Peek a Phone All Levels Walkt­hrough

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Peek a Phone is a great mobile game that challenges us to solve a solid mystery. And as it usually happens when mysteries are involved, the solution is not always obvious.

This is why I have decided to come and share with you a complete Peek a Phone walkthrough for all the levels in the game: so that you can easily solve it fast and without any headaches.

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So without further ado, let’s jump straight into the Peek a Phone walkthrough for the amazing game created by FaintLines, Inc.

Peek a Phone Obsession Walkthrough

What is Jane’s address?

  • Go to her Notes and enter the code 0101 – in a message to Hellen she says that is her password for everything else.
  • David & Me address is the one you’re looking for: 456 Freedom Ave.
  • Press and hold to copy it and enter that as an answer.

Peek a Phone Mission Trapped Walkthrough

Search through the phone to find Jane

  • Go to Contacts and look at the Reminder to see the chat password: MyJane
  • Enter that in the Chat app and go to Nick’s conversation:
    • Type Yes and he’ll tell you the smart home app code: 2346
    • Unlock the basement door to free Jane.
    • Tell Jane your pronouns and name to finish this mission.

Peek a Phone Cheater Walkthrough

Who is Tyler calling “Honey”?

  • Go to Contacts and find the Notes detail to find the right code for the Notes app
    • 8918
  • Look at the Daughter? note and remember the password: 0526
  • The other note says he took a paternity test.
  • Go to Messages and open the Archived conversations with the last code.
  • Last conversation he had with 973-555-0194 will tell you all you need to know of who “Honey” is.

Answer: Allie Roberts (his daughter that he didn’t know about)

Peek a Phone Hostage Situation Walkthrough

Hostage Situation – Part 1

How many hostages are there?

  • The Email app will give you a clue of going to the Internet app and see the search history.
  • Tap on the Butch Cassidy’s Fate and then go to the Calendar app an enter the password: Butch
  • Look at the calendar and note the “first bank heist anniversary” date (it will differ from player to player as the calendar is up to present date)
  • Enter that date in the Message App, example May 20 should be: 0520
  • Read the message from BOSSMAN to see the number of hostages.

Answer: 58

Hostage Situation – Part 2

Send a message to the criminals’ executioner to stop the first murder.

  • Swipe up and enter the number on the lockscreen picture: 1933
  • Check the Contacts App and go to Notes to find a password for the Notes app: swindle12
  • Look at the first note with all the gang member names an their roles: Emblem
  • That’s the code for the Save a ton app and where you’ll find the righ comand to give Lila to not kill the hostage.
  • Answer Lila in chat: Hang fire

Hostage Situation – Part 3

Get the Save-A-Ton blueprints

  • Look through his messages with Rume and read that article about the hostage situation.
  • Ask him for the Blueprints, to which he will need proof it’s really you and he’ll ask for Cody’s anniversary date.
  • The owner’s name is Cody and the article says that he has a son named Kyle.
  • Go to Save-A-Ton app and to the Photos there to enter the name as a password.
  • Look through the photos to find the wedding date on the last photo: 01/13/2016
  • Go tell that to Rume and he’ll send you the blueprints.

Hostage Situation – Part 4

Safely navigate the officer to the Control Panel.

  • Open the Chat app to talk to the Officer.
  • You’ll have to look at the the blueprint that you have on the phone to help him reach the Control Panel.
    • Employee entrance
    • Left
    • Straight ahead
    • Left (Towards the trash)

Hostage Situation – Part 5

What’s the security code to unlock the Loading Dock?

  • Read the news in Town News app and note Rume’s old job.
  • Enter Shield Force as a password in the Casual app.
  • The Shield Force Official post says how to crack the code:
    • Add up the first 3 digits of your phone number, then multiply by 5.
    • Enter the solution into the calcualtor app.
  • Go to Contacts and to Me and note the first 3 digits: 978
    • (9+7+8)x5=120
  • Enter that number in the Calculator app.
  • Look at the Blueprint to see What kind of lock it is: Ambassador
  • Open the DoorJam.pdf in the Calculator app and note the Amabassador code.

Answer: MAT9843

Peek a Phone Mr. X Walkthrough

Who is Mr. X’s Target?

  • To enter the phone the pattern is in the X shape.
  • In the Messages app, in the only message there to HQ there’s a clue about his password “The vault’s password is your favorite Afghan.”
  • Click on the Internet icon, one of the searches is “How to groom an Afghan Hound Dog”
  • Tap on the Calendar app and check the dates that have a mark on them.
  • One of them has a vet appointment for Wilbur.
  • Another says Notes, an take note of the clue: Target’s code name “Tooth
  • Open the Vault app and write the password Wilbur.
  • Click on the Target photo icon and you’ll see who their next target is.
  • Go to the Internet app and click the search text box.
  • Click on the last one:
  • The photo has the caption “And last but not least, the Chief of WCSP, “Tooth”.”
  • Click on the Vault app again and on the Notes, and write down Tooth as a password.
  • After opening the app, click on the WCSP note. In front of Tooth is the number 1382.
  • Open the Vault again and the WCSP.pdf.
  • In front of the number 1382 is the name of the target.

Answer: Oliver Merrill

Peek a Phone Cat Burglar Walkthrough

Who is the burglar?

