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Peek a Phone is a great mobile game that challenges us to solve a solid mystery. And as it usually happens when mysteries are involved, the solution is not always obvious.

This is why I have decided to come and share with you a complete Peek a Phone walkthrough for all the levels in the game: so that you can easily solve it fast and without any headaches.

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So without further ado, let’s jump straight into the Peek a Phone walkthrough for the amazing game created by Neon Cake Studios.

Peek a Phone Level 1 Solution (Introduction)

1. First, open the Messages App on the phone and click to see the chat archive with Mom.

2. Notice the street name mentioned by Mom. She says that it is Park St.

3. Now go back and open the Photos app.

4. Open the photo and zoon on the door. The house number there is 616.

5. No go back and click the flag as you can complete the first mission: the answer / address is: Park St. 616.

Peek a Phone Level 2 Solution (Run­away)

1. Click the Internet App icon and then the URL bar.

2. From the previous searches listed there, we can see the second saying “Cheap hotels in Berlin“. This means that she is going to Berlin. Click this.

3. Filter the search results even further by typing “Hotel” in the bar. This will now show us that she searched for “Hotel Indigo Berlin Address“.

4. Click the flag to submit the solution for this level: Hotel Indigo Berlin.

Peek a Phone Level 3 Walkthrough (Se­cret Recipe)

1. Click the Messages app icon, and now click on the chat with Grandma.

2. There, you will see the conversation about the year of death of the second US president. (which is 1826 – the year John Adams died).

3. Go back and open the Photos app icon. Use the password 1826.

4. The photo shows you a cryptogram where a letter actually represents another one. We will use this information in the next puzzle.

5. Go back and launch the Recipes app. The hint for the password is BXPPB. Looking at the cryptogram in the photo, we can learn the actual password: YUMMY.

6. Check the recipe to see the secret ingredient: Biscuits. This is the word that you need to submit by clicking the flag icon.

Peek a Phone Level 4 Solution (The Whistle­blower)

1. The words that you see on your screen when this mission start are the slogan of the English Socialist Party in 1984. (“War is peace. Free­dom is slav­ery. Ig­no­rance is strength.”) So the password to unlock the phone is 1984.

2. Launch the Photos app again and click to watch the video. At the end, you will see the code for the email account: 1337.

3. Go back and launch the Email app, using the code 1337. Open the “Casual” email and scroll down all the way to the bottom to see the password: 123qwe.

4. In the same email, click the arrow to reveal the email for Jamie Lewis ([email protected]).

5. Go back and launch the Casual app. Use the email address [email protected] and the password 123qwe.

6. Click on “Chat” and open the chat with Oliver Lewis. You will see there that you should text him XERTZ if you need help.

7. Go back again and open the chat with Jamie Lewis. Send this text: XERTZ.

8. Then text this: “Where are you?” and he will tell you that he is at 61 Ann Drive. Use this info to finish the level by clicking the flag.

Peek a Phone Level 5 Walkthrough (Gotcha!)

Note: The name and reference codes in this level might differ from play session to play session. Use the ones in your game.

1. Launch the Messages app and read the con­ver­sa­tion with Ed­die Poole. You will see that there’s a reservation made under the name Bob Booney.

2. Go back and open the Email app, then click the Casual confirmation email. You will see the reference code: BKBOKZ.

3. Go back and launch the Internet app. Visit the website Quack­ and on the menu click Manage My Trips.

4. There, use the last name Booney and the reservation code BKBOKZ. Cancel the flight.

5. You will receive a call from Eddie Pool. Open the video call and Eddie will send you a link for an ad on a website. Send an email to the ad­dress listed on the ad from your real email ad­dress.

6. Go back and launch the News App. Click on Breaking News. There, you will see that the arrested man has a shark tattooed on his arm.

7. Go back and open the Find Friends app. The password will be “shark”.

8. Here, you will find out that Ed­die Poole is at Pampa 1851, Rincon de Milberg, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina awaiting for his bike.

9. Click the flag to provide the solution: Pampa 1851.

Peek a Phone Level 6 Walkthrough (Cheater)

1. Launch the Contacts app and scroll down until you see “Notes“. Use the code 8918 to open the app.

2. Once in the Notes app, click on the message saved as Draft. From the saved message, you can see that he was camping with somebody else than his wife.

3. Go back and launch the Internet app, then click the URL bar. You will see that one of the searches is “How to tell your wife you’re bisexual“.

4. Go back and launch the Messages app. Check out the chat with Clark Woods. You will see that they went camping together at Mullica river.

5. Click the flag and provide the answer: Clark Woods.

Peek a Phone Level 7 Walkthrough (An­other Phone Re­turn)

1. Start by launching the Smart Home app. The Home Office camera is dark and you will have to switch on the lights. Look at the operating instructions to see the default PIN: 1110. Use this to turn the lights back on.

2. Click the Home Office camera again. Pinch to zoom over the sticker with the code for the Pizza app. The code is 3225.

3. Go back and launch the Pizza App, then use the code above. Then, click on Track My Pizza.

4. Go back and launch the Local News app to read the latest news about the Drone that crashed in Lakewood. At the bottom, you will see the exact address (South Robb Street).

5. Go back and launch the Messages app. Read the conversation with Jenny and notice that the website is mentioned. Click to visit it.

6. In the search bar, enter the address of the accident (South Robb). The house for sale is the the one of the phone’s owner: 3620 South Robb Street. Click on the flag and use this answer to complete the level.

Peek a Phone Level 8 Walkthrough (Pi­rates)

1. Launch the Messages app and read the chat with Captain Axe. You will see him saying that a PIN for PirateTalk should be setup with the year of the famous pirate he loves. Also notice that he also mentions Florizel which is the “me-love”. (We’ll use this info later).

2. Also read the chat with Mother. There, you will see that his favorite pirate is Ben Pease, who was born in 1834.

3. Go back and launch the PirateTalk app and enter the pin above. Read the chat with Mullins to find out that the map is hidden inside the Vault app.

4. Go back and launch the Photos App, then open the first photo. Look for the code for the ship Florizel, which is 7191.

5. Go back and launch the Notes app. Use the code above to open it – you will see that the password for the Vault is the name of the other admiral.

6. Go back to t he PirateTalk app and read the chat with Jonas Rattler. You will find the name of the admiral – Roach.

7. Finally, open the Vault and use the password “Roach”. Then open the Treasure map for the clues. They tell you that the loot is hid­den in the Christiansborg War Ceme­tery, Black Star Square in Ac­cra, Ghana. Provide the city as an answer by clicking the flag icon.

Wrapping up

This is how far I’ve gone with the missions for the moment. I am playing and writing the solutions and I will update the article soon with the rest of the levels.

New update with the next 5 levels I played, check out Peek a Phone Walkthrough level 9 – level 14, for more solutions to your mysterious phones.

Until then, I hope that you found the ones above clear and helpful. If you still have trouble completing any of the levels solved, let me know and I will try to explain better what you should do.

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