Figgerits Answers: Level 11 to Level 20

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If you’re struggling with Figgerits game, don’t fret, because I’m here to assist you from level 11 to level 20.

Figgerits is a wonderful, tough, and incredibly popular word puzzle game that has left me puzzled more than a few times. I bet you’ve found yourself in a similar bind, which is why I’ve decided to step in and help.

If you need help with previous levels, check out Fingerits answers Level 1 to Level 10 article, to find all the solutions.

In this article, I’ll reveal the solutions to level 11 to level 20 Figgerits – just keep scrolling to see all the answers listed below.

Figgerits Level 11 Answers


  • Opposite to night: Day
  • She knows which way the _ blows: Wind
  • It won’t bother me _: Any
  • Despotic power: Tyranny
  • Robust and vigorous: Virile
  • If you got to the East, bring me _ sweets: Oriental
  • Inside oneself: Inwardly
  • The new regulation will _ smoking in public: Outlaw
  • To make a bomb explode: Detonate
  • Strongly opposed, unwilling to accept: Resistant
  • (syn.) Undisturbed, tranquil: Unru
  • Eyeball cover: Eyelid
  • To validate or approve: Ratify
  • To let the air out: Deflate
  • Too hard to catch: Evasive

Phrase: A true love will always find a way.

Figgerits Level 12 Answers


  • Where can I _ the nearest shop? Find
  • Seven, eight, _, ten: Nine
  • Feel _ to contact me: Free
  • Boxing or footbal offical: Referee
  • To stop attacking during a soccer game: Defend
  • We’re already packed like _: Sardines
  • I was in _ need of some help: Dire
  • A type of dried fruit: Raisin
  • Location description: Address
  • Surprise police operation: Raid
  • The blow has _ him unconscious: Rendered
  • You’ll be done like a dog’s _, Frank! Dinner
  • His plea fell on _ ears: Deaf
  • _ of line, dead _: End

Phrase: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Figgerits Level 13 Answers


  • He _ away from us, we lost him: Ran
  • Unusual or unexpected: Odd
  • Opposite to bad: Good
  • The persistence of sound, resonance: Reverberation
  • Male fowl: Rooster
  • Fashion creator: Designer
  • Female deity: Goddess
  • The grand transformation of the Earth by human hands: Geoengineering
  • Crisp bread: Toast
  • Quality: Trait
  • _ peek: Sneak
  • The fleeting nature of existance: Transitoriness
  • “On _” studio sign: Air
  • Music group: Band
  • Owner of a crown: King
  • A break between terms at the univeristy: Intersession

Phrase: A barking dog never bites.

Figgerits Level 14 Answers


  • A short record: Note
  • _ potato: Couch
  • (syn.) The closest: Nearest
  • Lure, ensnare: Entice
  • Beating about the bush: Indirect
  • To thrill, animate someone: Excite
  • Being a chicken: Cowardice
  • To put into effect, perform: Execute
  • Lacking class: Indecent
  • To occur at the same time: Coincide
  • British motor racing track: Circuit
  • To absolve: Exonerate
  • Pitfall: Trap
  • Poker chips: Bet
  • Attractive, cute: Pretty
  • A type of camp: Boot

Phrase: The Boston Tea Party did not occur due to a new tax.

Figgerits Level 15 Answers


  • To consume food: Eat
  • A tall plant: Tree
  • Not there: Here
  • Somebody who comes to events: Attendant
  • Military equipment: Armament
  • Official, ceremonial: Formal
  • Equipment to get higher: Ladder
  • Hand movement: Gesture
  • Neil Armstrong, for example: Astronaut
  • Beau’s song: Serenade
  • Indignation, bad shock: Outrage
  • Place to store goods: Warehouse
  • To walk unsteadily or to shock: Stagger
  • Damage, injury: Harm
  • A moderate heat:
  • To dispute or to debate: Argue

Phrase: The Great Emu War lasted for a month.

Figgerits Level 16 Answers


  • Not shut or closed: Open
  • Opposite in position: Inverse
  • The act of caryying and delivering information: Transmission
  • _ with toil, I haste me to my bed: Weary
  • Animated movie: Cartoon
  • Lacking fresh air: Stuffy
  • Out of proportion to something: Incommensurate
  • Look at him, he’s such an _ seeker! Attention
  • (syn.) Frank, earnest: Honest
  • Quote source in scientific works: Citation
  • Restriction or enclosurewithin limits: Circumscription
  • Expensive boat: Yacht
  • US lawyer: Attorney
  • To look like, seem: Appear

Phrase: China was the first country to ever use paper money.