  • Open the Browser and tap the search bar to see the last searches.
  • Go to “Good Phone Security” and scroll down to read about the DancingBanana password.
  • Go to the Life App and write in DancingBanana as a password.
  • Look at the Messages with Mom and note down the email: [email protected]
  • Take a look at the Memos and look for the new password: JAY SUCKS
  • Go to the Email App and write in the email address and the password.
  • The only email in the inbox is from a delivery for a black ski mask.

Answer: Chloe Fin

Peek a Phone The Whistle­blower Walkthrough

Where is Patient Zero?

  • Swipe to unlock and write your own name to unlock it.
  • Launch the Photos app again and click to watch the video.
  • At the end, you will see the code for the email account: 1337.
  • Go back and launch the Email app, using the code 1337.
  • Open the “Casual” email and note the password: 123qwe.
  • In the same email, click the arrow under the Title to reveal the email for Jamie Lewis ([email protected]).
  • Go back and launch the Casual app. Use the email address and the password 123qwe.
  • Click on the “Chat” icon (the third icon on the top of the screen) and open the chat with Oliver Lewis.
  • You will see there that you should text him XERTZ if you need help.
  • Go back again and open the Chat app with Jamie Lewis. Send this text: XERTZ.
  • He’ll give you his address: 61 Ann Drive

Answer: 61 Ann Drive

Peek a Phone Stolen Phone Walkthrough

Who is the mystery girl?

  • If you read the notes you’ll see that the email password is Leon’s nickname.
  • Open the Messages and read the Leon’s chat.
  • Lion is the email password.
  • Go to the Chat App and write REGISTER
  • It will tell you your email address: [email protected]
  • You can copy it and paste it in the Email app with the Lion password
  • The first email is sent to Jade Thorton

Answer: Jade Thorton

Peek a Phone Another Phone Return Walkthrough

What’s the phone owner’s address?

  • Open the Smart House app and click to read the manual.
  • It says the default pin is 1110
  • Tap the Lights to turn them on and enter that code.
  • Look at the Home Office Camera and zoom in to the note on the laptop.
  • Remember the pizza code: 3225
  • Go to the Pizza app and enter that code.
  • Press Track my pizza and answer the Pizza Operator phone call.
  • After the drone crashes, go check out the Local News app and read about the incident.
  • The street address is in the article.
  • Go to the Real Estate website, click on the link, and enter the street name: South Robb Street
  • The only house on sale is yours, so enter that address as an answer.

Answer: 3620 South Robb Street, Denver, Colorado

Peek a Phone Is it Chili in Here? Walkthrough

What’s Martin’s secret ingredient?

  • Enter the Messages app.
  • The first message from Elton has a clue about his password “It’s my favorite 4-digit number…BUT IN REVERSE!” and you can find it in his notes.
  • Open the Notes app with the password (hottest chili I ever tried hint) Walter (you’ll find that in the Chili Diary app)
  • Go to the “A few of my favorite things” list.
  • His favorite number is 5442.
  • So the password to enter the Chili Chat app is going to be 2445.
  • Read the messages to Man with a Van and you’ll see that Martin is 72.
  • Do the math to find the year he was born: 2024-72=1952
  • Open the Photo app and enter the year.
  • You’ll find the photo of his recipe in his pics.
  • The Top Secret ingredient is peeled grapes.

Answer: Peeled Grapes

Peek a Phone McChili Run Walkthrough

Guide Martin to the chili cook off

  • To answer Martin’s question go to the Photo app and look at the map.
  • Go to the Chat app and answer this:
    • Pitchfork door
    • Machete man
    • 13
    • Go left
    • Tiny hallway

Peek a Phone Funhouse Walkthrough

  • Open the Town News app, and click “Whatever you do, DO NOT Use These Passwords.”
  • Read that news and remember the last suggestion: HamBone7
  • Open Messages app and write that password to enter and read the messages.
  • Read the message from Cindy. It says Cindy was born in 2005, and meant the girl you’re looking for, that’s one year older than Cindy, was born in 2006.
  • Use that 2006 to open the Calendar app.
  • Check out the marked dates, even of the month before, you’ll find “First date with Mike.”
  • The date on that is February 7.
  • To open Docs app enter 0207.
  • Check out the love poem, Passwords, and her Shopping list.
  • Secret chat says:
    • Username: First letter of each verse -> MICHAEL
    • Password: My favorite food -> Pizza
      • You can find that out by checking her Contacts app, lots of names have a pizza in front of their names, which could be Pizza places.
  • Click on the heart icon of the Health app and write Michael for the username and Pizza for the password.
  • You’ll receive news on her phone that someone spotted the girl you’re looking for.
  • In the Health app, you’ll find a secret chat with Michael.
  • Also, they decide on the pattern password for the Photo app. It’s in an L shape.
  • When you’re going to try to open the Vault app, you’ll receive an anonymous message: with a riddle to find the password to the Vault. The answer is: hauntedhouse.
  • Open the Map.jpg picture and you’ll see the map of the carnival and a circle around “Harry’s horrible haunted house.”

Answer: Haunted House

Peek a Phone The Contender Walkthrough

Why did Ricardo Leave?

