat with Betty.
  • And what did she say?
  • If I were you, I’d put her on top of my suspects’ list.
    • She had a similar opinion about you.
  • What do you mean?
    • She said that Zoey did visit your place before going to the party.
  • Oh… last time I checked Zoey never entered someone’s place without their permission.
    • Zoey’s parents gave the same statement to the police.
  • I don’t know what to say…
  • I told you everything I know. Now, it’s up to you if you want to believe me or not.
    • Do you know anything about this address? Have you seen it or heard someone mention it?
    • Treetops Mansion, Walnut Street
  • Walnut Street… never been there. Heard that’s where the rich in town live.
    • Are you sure? This was where the party took place the night Zoey went missing.
  • You know I didn’t go to the party, right? How would I know?
  • You should try asking Betty. She was the one handing out the passes.
    • How can I get through to her? She wouldn’t talk to me.
  • Hmm… Let me think.
  • Well if there is something that Betty is really concerned about it’s her image.
  • If you can leverage her with something, she might start cooperating.
    • Blackmailing her?
  • Detectives gotta take any road to solve a case
  • You can always reach out to me… If you get something on her.
  • Let me tell you… I have my way with tech.
    • I think I gotta do some work then.
  • You’re welcome.

Your task now is to find something to spoil Betty’s image.

  • The arrows on the bottom of the Diary note can open the hidden images in Zoey’s Gallery.
  • Select the Gallery, tap in the top left corner on the eye icon, and start with the square in the top left corner to unlock.
An Elmwood Trail walkthrough unlock Hidden Images
  • You’ll find a picture of Betty puking.
  • Go to your messages with Betty and send her the photo.
  • WHAT????
  • How did you get this photo??
  • And… why are you sending this to me?
  • I warned you to never text me again!
    • Start talking then, what do you know about that address?
  • You think you can scare me? 😂
    • Hmm, I could just forward it to Lily.
  • haha… that moron will blackmail me now? 😂😂
    • Isn’t she also a tech freak who can easily destroy your image?
  • You got it all wrong sir… she’s just a freak!!
    • Well… If you want to take your chance… let me do the honors!!
  • I don’t care what you do.
  • That little shithead thinks she can blackmail me?
  • Now I know what your real intentions are.
  • Did you send her the photo…
  • There? Adam?
  • …you cannot do that. Please… wait!!
    • Well… then just answer my questions.
  • Who gave you this photo?
  • It is impossible you got it by yourself.
    • I need answers Betty
  • Okay… fine I’ll tell you everything I know
    • Let’s get started with this address first.
  • There is nothing to tell, really…
  • It was just the venue for the party.
    • Did you select the venue?
  • No, it wasn’t me. Trust me.
    • Oh… I trust you. So whose place was that?
  • How would I know that, sir?
  • I mean… I was just told about the venue.
  • That’s it…
    • So, who told you about it?
  • Zoey… yeah she invited me.
    • Seriously? How much can you lie?
  • Trust me… Why would I lie?
    • I know you were providing the passes.
  • uhh… it was Kyle…
  • It was Kyle’s uncle’s house.
    • Who is this Kyle?
  • He is the quarterback on our school’s football team. And he is also my boyfriend.So, I know he has got nothing to do with this.
    • Does Kyle have an alibi for that night?
  • Yeah, he was with me all night, what more do you wanna know?
    • Was his uncle aware of this party?
  • He gifted this place to him. His last birthday. He really doesn’t care what Kyle does with it. Can you believe that? I mean he’s so amazing. Right?
    • Alright! I need Kyle’s contact number.
  • uhhmm!!! I am not sure about this… sorry!!
    • Don’t test my patience girl.
  • No sir! I am dead serious. I can’t just give his number like that. Also, he told me not to. He would break up with me. Please try to understand!!
    • You know what I can do.
  • Do whatever you want. We are done here!!

You received a new item on your desk, time to check that out.