Figgerits Level 17 Answers


  • Careful with money: Thrifty
  • The color of grass: Green
  • Stop _ innocence and tell me the truth! Feigning
  • Unpleasant assessment: Criticism
  • Behive item: Honeycomb
  • Not intoxicated: Sober
  • Relating to sound: Sonic
  • Dress top: Bodice
  • Don’t touch the wound, it’s still _: Tender
  • Big task, specific duty: Mission
  • I _ the entire show in 2 days: Binged
  • Excellence, something praiseworthy: Merit
  • Passage in buildings: Corridor
  • Wedding artifact: Ring
  • Crittical essay about a movie: Review
  • To come with something: Bring
  • A natural stream of water: River

Phrase: Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

Figgerits Level 18 Answers


  • A time-measuring device: Clock
  • I happened only _: Once
  • (plural) 7 days: Weeks
  • Charming, smooth in manner: Suave
  • Change in DNA: Mutation
  • To recall, not forget: Remember
  • To be furious, boil with rage: Seeth
  • (syn.) Perks, welfare: Benefit
  • To be keenly interested: Enthuse
  • He’s always been a _ in my side: Thorn
  • Variant, particular kind: Version
  • To hold back: Restrain
  • (adj.) Necessary, important or essential: Needed
  • One who keeps living: Survivor
  • To trust that something is true: Believe
  • Room for one person: Single
  • He shoots and _: Misses

Phrase: Knowledge becomes evil if the aim be not virtuous.

Figgerits Level 19 Answers


  • A shopping event with reduced prices: Sale
  • The first episode in a TV series: Pilot
  • To spiral out of control: Tailspin
  • A mind’s whisper that is planting mysterious thoughts: Autosuggestion
  • Hoity-toity kind: Elitist
  • To stare greedily: Ogle
  • Tight pants: Leggings
  • Style of clock, but not digital: Analogue
  • In spite of, nevertheless: Notwithstanding
  • To have pleasent goose bumps: Tingle
  • To walk with little sound: Tiptoe
  • Metal paper binder: Staple
  • A concrete example of something abstract: Instantiation
  • Engine type: Diesel
  • An intense kind of glow: Shine
  • Sinners must _ for their sins: Atone
  • The process of liquid purification: Distillation

Phrase: Not in possessions and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul.

Figgerits Level 20 Answers


  • Another word for ” apartment”: Flat
  • (syn.) Portion, fragment: Part
  • American autumn: Fall
  • _ Fund, _ policy: Monetary
  • Legal power: Authority
  • A single try: Attempt
  • How _ you talk to me like that? Dare
  • Inspiring compassion: Piteous
  • Thick, gooey medicine: Ointment
  • Place to treat sick people: Hospital
  • To cut off wool: Shear
  • To show mercy or softer attitude: Relent
  • In a _, I was fired: Nutshell
  • _ non grata: Persona
  • (syn.) To desire, require: Want

Phrase: Pluto is not the only Dwarf Planet in the solar system.

Extra Figgerits Level – Extraordinary Jobs Answers


  • I got a _ over the knuckles for my behaviour: Rap
  • Everyone could _ his speech: Cite
  • Inflamation (syn.): Combustion
  • I saw a red _ (animal): Deer
  • To cry (syn.) Weep
  • The air in a _ is warmer than the air outside: Thunderhead
  • Where does a racer sit? Kart
  • I bet the _ on it: Farm
  • Political _, financial _: Malfeasance
  • Self-_: Aware
  • How to understand anything better? Parse
  • Antonym of reprehensible: Commendable
  • To curl (syn.): Crimp
  • An illegal way of making money: Racket
  • The withdrawal was _: Decremental

Phrase: Water slide testers check to see if the water slides in resorts, theme parks and hotels are both fun and safe.

Wrapping up

These would be all the answers for Level 11 to Level 20 of Figgerits. If you want more answers for the next 10 levels, I suggest you check this page often, as I will constantly update the solution for all levels.

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