  • Answer the phone from the doctor.
  • Look through the photos and notice the last one with the gloves and the HAppy birthday note with the date 02/25
  • Enter the code 0225 in the Notes app.
  • Look at the passwords for the Vault:
    • Username: TysonFan25
    • Password: LightsOut!
  • Read the letter For Lenny to get the answer.

Answer: Become a poet

Peek a Phone Abduction Walkthrough

Abduction – Part 1

Where did they take QDPie?

  • Open the Photo app and watch the video.
  • It’s a video from the criminals that tells you to call this number: +1 (864) 657 45 48
  • Go to the Phone and call that number and someone will tell you to send them a message.
  • They also tell you how to open the Chat app, by drawing the letter M and only send them your name in the game (mine is Bee)
  • Once you start that conversation they will ask you to find the password to the Smart Home app.
  • They’ll send you a photo of the news and when QDPie was abducted.
  • The password says to reflect their precision. “…at exactly 10:35 last night.”
  • Open Smart Home and write the password 1035.
  • Turn on Porch Lights and Studio Lights.
  • Click on Studio and remember this hashtag subscribetoqdpie, that’s the password you’re going to need.
  • You can find this info by reading the email to Pamela Greenberg from Alex Greenberg.
  • Open the Casual app and write the email address in the email I mentioned above:
  • Click the Chat icon, the last bubble symbol in the upper right corner.
  • Open the messages with Emmanuel. You can find the Street name and number right there.

Answer: Welton Drive 97

Abduction – Part 2

Where ia QDPie?

  • To unlock the phone the word BEEF shows in the background, so the code is the corresponding numbers for the letters in BEEF: 2556
  • There are a bunch of phone icons on the desktop, 10 of them are renamed into numbers and one is called Phone.
  • Write those digits in the Phone app to call that number, and add a 1 for the area: 18643314386
  • The Masters will answer the phone and give you some instructions.
    • Figure out how heavy 42 kg of beef is, converting it to pounds through the Converter app: A news article will pop up.
    • Read the article about Mr. Beef’s sister, and log into the Interflix app
    • Her uCloud email address is the same as her online name: [email protected]
    • Password is online name, backward: ybbaCybbA
    • There’s a show that we love and will help you find out the four-digit password.
  • Scrolling through the movies there you’ll find “1 Last 365-Day Trip” to be liked by three of his friends. The number 1365 is the password to the Notes app.
  • Check out the Are Hungry! note. You need to do the math to figure out the PIN: 2020
  • Click on the Pizza app and enter the PIN, and press the button Track My Pizza.
  • The address is your answer to where Mr. Beef is located.

Answer: 32 Ripple Avenue

Peek a Phone Washed Up Walkthrough

Where is Captain Murphy and his crew?

  • Read the news about the Fishing boat and note the name of the boat: Nessie.
  • Go to the Photos app and write that as a password.
  • Look through the photos and at the screenshot of the password reset for the Captain’s log.
  • Go to that app and enter the password: sharkbait
  • Last entry tells you his last known location.

Answer: Gravehead Island

Peek a Phone Bombshell Beauty Walkthrough

Help Zena defuse the bomb

  • Go read the notes with the bomb emotes.
  • Last one says what the password to the Photo app is: QueenBristol
  • Look through the photos to learn how to defuse the bomb.
  • Tell Zena the right steps in your Chat for the serial number AQ1323:
    • Third wire: RED
    • The symbol name in reverse: RATS
    • You can do this!
    • Turn the key
    • Press/Hold the button

Peek a Phone With Great Power Walkthrough

Where is Timekeeper Hiding?

  • Open the Messages app and read through The Baker‘s messages.
  • Password for the Photo app: timekeeper6
  • Open the Notes app, and you can find the username for the Photo app there: Butch_is_a_Nerd_2.
  • In the Photo app you’ll find a picture of a list of Passwords, and a logo with the letter Z on it.
  • Open the Vault app and draw the letter Z to enter it.
  • You can find here Super League of Super Heroes Application Questions.
  • Question number 6 has the right address where to find him.

Answer: 1403 Birdsview Dr

Peek a Phone Off the Ledge Walkthrough

Help Abby off the ledge

  • Keep her busy so she doesn’t jump by talking to her:
    • Ruined life?
    • Psychopathic kidnapper??
    • Who ruined everything?
    • Vaughn framed you?
    • I’ll fight with you

Peek a Phone Deal With the Devil Walkthrough

Where is Shauna?

  • Read the screenshot in the Photo app about the password.
  • I took all the drinks in Bottom’s Inventory and found the password to be Clover Cooler
  • Enter that password in the Messages app and look at the chat with Evie.
  • Shauna tells her the Find My password is 8369
  • Look at the pin to find the location.

Address: Shadow Harbor

Peek a Phone Death Row Walkthrough

Find evidence against Billy Thorn

  • Read the message from Dougy.
  • Go to the Casual app and read.
  • It says the Locked Journal password is his phone number.
  • Also, his username is: makeyoubleed
  • Go to contacts to find out Billy’s number: 7315550166
  • Go to the Locked Jurnal app and enter that.
  • Look at the Rage entry, it says the Photos password is his Casual username.
  • Enter the makeyoubleed password in the Photo app and look through.
  • You’ll find enough evidence to finish the level.