  • It’s an envelope with an anonymous message: “We all want Zoey back, may this help you, in finding her.”
  • And a photo of her getting in a car, you can see a partial number and the car model.
  • You can find a website to find more about the car by going to Zoey’s emails.
  • Open the Fiesta Motor Infos email and remember the website.
  • Go to Adam’s phone and to his Browser app and enter in the text box at the top.
  • Select the model – Falco, type – Sedan, color – white and click on Find matches.
  • The car we are looking for has a 42 at the end of the number.
  • You will get two owners: Bill Anderson and Mike Davis.
  • I suggest you call Mike and ask him about Zoey.
    • Hi Mike, this is Detective Adam Lane. I am investigating the case of Zoey Leonard.
  • Zoey Leonard? From Riverstone High?
    • Yes. She has been missing since the 23rd of December. You know that right?
  • She was just my classmate. So, I used to see her, like sometimes in school.
    • You went to a party where Zoey was also present.
  • I did but… a lot of people were present there.
    • I want you to answer a few questions.
  • Question…? Why should I answer your questions? I’m not scared of you.
    • I know she was in your car.
  • I have nothing to do with any of this. We didn’t even talk much.
    • What would you like to say about this?
    • Send the photo of Zoey entering his car.
  • Who gave you this? How is this… It’s not possible
    • I know that’s your car.
  • But it had nothing to do with her going missing.
    I invited her to my car just to help her.
    She was sitting by the front lawn by herself. I could see she was upset and I wanted to help her.
    • What would make her sad?
  • Brad… her boyfriend.
    I don’t know what happened… But, I heard that they had a pretty huge argument over something.
    So, I found her, and I thought she could use some help.
    • And how did you help her exactly?
  • I just wanted to provide her with some emotional support. She looked like… she could use it.
    I asked her what happened and what was going on with her.
    • And what did she tell you?
  • She did open up a bit about her and Brad’s relationship.
    She told me she used to like him a lot but Brad’s behavior had changed a lot around her recently and how he was not the same person anymore.
    Just that and she left…
    • I hope you are not hiding anything.
  • Why would I?
    She was a great girl.
    If there’s any chance that you can find her, I’m happy to help.
    • I want the whole truth, Mike. Don’t mess around with me.
  • What can I say to make you believe me?
    • I think you don’t realize what would happen if that photo comes out.
    • Trust me that photo alone can completely ruin you.
  • No no no… wait… I’ll tell you exactly what happened…
    I actually really like her, but she for into a relationship with brad… it broke my heart at first but…
    When I finally came to know that she’s not happy with him…
    I thought this was my chance and…
    • And?
  • There was a moment that we were holding hands… So, I just went… in… for a… you know…
    • Please… Mike stop.
  • I realized my mistake early on though… I tried saying sorry but she slapped me and left.
    I swear that’s all…
    • I don’t know what to say, man.
  • I’m sorry… Please don’t share that photo with anyone.
    • Just tell me if you have any idea who clicked this picture.
  • How would I know… someone must have done this to frame me.
    • Do you know Kyle?
  • yeah, He is also part of the football team.
    We were not that close though.
    • Can you get me his contact details somehow?
  • I don’t know… Maybe you can get this from his girlfriend Betty.
    She is the closest to Kyle.
    • umm… Betty has denied helping.
  • How can I help you then bro… I think she is the only one right now who can help you.
    Betty is basically the key to anything on Kyle.
    • Okay, then do you know anything about Betty?
  • I gotta think…
    There were these mails that she spams almost everyone in school.
    My girlfriend told me about this… She was pretty irritated by that.
    • What mails?
  • I don’t know exactly… It’s regarding some merch of hers or something.
    • How can a high school girl have her own MERCH?
  • She is pretty rich and has a huge following anyway. Not a tough sell for someone like her.
    • Okay… Is there something else that you know?
  • She also used to have some girl’s night every Friday at Margerie’s.
    My girl… Tiffany used to go there.
    • Margerie’s? What did they do there?
  • Yes!! Tiffany told me they used to munch and gossip… girly stuff.
    Anyway… That’s all I know.
    • Yeah, that’s something to start with.
  • Hey man… I hope this photo doesn’t come out.
    The police had nothing. If this reaches them, I’ll be done.
    • It won’t and you must behave and be gentlemanly about such situations.
  • Trust me dude. I’ll be a changed man.

Now it’s time to connect the relevant clues together:

  • “Zoey had left the party and was sitting alone outside.”
    • “Zoey and Brad had a terrible fight.”
  • “Someone knew Mike likes Zoey and waited for the right moment to snap that photo.”
    • “The photo and note were sent anonymously.”
  • “Only way to get Kyle’s number is through his girlfriend.”
    • “Betty runs a website and spams everyone about her merch.”

New messages from Maxwell aren’t too happy about Adam trying to solve Zoey’s case.

  • What the hell Adam??
    You working on that missing girl’s case?
    • Who told you?
  • Tim confirmed it. I told you not to get your hands on that case. How dare you?
    Do you even know what could be the consequences about this?
    • You trying to scare me?
  • You know very well what I mean…
    Why are you doing this?
    • I have my reasons.
  • So, you have decided you’re gonna go against me.
    • I’m just trying to find a missing girl… Nothing else!
  • It’s time you start finding a new profession.

You need to do more recovery data on Zoey’s phone. Click on the top left corner, on the recovery data icon. This is the pattern to unlock it:

An Elmwood Trail walkthrough recovering data

A new task is telling you to find a way to get Kyle’s contact number.

