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Got stuck while playing the amazing word puzzle game Figgerits? Worry not, as I am here to help you solve all levels.

In this article, I’m sharing with you the answers to all the Figgerits levels – so scroll down to check them all out below.

Figgerits is an amazing, challenging and extremely popular word puzzle game that got me stuck more than once. I am sure that’s the case in your situation also, so I decided to come to the rescue.

I am sharing below the answers for all the Figgerits levels that I have completed and I will make sure to keep updating this article as new levels are introduced to the game.

Figgerits Answers for All Levels

No need to open a new page for every level! I am sharing with you all the answers for the game on one page, and grouping them in batches of 10 levels to make navigation extremely simple.

Note: Because the page was getting so long, it was also getting slow and impossible to navigate through, so I had to divide it in a few more pages. Still better than clicking for each level to get the solution!

Figgerits: Level 1 – Level 10 Answers

Level 1:
Single words (definitions): Guide, Tu­tored, Four, Digit
Phrase: Fig­ured it out

Level 2:
Words/definitions: As­sume, Shell, Use, Clean
Phrase: Hu­man Cells

Level 3:
Words/definitions: Sea­son, Won, Woman, Sep­a­rate
Phrase: Permanent Snow

Level 4:
Words/definitions: Wish, White, Loss, Hopes, Out
Phrase: Without Sleep

Level 5:
Words/definitions: Song, And, Data, Act, Con­stant
Phrase: Cats and Dogs

Level 6:
Words/definitions: Age, Leak, Garbage
Phrase: Break a Leg

Level 7:
Words/definitions: Peak, Face, Of­fice
Phrase: Solving This Was (A Piece of Cake)

Level 8:
Words/definitions: Pay, All, Alone, Once, Debit, Blister, Hilarious, Style, Bluebird
Phrase: Australia used to be a British (Penal Colony)

Level 9:
Words/definitions: Draft, coffee, Distort, Eraser, Scratch, Loose, Force, Erosion, Destined, Fiesta, Isolated, Trade

Phrase: And it refers to the (Color of the Sea)

Level 10:
Words/definitions: Day, Wind, Virile, Oriental, Tyranny, Deflate, Outlaw, Inwardly, Resistant, Eyelid, Detonate.

Phrase: True love will always (Find a Way)

Figgerits: Level 11 – Level 20 Answers

Level 11:
Single words (definitions): Mass, Tree, Insipid, Destined, Ardent, Pianist, Speed, Separate, Adverse, Reserve

Phrase: Pirates never used (Treasure Maps)

Level 12:
Words/definitions: Find, nine, free, defend, referee, sardines, dire, raisin, address, rendered, raid, dinner, deaf, end

Phrase: A (friend in need) is a friend indeed.

Level 13:
Words/definitions: Ran, odd, good, overtake, barge, designers, goddess, rooster, driven, toast, trait, sneak, void

Phrase: A (barking dog) never bites.

Level 14:
Words/definitions: Fell, slip, about, parochial, tape, pendant, album, notorious, depiction, typically, treasury, elastic

Phrase: In the (battle of Pelusium), the Persians reportedly used cats.

Level 15:
Words/definitions: Note, couch, nearest, entice, excite, cowardice, indirect, execute, indecent, coincide, circuit, exonerate, trap, bet, boot.

Phrase: The (Boston Tea Party) did not occur due to a new tax.

Level 16:
Words/definitions: Tree, Here, attendant, formal, ladder, gesture, astronaut, outrage, serenade, warehouse, stagger, harm, argue.

Phrase: The (Great Emu War) lasted for a month.

Level 17:
Words/definitions: Thrifty, green, feigning, criticism, honeycomb, sober, bodice, tender.

Phrase: (Every new beginning) comes from some other beginning’s end.

Level 18:
Words/definitions: Clock, once, weeks, mutation, remember, seethe, benefit, thorn, version, restrain

Phrase: (Knowledge becomes evil) if the aim be not virtuous.

Level 19:
Words/definitions: Sale, now, suite, pilot, elitist, ogle, leggings, analogue, shipped, tingle, tiptoe, stable, diesel.

Phrase: Not in possessions and not in gold, (happiness dwells in the soul).

Level 20:
Words/definitions: Flat, part, fall, monetary, authority, dare, attempt, piteous, ointment, hospital, shear, relent, nutshell, want.