Peek a Phone Gotcha! Walkthrough

Where is “The Stroll”?

  • Launch the Messages app and read the con­ver­sa­tion with Ed­die Poole.
  • You will see that there’s a reservation made under the name Curtis Vance.
  • Go back and open the Email app, then click the Quack confirmation email.
  • You will see the reference code: SUDHPY.
  • Go back and launch the Internet app, or click the link at the bottom of the email.
  • Visit the website Quack­ and on the menu click Manage My Trips.
  • There, use the last name Vance and the reservation code SUDHPY.
  • Cancel the flight.
  • You will receive a call from Eddie Pool.
  • Open the video call and Eddie will send you a link for an ad on a website.
  • Send an email to the ad­dress listed on the ad from your real email ad­dress.
  • You can click the link and then REPLY, then enter the real address: [email protected]
  • Go back and launch the News App.
  • Click on Breaking News and you will see that the arrested man has a shark tattooed on his arm.
  • Go back and open the Find Friends app.
  • The password will be shark.
  • Here, you will find out that Ed­die Poole is at Pampa 1851, Rincon de Milberg, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina awaiting for his bike.

Answer: Pampa 1851

Peek a Phone Robot That Walkthrough

Unlock Kat’s controller app!

  • Check the Notes and the Riddle me this.
  • The Interflix app password is DROID
  • You’ll find the Photo app password in the Interflix app if you look for a 5-digit pin.
  • All the movies have a number: 06479
  • You’ll find the way to unlock the robot if you remember the date you ruined his life.
  • Go to RoboNews app and read the Steel Roses Stun Undefeated Champions.
  • The date they win is March 23.
  • Go to the controller and enter 0323 to finish the level.

Peek a Phone Chief Walkthrough

Where is Chief Hurley?

  • The Notes app has a password hint “The only person I trust”
  • Go to the Messages app and read the messages to Betsy about the trustworthy PI.
  • The password for the Notes app is your game name (mine is Bee)
  • Click on the Reminders, and remember the password: cadet
  • Open the Police DB app and write the badge number it shows off on the kid’s badge in the background picture.
    • Badge number: 613
    • Password: cadet
  • Open the Office Roster, Monthly budget log, Safe Houses, and Evidence log
  • Go to the Contacts app and find the number with a rat icon, it means he’s the informant.
  • Call Frank Pollis who’s going to be upset you called.
  • But you can talk to him through messages in Safe Chat app.
  • After a little talk, he gives you a clue about the ring leader.
  • Apparently one of the corrupted cops is giving his girlfriend gifts he shouldn’t be able to afford.
  • Write to FP that Lawerence has given Cindy items from the Evidence Log.
  • He’ll give you a clue about the old Safe house named Minute Waltz
  • The Safe Houses document will give you the address you’ll need to solve this.

Answer: 48 Plaisted Avenue

Peek a Phone Lost Dog Walkthrough

Where is the Family Pet?

  • To unlock the phone use the name on the present bag behind the dog: Crumpet
  • Open the Message app and the “I LOVE MY HUSBAND…” chat.
  • Scroll up to find a clue for the password for the Family Folder (post-it note in the office)
  • Note the password written above that: 0805
  • Open the Smart Phone app and turn the lights on.
  • Go to the Home office camera to look at the post-its for the code: 0401
  • Open the Family Folder and write that in.
  • Go check the Photos and look for Crumpet’s tag number: 86241
  • Check the Notes in the Family Folder to see the clue for Crumpet’s password.
  • Check your emails for Melissa’s number: 2175550104
  • Go to the Crumpet icon in the Family folder and write that tag number and Melissa’s phone number as a password.
  • You can keep your finger on the address to copy it.

Answer: Shoshi’s Sausage Shop, 300 Skokie Blvd

Peek a Phone Eyewitness Walkthrough

What’s Toby’s Last Wish?

  • The News app has a notification, it’s an article about Toby’s death (the owner of the phone you have)
  • Check out his Messages app, open the conversation with Isabel, and zoom in on the credit card (to see his full name).
  • Open up the Contacts app.
  • When clicking on Will Smith contact, you’ll find a code j3f5d
  • Click on the Chat app and see the conversation with Riley Roberts (weird neighbor)
  • Start up a conversation with Riley and wait for his reply (Something like Hey).
  • Ask “what did Toby last say to you”
  • Remember his answer “phone” and “queen“.
  • Open Safe Note app and type in queen.
  • Open the Passwords note.
  • Open the Email app and write the username and password you found in the notes:
    • Username: First and middle name – Toby Peter
    • Password: Red333
  • Open the email to the attorney and you’ll find his last will and testament there.
  • To download it you need the Will Smith password: j3f5d
  • Remember the highlighted text.

Answer: Buy Mia a science kit

Peek a Phone Panic Room Walkthrough

What’s Toby’s Last Wish?

  • Check the Messages and open the Gwen chat.
  • It says that the Notes password is the College he went to.
  • Look at the Photos and search for the name of the college: Maplewood
  • Open the Notes and enter that password.
  • You’ll get a Panic Room notification.
  • Look at the Panic Room notes, it says to unlock you need to use the pattern lock: four corners is scribbled next to it.
  • Open the Panic Room app and tap on the four corners of the pattern lock.
  • Unlock the door to finish the level,

Peek a Phone Pi­rates Walkthrough

Where is The Treasure?