  • Check out new emails on Zoey’s phone that you unlocked.
  • The one from Betty on her merch will tell you her website that you can visit.
  • Open Adam’s browser and write at the top:
  • Check her blog entry “Kyle and I are stronger than ever”
  • The picture of Kyle has his number on the back of his hoodie: 3482171
  • All you need to do is tap on his photo to contact him.
    • Hi Kyle, this is detective Adam Lane. I am investigating the case of Zoey Leonard.
  • Ahh!! Who gave you my number??
    • I have some questions about Zoey’s disappearance.
  • Hey dude… Just stay away from me.
    I’m not interested in answering any of your questions.
    • Your few answers might help us find Zoey
  • Obviously, we all are trying to find her.
    But, we are not going to trust and tell everything to a random stranger who goes on saying that he will solve this case.
    • I wonder what might your reason be to not help with Zoey’s case… unless you got something to hide
  • Wow man… that’s impressive
    I got nothing to hide. I’m an open book bro.
    • Answer my questions and we’ll be done.
  • I don’t feel good about this.
    Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I don’t want to help.
    It’s just that I am not getting the right vibes here.
    • How so?
  • haha… I’m just messing around with you.
    • You look like a smart kid. I know you don’t want any trouble.
  • You’re gonna blackmail me just like you did to Betty.
    • Oh… So you two have been chating.
  • Obviously! She’s my girl. She tells me everything.
    • I know you guys had a party on the night of the 23rd of December and it was at your uncle’s mansion.
  • Yeah, so what? I organized it.
    It was just a party and nothing wrong happened with Zoey.
    She was completely fine when she left.
    • Was Betty helping you as well?
  • Yes, she was.
    • Why would a teen house party require passes?
  • We sent out passes to make sure only the cool people show up.
    We didn’t want any killjoys.
    • Do you remember any of your interactions with Zoey?
  • Nothing special… Just casual party stuff… I guess?
    She and Betty arrived together.
    We had a few drinks by the pool, clicked some pics, and played a few games.
    Normal party stuff…
    • Did Zoey have an argument with Brad?
  • Yeah, Brad dared one of our friends to spill a drink on Zoey’s dress.
    Zoey go pretty mad about it… she kinda overreacted.
    It was just a minor argument.
    • Where do you think she could have gone after that?
  • Probably home… I didn’t see her after that though.
    Hey bro, can you please make it quick? I gotta go…
    • I’m almost done. Just send me the list of people who were invited.
  • I don’t have that. Betty was handling the invitations.
    I’ll ask Betty to drop you the list.
    • Thank you. We are done here.

A new page in Zoey’s diary will be available to you. This is what Page 2 – Aug 23rd, 2022 says:
“I can let time be free
watch it fly away like a bird.

Or I freeze it into moments,
while its hands spell out the word.”

  • Time to look to Zoey’s pictures again.
  • Check the ones on July 12th, 2022.
  • The arrows of the clocks in each picture spell out the word LIVE
An Elmwood Trail Diary Note Aug 23rd

More data to recover from her phone. You need to solve the math puzzle. Twisting the circles around you don’t have many options, but only one pattern will work to give you the result: 71

  • First number – 27, second number – 3, third number – 10
    • 27×3+10=71
  • Betty will contact you to give you the list but doesn’t have one.
    • How can you not have a list?
  • I mailed the passes but my sent mails clear up automatically every two weeks to make space.
    It’s also a matter of privacy. I don’t want anyone to find out what emails I am sending out.
    • That’s odd… don’t you remember a few names who were there?
  • Uhhmm… let me think
    Brad, Kyle, and Zoey were there obviously…
    Melanie was there…
    Gretchen, Katie, Kevin, Mike, Lily, that new girl Valeria
    That’s probably all I remember.
    • What? Lily was there?
  • Yes she was there.
    • But why would you invite her?
  • Oh… I don’t hate her. I just don’t like her presence.
    Also, Zoey called her even after I told her not to.
    • Zoey had a fight at the party, is that right?
  • Yes it was over a stupid dare that Brad gave to Luke to throw a drink on Zoey’s dress.
    I don’t know why this incident infuriated Zoey so much. She got pretty angry over just a dress
    Anyway. I’ll get going now. Best of luck with whatever you are doing.

Your next task is to make Lily talk. So go to her messages and start up a conversation with her “Hey Lily!”

