Figgerits Answers: Level 21 to Level 30

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In this article, I’ll reveal the solutions to level 21 to level 30 Figgerits, with all the answers you need to finish each level.

Figgerits is a wonderful, tough, and incredibly popular word puzzle game that has left me puzzled more than a few times. I bet you’ve found yourself in a similar bind, which is why I’ve decided to step in and help.

If you need help with previous levels, check out Fingerits answers Level 11 to Level 20 article, to find all the solutions.

For now, keep scrolling to find the answers you’ve been looking for level 21 to level 30 Figgerits.

Figgerits Level 21 Answers


  • _ and square: Fair
  • Elevator in Britain: Lift
  • Money is the _ of all evil: Root
  • To silence, eliminate sound: Mute
  • Mass migration: Exodus
  • Quality of being honest: Frankness
  • Heavy downpour: Rainstorm
  • Make money or clothes clean: Launder
  • Happening yearly: Annual
  • I stopped in _ of the shop: Front
  • _ in distress: Damsel
  • Please take it as a _ of my gratitude: Token
  • Where you cannot see vampires: Mirror
  • We’ll have my favorite Chinese _ today! Takeout
  • To take to prison: Detain

Phrase: The sun takes about 25-35 Earth days to make a full rotation around its axis.

Figgerits Level 22 Answers


  • She _ down and crossed her legs: Sat
  • Web location: Site
  • Triangle or circle: Shape
  • Mass-planting trees where there were none before: Afforestation
  • Head protector: Helmet
  • Absolutely necessary: Essential
  • (adj.) When you arrive at the worst moment: Inopportunely
  • Inside the house: Interior
  • To emerge, pour from: Emanate
  • A huge type of house: Mansion
  • A belief in a thousand-year reign: Millenarianism
  • (syn.) Nice, affable: Pleasant
  • One million million: Trillion
  • Nourishing substance: Nutrient
  • An honest and direct quality: Forthrightness
  • Object, item: Thing

Phrase: Saturn is the lightest planet of the solar system.

Figgerits Level 23 Answers


  • The main object in a cinema: Screen
  • (syn.) Space: Room
  • She achieved success _ to her diligence: Due
  • A kind of door, entrance: Gateway
  • Quality of being scared of everything: Cowardice
  • Research center: Institute
  • (syn0 High-and-mighty, haughty: Snobby
  • To feel remorse: Regret
  • Guess based intuition: Hunch
  • (syn.) Shrewd, sharp: Astute
  • Something peculiar: Oddity
  • (syn.) To puzzle, bewilder: Confuse
  • To lose wight, he decides to _ sugar: Forgo
  • To flinch in pain: Wince
  • (syn.) Earnest, solemn: Serious

Phrase: This fashion was introduced by Wagner’s Costume Designer.

Figgerits Level 24 Answers


  • A night _: Out
  • Christmas comes _ once a year: But
  • Piece of wood to make the fire burn: Log
  • Musical or congruous: Harmonic
  • To remain faithful or attached: Adhere
  • Green gem: Emerald
  • To knit brows: Frown
  • To gather together: Assemble
  • (syn.) Lithe, supple, agile: Limber
  • _ change, moderate _: Climate
  • Cutting tool: Scissors
  • Someone who likes to take risks: Gambler
  • This is a _ of privacy! Breach
  • In big amounts, a _ of something: Lot
  • Don’t _ your chickens before they hatch: Count

Phrase: Charles Darwin was a member of the Cambridge Glutton Club.

Figgerits Level 25 Answers


  • Construction that provides water: Well
  • Portable computer: Laptop
  • Requisition for goods: Indent
  • Docile, complying with orders: Obedient
  • (adj.) Blaming each other: Recriminatory
  • Rural settlement: Village
  • Detailed statement: Report
  • Place for swine to live: Pigsty
  • Quality of being interested in trivial things: Pettiness
  • A state of bewilderement and confusion: Disconcertment
  • The moniker of Alexander: Great
  • (syn.) Shrewd, sharp-witted: Savvy
  • I’ll _ myself of the opportunity to thank you: Avail
  • Related to the study of body movement and its mechanics: Kinesiological
  • Item from a first-aid kit: Bandage

Phrase: Cleopatra was Greek, not Egyptian, as many people tend to believe.

Figgerits Level 26 Answers


  • To give a guarantee, promise: Assure
  • Bad sign: Omen
  • Seed that looks like a brain: Walnut
  • To condemn, speak against: Denounce
  • Don’t worry, I’m _ in English: Fluent
  • Paper that promises a discount: Voucher
  • Bad intentions: Malice
  • (syn.) For the reason that: Because
  • (plural) Conjecture, estimation: Guesses
  • _ activity, _ eruption, _ island: Volcanic
  • Accurate, based on reality: Factual
  • Shot to give immunity: Vaccine
  • River mouth, Greek letter: Delta

Phrase: Human race would fit into a volume of a sugar cube.