  • Launch the Messages app and read the chat with Captain Axe.
  • You will see him saying that a PIN for PirateTalk should be setup with the year of the famous pirate he loves.
  • Also read the chat with Mother.
  • There, you will see that his favorite pirate is Ben Pease, who was born in 1834 (you can search that outside of the game).
  • Go back and launch the PirateTalk app and enter the pin above.
  • Read the chat with Mullins to find out that the map is hidden inside the Vault app.
  • Then the Chat with Captain Axe to see that he also mentions Florizel “me-love”.
  • Go back and launch the Photos App, then open the first photo. Look for the code for the ship Florizel, which is 7191.
  • Go back and launch the Notes app and use the code above to open it – you will see that the password for the Vault is the name of the other mate.
  • Go back to the PirateTalk app and read the chat with Jonas Rattler.
  • You will find the name of the mate based on the percentages of the loot (hint in Notes) – Roach.
  • Finally, open the Vault and use the password Roach.
  • Then open the Treasure map for the clues and a real map to look for the exact location.
  • They tell you that the loot is hid­den in the Osu Ceme­tery, above Black Star Square and Stadium in Ac­cra, Ghana.

Answer:  Osu Ceme­tery

Peek a Phone The Game Walkthrough

How can we wake up Kylee?

  • The first thing to do is open up the Messages and check out Zoe’s conversation with Kylee.
  • The answer for the first level of The Game is going to be LOL.
  • Check out the Notes app.
  • Open lvl 2 notes and click the link.
  • It’s a Wikipedia page for Gujarati Script.
  • Click on the Digits to send you to that information.
  • Now tap The Game app and click Restart.
    • Level 1 answer: LOL
    • Level 2 answer: Translating from Gujarati Script you’ll get the code 87149
    • Level 3 answer: “Who sings: Baby Light my Fire!” – Doors
    • Level 4 answer: Follow the letters through the maze, you’ll get the word rotator
    • Level 5 answer: The seedless watermelon will be at 16K
    • Level 6 answer: The building is Old State house built in 1713, street number: 201
  • Level 7 will give you the word to wake up Kaylee.


Peek a Phone The Critic Walkthrough

Who killed Chris Farber?

  • To unlock the phone using the year of the movie premiere of A Space Odyssey: 2001
  • Enter the Messages app and look at the messages with Mom, she’s asking for the Interflix password: Macavity1
  • Enter the Flavors of India conversation and write down the email address.
  • Now go to the Interflix app and write:
  • Remember Werecats
  • Open the Docs app and look into Reminders and write down that email password reminder clue.
  • Click the Email app and write the password werecats.
  • Open the email from Zachary and read it.
  • It says people put their birth year as a password..
  • Next look at the Vault Setup email. It says the password is 1+1×1
  • Open the Cinema News app and open Night of the Zombie Plants.
  • Click on the link to Martin Weasel’s social account and note his birthday: 01.01.1991
  • Tap the Calculator app and write 1+1×1 it will open up a secret Vault.
  • Click on the Username.doc and write that down: anonymous731
  • Tap the Casual app and write:
    • Username: anonymous731
    • Password: 01011991
  • Go to the message bubble in the upper right corner, and open that message.
  • Click the link in that message to find his phone number: 8505550137
  • And scroll up to learn his last name: Sinnfield
  • Open the Phone app and dial that number.
  • A recorded message will tell you the man’s name is Henry

Answer: Henry Sinnfield

Peek a Phone Paparazzi Walkthrough

Paparazzi – Part 1

Where did Becca send the pictures of Kaci?

  • The Email password hint is Miles last 4
  • Go to Meowsages app and to Coffee Guy chat (Miles) and take the last 4 digits of his phone: 0199
  • In the Contacts app under Interflix name entry is the hint: bff name + divorce year
  • Go to Interflix and write Diego2018.
  • The year can be found in the messages towards Ex-Husband.
  • The name can be found in a news article about 5 Ways to Talk to That Friend
  • Go to Cathy Clark’s email and note the house number: 70
  • Go to the internet and ask Kaleb O’Connor remarried?
  • It will say he used to be married to Becca aka Starcrucher.
  • Go to the Folder app and write Starcrusher70
  • To open the Notes icon you need to find out bff’s favorite show.
  • Interflix says it’s: Knightgirl
  • The Scheule note says your finance password is your maiden name.
  • The photos app here has the divorce papers where the name is: Kooper
  • Open the Finance app and write that password.
  • The invoice has all the info you need:

Answer: TNX

Paparazzi – Part 2

Delete the data stored on the TNX Cloud server to complete the mission!