  • Hi detective!
    How’s the case going? Got any leads?
    • Yes, got leads on you.
  • What? I don’t understand
    • Betty gave me a few names who visited the party and your name was in the list.
  • What?? That lying moron
    Why would I go to a party full of idiots?
    Excluding Zoey obviously
    • You got an invite to the party from Zoey?
  • I got no invitation and Zoey knew I wasn’t interested in any such events.
    • If I had to trust one of you…
      I would trust you
  • You have to. I am telling the truth.
    Betty just wants you to suspect me
    She is playing with you
    • One of you is lying. I will find out who it is.
  • It’s up to you. I have told you everything I knew.
    Now believe me if you want to, else god may help you find Zoey.

Find a way to access Pixabowl on Zoey’s phone. You need a password and you can find that by clicking “Forgot password?”

  • It will ask you the question “What’s your pet’s name?”
  • There’s a new photo in Zoey’s gallery “Happy Birthday <3” but it’s very blurry.
  • Tap the edit button on the bottom right side of the screen.
  • Set the brightness to 100 and the bluryness to 37.
  • Her cat’s name is Jerry
  • Go back to Pxabowl – Forgot Password – Enter JERRY

Now you’ll have access to her account and can look at her photos.

  • Scroll down and you’ll see fiery.betty post a photo of Lily at the party.
  • Go to Lily’s messages and send her the photo.
  • What is this?
    Where did you find it???
    Delete this photo, please. Now!!
    • I thought I could trust you, Lily.
  • Just tell me where you got this photo and please delete it.
    • I found it on this social media app called Pixavowl. Betty posted it.
  • I’m going to kill her.
    Please delete this photo from here.
    • Lily… we need to discuss a few things about that night before anything.
  • I’ll tell you everything.
    But please delete this photo from this chat first.
    Trust me one last time.
  • You can scroll up to the photo and tap the little red bin on the left.
    • There you go. Now speak.
  • Thank you, sir.
    But I am sorry. I have no choice.
    • What??
  • “This contact has blocked you.”

Time for connecting relevant clues together. Follow these to do it right:

  • “Lily was at the party and didn’t want us to know about it”
    • “Photo of Lily being pushed by someone into the pool.”
  • “Brad and Zoey fight amidst the pool party.”
    • “Brad dare to spoil Zoey’s dress.”
  • “Kyle called Zoey and Brad’s fight a minor argument.”
    • “Zoey was clearly affected and very upset according to what Mike had said”

You’ll receive a message from Emma Leonard, Zoey’s mom. Talk to her to find more about Zoey.

  • Hey, are you trying to find Zoey?
    • Yes I am. Why?
  • I am Emma Leonard. I am Zoey’s mom.
    • I am really sorry about your daughter.
  • Yeah, Zoey…
    Being a mom, it’s almost impossible to believe that our girl…
    Our little girl, Who has be living with us since she was just a little baby.
    Would run away… From us… From her family…
    • I can understand.
  • You cannot… trust me
    This police guy comes to us and says that she ran away and thinks that I would believe it.
    They confirmed this just because her mobile and bicycle were missing.
    And what is the reason? They say it because a few teens had done it before.
    I knew my daughter. She would never… and who knows if the other teens also…
    • I promise you, I will find out what happened to your daughter.
  • I’m happy that at least someone believes that what all the police said was nonsense.
    Have you got anything on her?
    • I have good leads. We will find her.
  • Let me know if I can help in any way.
    I’ll do anything to have her back.
    • Where would she usually go when not at home?
  • Lily’s place, sometimes to the nearby cafe or her dad’s shop.
    She also enjoyed going to the Elmwood forest a lot.
    • Did something happened related to Zoey withing the family?
  • There was this one thing…
    She always wanted to go to Hurton University. It was her dream.
    and last month she got her letter… She got in.
    • You must be really proud.
  • We were…
    But, we could not send her out of our sight. We were afraid of the world out there.
    She was just a girl… How could she deal with everything? We also didn’t have the money to bear all the costs.
    • You went against her dream?
  • It’s not like that… We were just looking out for her.
    That’s what parents do… If you’re a parent, you must know how it is.
    Each day without our little girl…
    It just hurts
    • Be strong… I’ll reach you once I get more info.
  • Thank you! Let me know if anything is required from us.

There’s another diary note that will open up for you now. Go ahead and read the clue:
“Memories captured and shared
but it’s the hearts that they seek.

Visit me and when you do,
read the firsts of what I speak.”

  • Tap on Pixabowl and go to Zoey’s profile.
  • It says on her status A Life Waiting At Your Side
  • You can find this clue in her Gallery as well in her picture with Lily “Forever and Always
  • This is the password to the new Diary note that talks about her and Brad.
An Elmwood Trail Diary Note Sep 4th

Another message, this time from Zoey’s brother, Zac. Talk to him to find more information about Zoey.