Phrase: Pluto is not the only (Dwarf Planet) in the solar system.

Figgerits: Level 21 – Level 30 Answers

Level 21:
Single words (definitions): Fair, lift, mute, exodus, frankness, rainstorm, launder, annual, front, damsel, token, takeout

Phrase: Make a (full rotation) around its axis.

Level 22:
Words/definitions: Site, shape, sat, fissure, helmet, antonym, essential, interior, mansion, pleasant, trillion.

Phrase: Saturn is the (lightest planet) of the solar system.

Level 23:
Words/definitions: May, mean, open, inverse, weary, cartoon, stuffy, attention, yacht, venue, attorney, appear.

Phrase: China was the first country to ever use (paper money).

Level 24:
Words/definitions: Screen, Due, Gateway, Cowardice, Institute, Regret, Hunch, Astute, Oddity, Confuse, Forgo, Wince.

Phrase: This fashion was introduced by Wagner’s (Costume Designer).

Level 25:
Words/definitions: Out, but, log, harmonic, adhere, frown, assemble, limber.

Phrase: Charles Darwin was a member of the Cambridge (Glutton Club).

Level 26:
Words/definitions: Assure, omen, walnut, denounce, fluent, voucher, because, guesses, volcanic, malice, delta

Phrase: Human race would fit into the volume of a (sugar cube).

Level 27:
Words/definitions: Aims, chair, bombard, hornet, affirm, shatter, artisan, emperor, trainee

Phrase: In (South America), there are tribes deep in the Amazonian rain forests.

Level 28:
Words/definitions: Times, curve, divided, snuggle, disown, poncho, romance, sunscreen, gruesome, agile.

Phrase: There is a compound called Geosmin which gives rain its (distinct smell).

Level 29:
Words/definitions: Nun, litter, doorway, sniff, yodel, penniless, bluntness, eminence, shamed, exude, canines, solidity.

Phrase: (Deus Ex Machina) is an old trope, fairly often used by bad writers.

Level 30:
Words/definitions: Iota, Aviator, dehydrate, divisive, retrieve, adhesion, wart, hoarse, shadow, soothe.

Phrase: What is easy? (To advise another).

Figgerits: Level 31 – Level 40 Answers

Level 31:
Single words (definitions): Lost, adds, insist, insignia, frontier, handrails, gargoyle, avowal, flare, gritty, linger.

Phrase: Everything flows (nothing stands still).

Level 32:
Words/definitions: Avid, shift, delete, diverge, eccentric, revenge, thrive, extort, throne, deviation, lose, hoax, despite

Phrase: Nothing can ever exceed the (Speed of light).

Level 33:
Words/definitions: Same, Arise, Ride, forbid, bonfire, dossier, courier, encore, barbarism

Phrase: (Mars is red) because of Iron Oxide.

Level 34:
Words/definitions: Surprise, hidden, forehead, prominent, sneer, inherent, auditor, hedonist, paranoia, mantra.

Phrase: Photons remain (trapped inside the sun) for thousands of years.

Level 35:
Words/definitions: Hear, retail, reluctant, enviable, avarice, assess, stamina, cameo.

Phrase: (There are no seasons) on Venus since its orbit is almost circular.

Level 36:
Words/definitions: Took, banjo, engraving, pamper, blatant, diamond, pardon, adhere, demote

Phrase: The (Sakoku edict) banned all traveling from and to Japan.

Level 37:
Words/definitions: Hit, commence, decrepit, powdery, other

Phrase: protect the city.

Level 38:
Words/definitions: Make, loophole, reflex, remark, minor, foxtrot, defuse, rehearsal, expensive, refrain.

Phrase: Life that used to exist on this planet will forever (remain unknown).

Level 39:

Words/definitions: Train, opal, judicious, bloody, foresight, deify, harmless, notes, command, faded.

Phrase: Among the (animals on Earth), only humans are able to enjoy spicy food.

Level 40:
Words/definitions: None, other, whistle, mouthful, fatalism, flotilla, ointment, sitcom, fossil, mummy.

Phrase: (Everyone on Earth) is at most fiftieth cousin with everyone else.

Wrap up

These would be all the Figgerits answers for now. If you have the solution to additional levels that I haven’t covered yet, I would love it if you shared them with us all in the comments section below.

Either way, remember to check this page often, as I will constantly update the solution for all levels.


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