  • Phone password, the zodiac sign: pisces
  • The hint to the Smart Office app is motto.
  • Go to photo app and look through for the motto: I am Energy
  • Enter that as a password.
  • Open the Workspace 3 cam and zoom in to see the note next to the laptop of Ania King.
    • GreatBooks password: majorarcana
    • Work message password: favorite book
  • Go to the Astrology News to look for that name in the Witches have a bad rap article and click it.
  • Scroll down until you reach the post about GreatBooks.
    • Name: @PiscesPrincess
  • Open that app and write that did and the majorarcana password.
  • Favorite book: Dethroned.
  • On the screen you will see in Workspace 1 cam, you can see the username Ania used: The High Priestess
  • Open the Work Message app and write that username and password.
  • Open Trevor’s chat and scroll up to see the hint for the Notes Password: spiritual guide
  • Open the Calendar app and look through the highlighted dates until you find the spiritual guide: Ocean
  • Open the Note app and write that password.
  • Go to the Pivotal Palm Reading note and remember the conclusion: fire witch
  • In the Work Message app she tells Yesenia that the password for her cloud drive is the palm reading hint.
  • Go to the TNX Cloud and write fire witch as a password.
  • Press the Setting icon an Delete all Cloud data by entering the alchemical symbol (hint)
  • You can find that if you go to the Internet browser (your own browser, not ingame) and enter “alchemical symbol for fire”.
  • Write triangle as a password to delete all Cloud data.

Paparazzi – Part 3

Where is Kaci?

  • The phone’s password is the word used to describe the photo on the background: trap
  • Go to the Calendar app and look through the dates highlighted there, even on previous months.
  • There’s one note that says notes pw and the hour on that is at 10:22
  • Go to the Notes app and enter that code.
  • Check out the Double life note to find the password for the Casual app.
  • Go to the Downloader app and read the hint of the password.
  • Go to her Messages and open the ones with Ruben Chaos where he tells her to call him.
  • Go to Contacts and give him a call.
  • You can find her favorite food and number if you read the news.
  • She loves tofu and her favorite number is 22.
  • Go to the Downloader app and enter the password: tofu22
  • Download the Casual app and open it with the password you found: softmetal22
  • The hint to enter the Vault app is the best time.
  • Go to the messages in the Casual app (top right icon) and read the ones with Jack Steele.
  • She said the best time of her life was at Palm Springs.
  • Go to the Vault and enter that password.
  • Check out all her photos until you reach a drawn map with Beach House location.

Answer: Beach House

Paparazzi – Part 4

Where is the Flash Drive with Kaci’s Apology Video?

  • Open the Play app and go to LoveBook app to see the password hint.
  • Go to Contacts and look through the names to find the one that has “a good time” as a note.
  • Enter the password Jake Steele in LoveBook app.
  • Look at the messages in the app and open the ones with Curtis Vance she says she likes irises.
  • Go back to the main screen and open the Notes app with the password: iris
  • Open the Password Reminders note and look at the Interflix app hint.
  • Go on the internet and tap the search bar to look at the best Ice Cream place.
    • Look through other searches to see that she also searched for Milk & Honey
  • Go to the Interflix app and enter Milk & Honey 5 as a password.
  • Look through the Movies at the Afternoon in Paris 2 and see who else likes that movie
    • The movie aired in 2018
  • Open the notes to see the password for the Work app: 2018
  • The Email app needs the song year as a password.
  • In Work app, open Messages and go to the ones with Jake Steeleto find the favorite song: Bad Blood (released in 2015)
  • Enter that password for the Email app and look at the mail with Lighthouse Books and remember Pooka.
  • Open the Find My app and enter the password Pooka.
  • If you read the messages with her mom you’ll see she said the video is in her car.
  • And according to Find My app it says where her car is.

Answer: 34 Sycamore St

Paparazzi – Part 5

What is TNX’s offshore account number?

  • The background photo says it was a 25 years anniversary.
  • Do the math of the current year (for me 2024 -25 = 1999) and enter that password.
  • Open the Photo app to look through the photos and see the name of the boat: legacy.
  • Open the Messages app and enter that name as a password.
  • Find the email address by opening the Casual app: [email protected]
  • Then open Contacts and go to Me entry to see the password for the Email app: coffeeaddict
  • Read the new email from Wyatt and note the password: moneybags123
  • Go to Paymate app and enter the password in the chat, then write down Yes.
  • In the Email app, the message from QuackTravel has a link where you need to give the last name and code:
    • Popova – CJ41JFK
  • Go back to the Paymate app and write Malta
  • The confirmation mail says the ID name is Maltaman03
  • Through the messages with Trevor Monk, he says the username is the same as the Casual account password.
  • Go to Casual app and enter Maltaman03 as a password.
  • Open the messages in Casual app and read the ones with Iris and note the code: 2278
  • Open the Health app and enter that code, then go to Accounts.
  • Malta account is the TNX’s offshore account.

Answer: 44789231056

Peek a Phone Means to HIS End Walkthrough

What is the murder weapon?

  • Look at the Notes app to see the hint for the Messages app password.
    • Hidden under pseudonym Abie Caryl Vermont: 0147
  • Open the messages with 269-555-0161 and it says the password for the Inventory app is her birth year.
  • Open the Messages with Rex and you’ll see her birth year is 1992
  • Look for the code she said she wanted #0927.

Answer: the phone

Peek a Phone Too Hot to Handle Walkthrough

Figure out the phone owner’s name.