  • Hi sir, I heard that you are working on Zoey’s case. My name is Zac and I’m her brother.
    I’m glad that someone is trying. It was like the police never tried.
    I want to help you in any way possible if it can make my family go back to normal again.
    • Hey Zac, how are you doing since Zoey…
  • Zoey was not just my sister. She was my best friend.
    I miss all the small things. Fighting with her, teasing her, everything…
    • I’m very sorry about all you are going through…
  • Let’s find Zoey… I want to help you.
    • You all didn’t know she went to a party, right?
  • No we had no idea. She used to lie to dad about this normally.
    But she always told me where she was actually going.
    However, that day I was out with my friends.
    She did call me around 11.30 pm that night.
    I thought she called by accident. When I picked it up. all I could hear was some background noise. So I gnored it.
    • What? This could have been an important call.
  • Yes, excatly
    I didn’t know what to do once I found out she was missing.
    But the good thing is that I record all my calls.
    • We can get a lot of info from that call.
  • Here, it is. Please check if you can hear anything significant.
    • Sure, I’ll check and keep you updated.

The recording he will send will reveal something like a code: 3164212

  • Go to Adam’s phone and call that number.
  • Press 3 then 2 and you’ll receive a new message from an unknown number.
  • Hello detective
    • Who’s this?
  • It’s Lilly
    This is my second number.
    • Lily? How do I know it’s you?
  • Because I blocked you from my first number.
    I broke your trust multiple times but this time I’ll be helping you.
    You shared a photo of me falling in the pool.
    Trust me now?
    • I trusted you a lot of times.
  • It’s all because of my mom.
    I told you how she always kept me away from all this.
    When she found out I was talking to you, she got really mad and even took my phone away.
    This is my old phone I’m texting you from.
    • Tell me whatever you know about the party now.
  • I didn’t go to the party officially.
    Betty did want you to suspect me.
    • What do you mean by not going to the party officially?
  • Zoey called me to the party urgently around 9.30 pm.
    She wanted my help…
    She sounded worried and pretty frustrated by something.
    • What was the urgency?
  • There is a boy in our school. His name is Rojan
    The football team and especially Kyle, they pick on him a lot.
    Zoey told me that he tried to enter the party and Kyle saw him.
    Kyle and his friends accused him of trespassing into his property.
    They kind of knocked him out and there was… blood…
    • This sounds like a serious case of bullying.
  • It is a case of bullying.
    There is nothing in our school to safeguard students from bullying.
    • So why did Zoey call you exactly?
  • When I reached, Zoey and all her friends insisted I take Rajan back to my place.
    To get him patched up by my mom. She’s a doctor. So, there won’t be a police case.
    • Did you agree?
  • I was going to get him when a girl pushed me into the pool.
    Which Betty captured and posted on that app.
    • A lot of bullying is going on in this school. Didn’t Zoey react to this?
  • Zoey was really furious after that as she has always been really protective of me.
    To save myself from the embarrassment. I just went out and left with Rajan.
    My mom did patch him up but she was really angry about everything that happened.
    • What was Zoey doing when you left?
  • She was having an argument with Betty and the girl who pushed me,
    I didn’t even know that girl.
    • Anything else that you were hiding?
  • No, that’s all that I know.
    • I hope you will not block me anymore.
  • Not anymore.
    Whatever it is… I’m there now. You can reach out for anything.
    • Let’s solve this thing and find Zoey then.

Select the events in the order they happened:

  1. Zoey leaves Lily’s place for the party.
  2. Drinks, games along the poolside with Betty, Kyle and Brad.
  3. Someone spills a drink over Zoey’s dress on Brad’s dare.
  4. Rajan trespasses and is knocked down by Kyle and other guys.
  5. Lily arrives to get Rajan when some girl pushes her into the pool.
  6. Zoey escapes outside feeling devastated because of Brad and everything else.
  7. Mike approached her on the porch but ends up imposing his feelings on her in his car.
  8. Zoey pushes Mike and walks out away from the worst night of her life. She later calls Zac around 11 PM.

Another Diary note is available to you now. This is the riddle you need to descipher to get the password.
“Where I always find myself,
in times of blue and in times of gray.

Not many visit this cursed place,
that screams the words: stay away.”

  • Go to Adam’s Browser and tap on “About Riverstone” and read the article.
  • Lake Isle is the place Zoey talks about in her riddle, and the password to the last Diary note.
An Elmwood Trail Diary Note Sep 8th
  • When you listened to the recorded message on that phone call you made, it was from a carwash firm.
  • Check Zoey’s emails for Riverstone carwash mail and look at the highlighted letters:
  • Go to Adam’s browser and write that down.
  • A strange dark website will show up with a symbol that Zoey wrote on her second Diary Note at the bottom.
  • Click Begin and solve the Vault. I’ll show you the path by bolding my answers.

