Lost Lands 9 Walkthrough Chapter 1 – Unchildlike Mischief [Task 1 and 2]

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Here we are again with another walkthrough for their newest game Lost Lands 9, starting with all the answers you need for Chapter 1: Unchildlike Mischief, in the first two tasks.

Lost Lands: Stories of the First Brotherhood is a hidden objects adventure game with plenty of mini-games and puzzles, unforgettable characters, and complicated quests.

I’m eager to play and help you with the clues you need to finish all the tasks and chapters, and eventually the game. Follow the walkthrough for Lost Lands 9 below.

Lost Land 9 Chapter 1 Unchildlike Mischief Walkthrough

While young Folnur was skipping his school in abandoned dungeons, he found and opened an ancient sarcophagus. This is how the adventure began...

Task 1 – Boy’s Shelter

Skip school in the canyon shelter.

Lost Lands 9 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Task 1 Start
  • In the water through, you’ll find an iron flower.
  • At the campsite, you’ll find a manuscript.
  • On the road arrows, there’s a screwdriver shaft and a stick leaning on them.
  • Throw the stick at the bee hive.
  • They will make the boar run away so you can get through the path.
Lost Lands 9 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Task 1 Way to the shelter
  • In the grass by the tree trunk there’s an ascender.
  • Remove the brushwood from the edge of the pit.
  • There’s a wooden honeycomb next to the sculpture.
  • And another piece of wooden honeycomb on the mountainside by the glowing red gems.
  • The last wooden honeycomb is in the cars by the tree trunk.
  • Move the pile of rocks aside to find your box and add the 3 wooden honeycombs to solve the puzzle.
  • Fill in the field completely by tapping on the tokens and then on the wholes to fill them.
Lost Lands 9 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Task 1 Honeycomb puzzle
  • Take the shelter key and the roll of rope.
  • Tie the rope on the tree trunk.
  • Throw it down over the edge and use the ascender to go down the rope safely.
Lost Lands 9 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Task 1 Shelter
  • Check out the body and take the traveler’s key.
  • In the mouth of the statue head on the right, there’s a puzzle you need to solve.
  • Move the snakes so there’s only one head per column.
Lost Lands 9 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Task 1 Snake puzzle
  • You find a note telling you where the other shelter key is.
  • You can take the screwdriver handle from under the note and put the shaft and the handle together.
  • You can go to school now.

Task 2 – Re-hidden Key

Got to schoolyard to find the second key to the shelter.

  • As you pass by the camp site use the traveler’s key to unlock his bag.
  • Take the flint and find a very fatty piece of meat.
Lost Lands 9 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Task 1 Schoolyard
  • In the empty fountain, there’s another iron flower.
  • Use the screwdriver to take the lion mask off the school’s door.
  • But he’s caught and is given the task of repairing the fountain after he is given the barn key.
  • Use it to go inside and find all 15 pipeline parts.
Lost Lands 9 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Task 1 Barn Hidden Pipes
  • You can put the pipes to the fountain and fix it to get to your key right on top of it.
  • Restore the pipelines by making a continuous pipe from start to end.
  • There are three levels in this mini-game.
  • Solve all the pipe puzzles to reach your key.
  • Use the screwdriver to open the drain and take the second shelter key.
  • Go back to the shelter and add both shelter keys to the door.
  • Now you’ll be able to complete the first task and enter the shelter.

Wrapping up

The game starts off easy, lets us get used to the mechanics, and helps some of us remember how fun Lost Lands games are.

If you want to stick around, check out more articles with walkthroughs for Lost Lands 9 Stories of the First Brotherhood.

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