  • Open the Interflix app and see the hint for the password.
  • Read the last News and find out the calling card: kerosen
  • Enter that password into the Interflix app.
  • Open the new chat message with Cassie, then go to the LoveBook app.
  • Enter the book Cassie mentioned as a password here: Inferno
  • In the LoveBook chats with Tanya you’ll find the last name: Carson
  • Open the new chat with Cuz and tell him the first movie from your Interflix app: Blood and water
  • He calls you Carl

Answer: Carl Carson

Peek a Phone Dirty Secrets Walkthrough

After winning money to account number 79182, enter the transfer number below.

  • The hint for the Notes app is your daughter’s birthday.
  • Open the Messages app and the Jane chat to read.
  • In the Emails you’ll find out the name of his daughter: Monica.
  • Scroll down on your phone app and see when he called Monica last: May 7th
  • Open the Notes app with the password: 0705
    • SecRt app: 80085 (boobs)
  • Go to the email app and search for secRt app in the search app.
  • Open the Calculator app and enter 80085÷
  • Open the Lockbox inventory and note the sum: $30.000
  • Then open the Authenticator and note down the last number for the University: 805188
  • Go to the Safe Chat app and write that number in the chat with the sum: Recycle $30000 79182 805188

Answer: 3424F88

Peek a Phone Professor F Walkthrough

Help Chad and his friends get a perfect score by entering the correct answers below.

  • Look at his badge, it’s on his chest in the photo he uses as a background. It says 50.
  • To find the password to unlock the phone, find the year he was born in: 2024-50=1974
  • Next, check his email inbox.
  • Press the search box and write Test right there.
  • There’s only one result, from Prof. Powell, who’s also Brent, a clue you can find in their messages, on the laptop’s screen in that photo he sent.
  • If you open the email you find the exam right there, but it’s password-protected.
  • Check the Interflix app and you can see a few of his favorite things to watch.
  • Under the show Winterheart it says “Your friend Brent also like this title.”
  • Prof. F and Prof. Powell’s favorite show is the password for the pdf exam: winterheart.
  • You can open the pdf now and see the correct answers.

Answer: BABE

Peek a Phone The Case of the Missing Teens Walkthrough

The Case of the Missing Teens – Part 1

Where is Sam?

  • Swipe to unlock and draw the pattern from 1 to 4 you saw on the background picture, a diamond shape.
  • In the messages to her dad, you’ll find a conversation about a new email password, which might be the middle name + a number.
  • Go to the Photo app and look at the driver’s license to find her middle name: Marie
  • Go to notes and find her favorite number in Things About: 7
  • Go to the Email app and enter the password Marie7
  • In the last email from Casual it tells you the temporary password: 90y2j4
  • In the email from Study Bud it tells you to enter your full birth date: 02/17/2004
  • Click the pdf “Activate your Study Bud app” and enter 02172004
  • It tells you the activation code: 76381260
  • In Dawn’s messages, you’ll see her username: valkyrieheart7
  • Enter that username in Casual app and the password 90y2j4.
  • Go to the messages in the top right corner.
  • In the Streaming: AimeeGames messages you can tap on the link from newdawn23 with Aimee’s profile where you’ll see her name Amanda Ledger.
  • to AimeeGames she tells her about a new app and she gives Aimee her username: valheart752
  • Go to the Study Bud app and enter that username and the password 76381260
  • In AimGames chat you’ll find a link to
  • Ask her the booking number, and she’ll say: KABDFUF
  • When she asks you if you know where to go, tell her no and she’ll tell you that you need to meet at the Botanical Garden.
  • Click on the link she gave her and go to the menu and pick Manage my trip.
  • Enter the booking number and Ledger as the name.
  • The information on the ticket says her destination is Twin Falls.
  • Look for the name of the botanical garden in Twin Falls on your browser.

Answer: Orton Botanical Garden

The Case of the Missing Teens – Part 2

Where are you meeting Aimee?

  • Open the Messages app and read the only chat there and find the email username [email protected] and password hjd9w2
  • Go to the Email app and enter the username and password.
  • Open the Chat app email to see your username trnpkllr and password temp321
  • The email from Agent Key will tell you more about what you have to do and how to find the password for the Casual up.
  • Go to the Chat app and enter the username trnpkllr and password temp321.
  • Now go to Photos and find out what Mack translates to following the coding key: 4su2
  • Go to the Casual app and enter that password for the username trnpkllr
  • Go to the Chat app and start talking to Dawn.

You: Hey!
Dawn: Do I know you?
You: No!
Dawn: I’m pretty sure I don’t know you. What is this regarding?
You: Do you know when Aimee will be streaming again?
Dawn: …. Have you ever had to deal with bullies?
You: Yes!
Dawn: Do you know how many years Aimee has been streaming?
You: 5
Dawn: What was Aimee’s first game she ever streamed?
You: JumpMan (according to the chat in Casual app)

  • He tells you the username aimeefan17 and the password newkey76 for the Study Bud app.
  • Open the chat with Aimee and start talking to her.

You: Hey!
Aimee: (sends you to find the guy’s address)

  • Go to Casual app to the Streaming chat and find MrPhilGames and the link he posted.
  • When you open the link you can see the PhiltasticReviews profile picture you can click on.
  • Tap on Top Profile and scroll down to see his post about his wife’s baking website.
  • Click on that and scroll all the way to the bottom to find his address: 1917, Lovewill Road, Orlando.
  • Go to Aime’s chat in Study Bud and give her his address.
  • Look on the map for the park near the Orton Botanical Garden.