Find a way to the vault

  • “Two paths lay in front of you. First one takes you through a city road and the other, a forest trail. Which one do you choose?”
    • Forest Trail
  • “Do you go through the dense forest or walk along the path?
    • Along the path
  • “You have reached the lake side. You hear a creature growling, do you…”
    • Hide behind the old tree
  • “You are safely hidden for now. There is something shining in the lake. It’s a key.”
    • Take the key
  • “You took the key but it alerted the creature. Will you…”
    • Distract it
  • “You hear the creature run away and you trace your steps back. Where do you go next?”
    • City Road
  • “Do you choose to go towards the neighborhood that is well lit to the other poorly lit one?”
    • Poorly lit
  • “You hear someone’s footsteps racing towards you. What is your plan of action?”
    • Turn around and confront them
  • “Footsteps stop and you don’t see anyone. Do you…”
    • Wait and look around
  • “Along an empty road, you see a streetlight flickering. Do you…”
    • Check it out
  • “You see an open manhole right below the flickering streetlight. Do you go down inside or walk straight?”
    • Go down inside
  • “There are two ways. Which way do you choose?”
    • Left
  • “You see a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s the vault. Do you have the key?”
    • Yes
  • “You have unlocked the vault. Your code is 1235789.”
    • Quit

With this code you need to call the Carwash again at this number 3164212

  • Press 3 to learn more.
  • Press 2 to join our club: 1235789

Time to connect more clues together.

  • “Lake Isle in Elmwood Forest was Zoey’s favorite spot to go.”
    • “Vault8 seems to talk about a city and a forest with lake.”
  • “The number Zoey tried to give to her brother is of the carwash that required some sort of a code”
    • “The carwash membership code was retrieved from Vault8.”
  • “Zoey received a red envelope with a strange symbol”
    • “The Vault8 website also had that strange symbol”

More data recovery is needed for Zoey’s phone. The puzzle needs to turn all squares making them whole. Every time you press one, all that surrounds it in a plus sign change to the other face.

An Elmwood Trail walkthrough recovering data puzzle
Press the squares in this order
  • Read Zoey’s message “Chick and Kicks”
  • Two messages there are really important:
    • One where Brad is very upset Zoey is going to wear a dress Kevin gifted her
    • Two where Brad tells Kyle and Betty no one can find out about the party.
  • If you scroll up more you’ll find Brad’s Phone number.
  • Send Brad a message:
    • Hey Brad, this is Detective Adam Lane. I am investigating the case of Zoey Leonard.”
  • This contact has blocked you.
  • Try and call him: 677-8654
    • He’ll tell you to stay away and close the phone.
  • Soon you’ll receive a message from Rajan.
  • Hey, is this Adam Lane, the detective?
    • Yes, who’s this?
  • You are working on Zoey’s case?
    Zoey who went missing a few weeks back?
    • Yes, I’m working on her case.
  • Rajan, this side
    I was in one of Zoey’s classes, and I’m her neighbor as well.
    • You got something for me Rajan?
  • I need your help despretaley.
    • What happened? I’ll help you.
  • On the night of the party, Kyle and Brad came to get some drinks from Margerie’s where I work part-time.
    And they stole 2 cartons.
    • They stole the drinks?
  • My manager found out and gave me 30 days to find out who stole it or I have to pay the price and lose my job as well.
    The price is equivalent to a month of my salary.
    My life depends on this job. Please, I need your help.
    • Sure, I’ll help you. But how?
  • Please check once if there is something that might help us prove that they stole from me.
    We can talk about that night afterward.
    • I don’t want you to help me based on favors.
  • Don’t get me wrong… It’s just I’m really worried. My life depends on that job.
    I live here alone. I can’t even pay my tuition fees without this job.
    • Don’t worry. But can you tell me more about those cartoons?
  • It’s a big brown cartoon with Margerie’s logo on it and an ID is printed on the top left.
    Missing cartons had IDs IC-821738 and iC-821739
    Thanks sir… for even trying.
    • I am only doing this because Brad needs to learn a lesson.
  • Go check Pixabowl.
  • Scroll down till you reach one of Melanie’s posts.
  • If you click on her name you’ll see two photos. One of the party and one of Kyle and the carton Rajan told you about. Tap on that.
  • Go back to Rajan’s conversation and send him that photo.
  • This… wow!!
    This is perfect. Thanks a lot, sir! I’ll be right back!
    I have forwarded this to my manager. Thank you, my job is safe now!
    • Happy to hear that Rajan.
  • My manager will take legal action against them.
    They will finally know the consequences of committing such a crime.
    Although his dad would buy out the police like they always do.
    • Now let’s talk about your trespassing incident.
  • I had reasons to do everything I did…
    I went there to collect some proof.
    • Still you did commit a crime by trespassing.
  • There was no way they would have ever allowed me to enter.
    My livelihood depends on my job and they stole from me.
    I had to do this.
    • How did you end up… getting beaten?
  • Luck was not on my side that day.
    Kyle was outside only. The moment I tried to sneak in, he saw me. I knew I’m done.
    Next thing i know? I woke up at Lily’s place.
    • I hope you are fine now.
  • Yes, I’m better.
    I hope I was able to help.
    Zoey was not like Kyle, Betty, and others. She was always kind and polite.
    I hope you find her soon.

