Boxes – Lost Fragments Walkthrough Chapter 2

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Follow this walkthrough to get all the answers you need to solve and open all the boxes in Boxes – Lost Fragments Chapter 2.

As a famous thief, your task takes you to a big and fancy house. Inside, you discover some puzzle boxes with a mysterious purpose. What was supposed to be a fast job slowly becomes a tough fight to escape.

You can find Boxes – Lost Fragments on Steam and you can also download it on your phone on Boxes – Lost Fragments from Google Play or Boxes – Lost Fragments from Apple Store.

I’ll jump right into the game when things become a bit harder and you’re left to solve them on your own. The game has a cool design and the puzzles are very fun to solve.

Boxes – Lost Fragments Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Boxes Lost Fragments Chapter 2 Walkthrough
  • Go through the archway to solve your first box in this new chapter.
Boxes Lost Fragments Chapter 2 Walkthrough 1st Box
  • On one of the sides, there’s a glass case where you’ll find a screwdriver and some glasses.
  • Unscrew the right optical lens to take it.
  • Get a closer look at the face on the box, and turn the top of its head to reveal a green button.
  • Press that to open the box and solve the gear puzzle behind it by turning the three pieces:
    • bottom gear 1 time turn – right gear 2 times – left gear 2 time
  • When the top part opens up you can put the lens on top of the device.
  • Go to the other side of the box and open the 2 clips moving them up, then the two pins on the side, and lastly the last lock, pull it down.
  • Use the screwdriver to open the two bolts and take the broken mechanism.
  • Put it under the lenses and look through zooming in as much as you can by turning the lens around.
  • You need to move the pieces inside the mechanism so that the 4 blue lightbulbs get to their own place to get a fixed mechanism.
  • Go to the other glass case and look at the foot of the box underneath.
  • Turn it until you find a blue nub to pull on it.
  • The case will open and you need to clear the items to turn on the switch.
  • The shelves will turn around and you need to look at the square on the left.
  • Underneath there’s a rectangle you need to slide to the left to open and get to the red button.
  • Move the little magnet until all lights are green.
  • Then find another spot for the next level.
Boxes Lost Fragments Chapter 2 Walkthrough 1sr Box Magnet puzzle
  • Pull on the lever and now that a plug is revealed, drag it to the device where the hand is.
  • Now switch the 4 buttons in this order:
    • 1st – 2nd – 4th
  • You’ll have the hand open and get the electric key.
  • Now you’ll move over to the second box.
Boxes Lost Fragments Chapter 2 Walkthrough 2nd Box
  • On one side there’s a space in the table you can open and get a battery.
  • To the left of the globe, there’s a drawer in the table.
  • Get the globe and open it to get an intricate mechanism.
  • Rotate the sides of the drawers so you can open the little doors apart.
  • Put the battery here and play the mini-game by matching all the colored lights.
  • Now press the green button and take the metal lever.
  • Look on this side of the box, pull the nub on the circle, and rotate it out to get to the tool.
  • Remove the glass cap above and insert the metal lever.
  • Pull it all the way to the other side and insert the intricate mechanism in that place.
  • Turn it around to fit the symbols on the side and press the green button.
  • Use the tool on the cross screws on each side.
  • Slide the top parts open to get to the key.
  • Take it to one of the sides where you need to turn the circles so the lines aligns to open it.
  • Insert the key there and take the mechanism part.
  • Go on the opposite side and put the part here.
  • Take the mechanical sphere and get ready for the next box.
Boxes Lost Fragments Chapter 2 Walkthrough 3rd Box
  • Pull down the left side and take the valve.
  • Pull down the right side and take the ornament.
  • Look at the back of the box and put the ornament in the missing spot.
  • Take the mechanical item and use it at the top of the box.
  • Take a closer look at it and open it up pulling on the blue nub.
  • Use this on the top of the box to open it.
  • Move the 3 wheels to find the 2 holes on each, so you can pull the lever down.
  • Put the valve on the red spot and take the wrench.
  • Use the wrench on the bolt on the red motor on the side of the box.
  • Solve the puzzle by pressing the buttons to align the pipes of the same colors as the lights above.
  • Take note of all three arrows on the pressure gauges.
    • 5 o’clock – 1 o’clock – 11 o’clock
  • Go to where you put the red valve and move the pressure arrows in the right position:
    • 100 – 60 – 40
  • Pull down the lever on the other side of the box.
  • Open the back of the box and aim for the hole inside to pick up the gears with the little mechanical hand.
  • Take the mechanical console and get ready for the next box.
Boxes Lost Fragments Chapter 2 Walkthrough 4th Box
  • Move closer to the front of the box and turn the circles so that the blue lines align with the other symbols.
Boxes Lost Fragments Chapter 2 Walkthrough 4th Box electric symbols
  • Now go to the top and turn the two sides to reveal the hexagon in the middle.
  • Take the bulb and go to the side of the box where the lightbulbs are.
  • Turn it until you find the missing spot and put the bulb there.
  • Next to the opposite side from the lightbulbs, on the side, there are two nubs you need to pull down to open and connect to the + and signs.
  • Now that all three symbols lit up, pull on the nub from left to right.
  • Solve the puzzle by putting the right symbols in the right place.
  • Look on the side of the glowing globe and take the fuse.
  • Put it in the missing spot on the side of the box.
  • Now take the electric plug next to the glowing globe on the other side from where you found the fuse.
  • Now go on the other side of the box, there’s a hidden button on the side next to the 4 levers.
  • Move it and pull the nub down to turn over the panel.
  • Turn it back to be able to move the 4 levers:
    • 1st – 2 down (from top to bottom)
    • 2nd – all the way down
    • 3rd – 1 down
    • 4th – 2 down
  • Open the electric plug and put it in the opened spot and pull on the lever on the right to pin it in.
  • Take the power source and get ready to finish this chapter.
  • On one side of the room, where the huge round door is, you’ll be able to fit the mechanical sphere.
  • Press the button to see the symbols on the screen:
    • bulb – gear
      fan – plug
  • To the right side of you, there’s a place where you can put the electrical key.
  • Turn the symbols to fit the clue you found just now.
  • Next to this, to the right, there’s a place where you can put the power source in.
  • Put the mechanical console behind you and push the buttons below to put the yellow and blue lights in the same order as the bulbs above.
  • After the big fuse connects with the big gear, you can go to where you put the power source and pull on the lever.
  • Move the pieces to the side to find the token.
  • Go with it at the table to put it there and advance to the 3rd chapter.

Check out my video walkthrough of Boxes – Lost Fragments Chapter 2:

Wrapping up

Come back soon, as I’ll have more walkthrough articles published, covering the other chapters in the series.

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