Answer: Rock Creek Park

The Case of the Missing Teens – Part 3

What is Dawn’s real name?

  • Read the message from Dawn and note the password for the Casual app: hjd9w2
  • If you forgot your username, go to notes and open Hi There! it will be addressed to trnpkllr.
  • At the end of the letter, she says the password to the Chat is in their mission statement.
  • Go to the Photos app and check the Mission Statement photo, the word cleanse is highlighted.
  • Go to the Study Bud app and enter that password.
  • In Messages to Dawn, he talks about a digital graveyard (you’ll find that in Photos)
  • In the Messages to AimeeGames she’ll tell you how to log into her email.
  • You can log in to the Casual app with username trnpkllr and password hjd9w2.
  • Find Aimee’s Casual username and use it for the username in the Email app: [email protected]
  • The password is the 4th word of the 7th rule listed in our family rules.
  • Open the notes to find the password potential
  • After you enter the Email with that, check out Dawn’s messages.
  • To open the document he sent you need his birthday, which you can find in the Calendar app: 1607
  • The new SafeDoc password is 5dst3k9
  • Open it using Dawn’s email [email protected] and the password above.
  • Open the Cult Members document and you’ll notice the first is newdawn27: Anderson.
  • Go to the Graveyard picture in your Photo app and right in front there’s one with the initial A as a family name.

Answer: Taylor Anderson

Peek a Phone Secret Show Walkthrough

Where is the secret show?

  • Read the Message from Lumina and use the phone to find the name of the venue.
  • Click the link she sends you to find out the year Lumina started playing together: 2018
  • Open the Photo app with that code and look through the photos.
  • Lumina loves U is the hint for the gesture you need to open the Secret Vault.
  • After you draw a U in the square you can open the Backstage Pass and read it.

Answer: The Peache’s Pit

Peek a Phone Environmental Walkthrough

On what government office will the attack strike, and when?

  • In the Message app go to Sam’s chat and find the hint for the Tenalp app.
    • favorite color + birth year.
  • In Dad’s chat you’ll find his age, when Dad wishes him happy 30th birthday, and in Jamie’s messages you’ll see how was off by 2 years: 2024 – 32 = 1992
  • Check the Contacts app and scroll down till you reach a voice recording of his conversation with Sharon:
    • it says his favorite color is purple.
  • In the Email app you’ll see his email: [email protected]
  • Go to Tenalp app and enter that email and the password: purple1992
  • Go to Internet browser and look at the history searches, then go on your own browser and look pigpen cipher and what it is.
  • Now get Spencer’s message with the code, find out the real code using the pigpen cipher: healthyearth
  • Use that code to open the Mr.S Operation Guide document (from his email)
  • Go to SafeChat app and use the last 4 digits of girlfriend’s (Sharon) number, as said in the Notes: 0128
  • In Tenalp app in the Messages with Ecofreak it says the Disarm code is: JS81MR4
  • Open the gadget app and write Disarm JS81MR4
  • It will tell you that bomb R5V9QMYQ80 is ddisarmed.
  • Go to the Email with Ronan and find that code in Targets document, the number associated with it is: 20585
  • Go to a real map and find out what place coincides with that number for a government office in Washington DC.
  • On the photo of the bomb, where you found the bomb code, you’ll see how much time needs to pass from the day the photo was sent (4 days)
    • Each player needs to base this on their own calendar date.

Answer: Department of Energy, 25 July

Peek a Phone Kidnapped Walkthrough

  • Click on the documents and solve the puzzle to prove you’re a human.
  • Open the Reminder document. It says Phone settings: Bobby84
  • Go to the Settings app, and turn on Location Services.
  • A new window will pop up where you need to write the Phone settings password: Bobby84.

Peek a Phone Run­away Walkthrough

  • Click the Internet App icon and then the URL bar.
  • From the previous searches listed there, we can see the second saying “Cheap hotels in Berlin“. This means that she is going to Berlin. Click this.
  • Filter the search results even further by typing “Hotel” in the bar. This will now show us that she searched for “Hotel Indigo Berlin Address“.

Answer: Hotel Indigo Berlin.

Peek a Phone Se­cret Recipe Walkthrough

  • Click the Messages app icon, and now click on the chat with Grandma.
  • There, you will see the conversation about the year of death of the second US president. (which is 1826 – the year John Adams died).
  • Go back and open the Photos app icon. Use the password 1826.
  • The photo shows you a cryptogram where a letter actually represents another one. We will use this information in the next puzzle.
  • Go back and launch the Recipes app. The hint for the password is BXPPB. Looking at the cryptogram in the photo, we can learn the actual password: YUMMY.
  • Check the recipe to see the secret ingredient: Biscuits. This is the word that you need to submit by clicking the flag icon.

To be continued

This is how far I’ve gone with the missions for the moment. I am playing and writing the solutions and I will update the article soon with the rest of the levels.

Until then, I hope that you found the ones above clear and helpful. If you still have trouble completing any of the levels solved, let me know and I will try to explain better what you should do.

If not, you can continue reading about the Moon Rabbit Cookie Toppings guide.


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