They don’t know you have Zoey’s phone. You can spy on them in their group chat “Chicks and Kicks”

  • Kyle: Guys… police just showed up at my door.

In short: They gave him a $2000 fine for stealing those 2 cartons and they figured out it was Melanie’s photo, and Brad said he’ll deal with who’s behind all that. Which means he’ll send a message to Adam. Get ready to talk to him.

  • Hey dude, I’m here, let’s talk now.
    I know you gave the proof to the police regarding the cartons.
    • Oh… You’re talking now.
  • This doesn’t have anything to do with Zoey.
    Then why? And how?
    • This is what happens with thieves. Justice served.
  • You’re messing with the wrong guy.
    You have to pay a heavy price for this.
    • I hope you guys had fun paying that heavy fine to the police.
  • Wait… how do you…
    ok… hm…
    Anyway, did you find anything about Zoey?
    • Oh… you care about Zoey now?
  • I’m obviously worried about her.
    She was my girlfriend. I really liked her.
    I was never this loyal to any other girl.
    • Were you jealous because she didn’t wear the dress you gifted?
  • It’s not that. I just don’t like that Kevin guy.
    I mean how would you feel if your girl’s always with some other guy?
    • Did you see Zoey leaving the party?
  • Hey dude, what are you thinking?
    Stop questioning me and stay out of my personal affairs.
    I just texted to warn you.
    Don’t interfere in any of my businesses.
    • You are a pretty heartless guy Brad.
  • Whatever it is, you’re not getting anything from me.
    • I know you are hiding something.
  • You’ll have to face the consequences then.
    • Whatever shit you are doing with your gang. I’m gonna figure it out.
  • Go away asshole… satisfy your ego somewhere else.

It’s time to talk to Kevin through Zoey’s phone.

  • Ok, you know what Zo…
    I’m going to find you now.
    I just required something to start and I’ve got it now
    • What did you find?
  • What the…??
    Who is this?!
    • I’m not Zoey… but, I can help you find her.
  • Who are you? How do you have her phone??
    I’ll get you whoever you are…
    I haven’t given up yet
    • Kevin calm down
      I’m detective Adam Lane. I’m investigating Zoey’s case.
      We can find her together if you want
  • But how did you get Zoey’s phone?
    How can I trust you? You’re literally messaging from her phone.
    • I never planned of messaging you like this but I need to know what you found.
  • You don’t know what I have been going through all these days.
    When she was around me, I never realized that…
    • Realized what?…
  • Nothing, you won’t get it.
    You are investigating her case right? So, what did you find?
    You got something?
    • You can say that… a lot happened on the night of 23rd December.
  • I know someone got beaten up trying to trespass, but that’s pretty much it.
    • What I need right now is your help, Kevin.
  • What do you want to know? Anything that helps to find her.
    • Were you at the party with her?
  • Yes, I was there at the party. Zoey only invited me.
    She had asked Betty for extra passes that day so I could come.
    She also had a fight with Brad.
    • Okay, any idea where she might have gone after leaving the party?
  • We both left the party together.
    • Where did you go from there?
  • She wasn’t feeling good
    She just wanted to walk.
    We walked to the Riverstone town center and parted ways. She said she was going home.
    I regret leaving her that day…
    • Is there anything else you might have noticed that could help us?
  • Nothing special… Her dress had some stains.
    Also, she was carrying her bicycle with her.
    • She rode to the party on her bicycle?
  • Actually, she had given her bicycle to me, to get it repaired.
    So, I brought it there.
    • What time did you leave her??
  • Around 11:00 pm
    • Okay… You got anything else?
  • Yes, I found something big today.
    I found her bracelet. She always wore it.
    It was a gift from Lily.
    • Where did you find it?
  • So, you know that Old Elm tree right near Lake Isle?
    • Yeah, I saw it once.
  • I found it along the trail that runs through the Elmwood forest and leads to the Old Elm.
    It was Zoey’s favorite place. She used to just sit there by the tree with the view of Lake Isle in front of her.
    I think she went there that night.
    And something bad happened…
    • What is it? Why bad?
  • The bracelet was wrapped in a… crumpled up piece of paper lying there… and that paper has some strange things written over it.
    And a mark.
    • What mark?
  • It’s like a weird symbol. There is also a big Z on it.
    Zoey told me a few weeks back that she had received some red envelopes with a strange symbol on all of them.
    It could be something related to that. Whatever it is, it doesn’t seem good.
    • Can you send me that paper? You can find my office address online.
  • Yeah, sure. I’ll send it to you.