Figgerits Level 27 Answers


  • (syn.) To heal: Cure
  • (plural) Target, goal: Aims
  • Item of furniture to sit in: Chair
  • To attack with questions: Bombard
  • Eusocial wasp: Hornet
  • To mentain that something is true: Affirm
  • To break into pieces: Shatter
  • Goo, slimy mud: Ooze
  • Skilled craftsman: Artisan
  • Julius Caesar never became one: Emperor
  • He brought all _ of sweets: Sorts
  • Someone learning to do a new job: Trainee
  • Hostage money: Ransom
  • Someone renting a property: Tenant

Phrase: In South America, there are tribes deep in the Amazonian rain forests.

Figgerits Level 28 Answers


  • The sky is the _! Limit
  • 3 _ 3 is 9: Times
  • To cuddle cutely: Snuggle
  • To travel around the entirety of something: Circumnavigate
  • Outer garment from South America: Poncho
  • Book genre: Romance
  • (3rd person) To lean against something: Inclines
  • Overwhelming in strentgh: Overpowering
  • Put it on before going out in the sun: Sunscreen
  • (syn.) Repulsive, morbid: Gruesome
  • (3rd person) To rework text: Edits
  • This person does not tolerate people: Misanthropist
  • One portion of food: Helping
  • (syn.) Nimble, graceful: Agile

Phrase: There is a compound called Geosmin which gives rain its distinct smell.

Figgerits Level 29 Answers


  • Sister in church: Nun
  • (syn.) Waste, rubish: Litter
  • Entrance to a room: Doorway
  • To balance precariously: Teeter
  • To smell something: Sniff
  • Famus Swiss tune: Yodel
  • Having no money: Penniless
  • Quality of being rudely direct: Bluntness
  • Title of a cardinal: Eminence
  • Words consist of _: Syllables
  • Disgraced or dishonored: Shamed
  • To produce liquid that slowly escapes: Exude
  • (biology) Dogs, foxes, wolves: Canines
  • Quality of being firm and steady: Solidity
  • To dispel any doubts: Assure

Phrase: Deus Ex Machina is an old trope, fairly often used by bad writers.

Figgerits Level 30 Answers


  • A pilot with cool sunglasses: Aviator
  • What makes people cry in the kitchen: Onion
  • A Greek letter: Iota
  • To lose water: Dehydrate
  • Bringing people apart: Divisive
  • To fetch something back: Retrieve
  • Process of sticking together: Adhesion
  • Hard blemish: Wart
  • Substitute for sugar: Sweetener
  • Sounding rough and harsh: Hoarse
  • Where there is light, there is _: Shadow
  • Type of sausage: Wiener
  • (3rd person) To keep in custody: Detains
  • To accelerate: Rev
  • To calm or to bring comfort: Soothe

Phrase: What is easy? To advise another.

Extra Figgerits Level – Unusual Families Answers


  • Sleepy state: Doze
  • A low-alcohol drink obtained by apple juice fermentation: Cider
  • Fraudulent appropriation of funds: Defalcation
  • You must lose a fly to catch a _: Trout
  • I heard you _ with your wife, and I feel sorry for you: Split
  • Antonym of superior: Subordinate
  • A noisy gathering of people: Gaggle
  • (syn.) Fenny: Marshy
  • A diseas that causes hoarse voice: Laryngitis
  • To punish by a fine: Amerce
  • A chest for storing valuables and money: Coffer
  • A passenger of crowded public transport: Straphanger
  • A religious confraternity: Sodality
  • A road part intended only for bicycles movement: Cycleway
  • A person that brings something to perfection: Consummator

Phrase: Despite being absilutely bizzare, this marriage actually intended to draw attention to the problem of illegal logging.

Extra Figgerits Level – World Records Answers


  • Dentist’s tool: Bur
  • Can be found in a cave: But
  • _ theater: Vaudeville
  • The patient is in a deep: Coma
  • It truly sticks in my _: Craw
  • Swordtail or molly, for example: Livebearer
  • What do you catch a baseball with? Mitt
  • Explorer on Mars: Rover
  • What is a small piece of information called? Subsection
  • Measles or roseola, for example: Virus
  • Friendship (syn.): Amity
  • There’s a _ board game with some salami and cheese: Charcuterie
  • What fits in any shape but slips through fingers? Water
  • The police should _ us about the case: Notify
  • Antonym of satisfaction: Disaffection

Phrase: A man held his breath underwater for twenty – four minutes and thirty – seven seconds.

Wrapping up

These would be all the answers for Level 21 to Level 30 of Figgerits. If you want more answers for the next 10 levels, I suggest you check this Figgerits Answers: Level 31 to Level 40. I will constantly update the solution for all levels as I play.

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