New messages on Chicks and Kicks from Brad. Go thre to read what they are talking about.

He’s going to send them the document about the party. Opening it will get you to somekind of virus.

  • Hello, I am Paul. Your personal assistant.
    • What is this?? Why am I seeing this?
  • Seems like you ran a suspicious file on your phone and locked yourself out.
    • How can I gain back access?
  • To gain back access, you need to prove that you’re the owner of this phone. Zoey Leonard.
    • How can I prove that?
  • Zoey had set a few questions that only she can answers. Just answer them and I’ll know who you are.
    • Begin
  1. I’ll never forget the answer to the Quizigits Final Round question that cost us the whole tournament.
    • Go to Rajan’s messages and find the answer: 217
  2. The location is in my voice. But what’s the code?
    • To hear her voice get her phone number from her case file: 630-1721
    • Call her from Adam’s phone, she’ll mention Lily on her answering machine.
  • Go talk to Lily:
    • Hey Lily, sorry to disturb you again.
  • It’s no problem detective.
    What’s up
    • Just wanted an insight into Zoey and your relationship to her.
  • I think I have told you most of it. But, if there’s anything else…
    Feel free to ask away.
    • Where did you both usually meet after school?
  • Umm… mostly at my place.
    • Didn’t your mom use to disapprove of Zoey?
  • Yeah she did.
    Zoey was different. She was my best friend as I have mentioned already.
    So, we used to meet secretly at my place.
    • At your place? How come your mom never found out about it?
  • Wait… why are you asking these questions?? How does this matter?
    • I am just trying to know more about her.
  • Umm… okay… but all this stays between us.
    • Of course, don’t mention it.
  • I used to meet her… at my tree house.
    • Not many people in Riverstone have tree houses…
  • But I did.
    I built it with my dad when I was 12.
    Zoey and I… we made sure that my mom never finds out about this.
    • And how did you do that?
  • There were 2 ropes hanging from the tree house. One short and one long.
    If you pulled the ropes in a specific sequence, the ladder for the tree house would drop down automatically.
    • What? Is it some kind of a password?
  • Yes. You enter this code and you can climb through the ladder. My mom didn’t know about this.
    So if Zoey wanted to come up, she would
    pull the short rope once, then long, and then the short one twice
    followed by 2 more short pulls
    then another one
    and finally three more short pulls.
    • Isn’t it a bot compicated?
  • It’s hard to fool my mom.
    So, we had to make it as hard as possible.
    Also, for us, that was quite easy to remember.
    • How was this easy to remember?
  • We had our reasons.
    Anyway, do you have any more questions?
    I can’t be online for too long.
    • I think this is enough for now. Thank you.
  • Alright, talk to you later!

You can go now and enter that code to the second Question: .-.. .. . …

An Elmwood Trail walkthrough regaing access code

3. I’ve always dreamed of attending this collage.
Answer: HURTON
4. A path to the murky place that tells a ghostly tale
An old tree and a lake, all bridged by
Answer: An Elmwood Trail

You’ll get acces to Zoey’s phone again. The group chat will think it worked.

The evidence from Kevin will arive with the note he found. Connect the retrieved clues to wrapp up the game.

  • Attempt to wipe Zoey’s phone data through a trojan file sent in the group chat.
    • Brad’s group knows that we have Zoey’s phone and don’t want us to find something on it.
  • Zoey’s bracelet was found near the lake.
    • The strange symbol that Zoey had received is on Vault8 and now also the crumpled paper Kevin sent us.
  • Brad and his friends denied being involved in anything and are planning something at his place.
    • Brad, Kyle and Betty are definitely hiding something and acting suspicious.

You received a new box. Part of Zoey’s bycicle is inside, with the symbol from Vault8…

The mystery continues…

Wrapping up

This first episode of An Elmwood Trail is intriguing, and filled with mysterious leads and secrets. I am glad I got to lead you with my walkthrough to all of it and I’m looking forward to the next episode.

Go check out An Elmwood Trail Episode 2 walkthrough, and live inside the story with all the mysteries and plot twist.

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