Lost Lands 9 Walkthrough Chapter 1 – Unchildlike Mischief [Task 3]

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Here’s another walkthrough for their newest game Lost Lands 9, starting with all the answers you need for Task 3 in Chapter 1: Unchildlike Mischief.

Lost Lands: Stories of the First Brotherhood is a hidden objects adventure game with plenty of mini-games and puzzles, unforgettable characters, and complicated quests.

I want to keep playing and help you with the clues you need to finish all the tasks and chapters, and eventually the game. Follow the walkthrough for Lost Lands 9 below for Task 3 of Chapter 1.

Lost Land 9 Chapter 1 Unchildlike Mischief Walkthrough

While young Folnur was skipping his school in abandoned dungeons, he found and opened an ancient sarcophagus. This is how the adventure began...

Task 3 – Experiment

Finish a new device and conduct an experiment.

Lost Lands 9 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Task 3 Shelter Device
  • Check the table in the front and take the toolset key and the last iron flower.
  • On the table, there’s a book with clues that you’ll need later.
  • Under the book, there’s a note about Elemental Connector and you need to remember the gemstones.
    • Fucorite – turquoise
    • Palerite – blue
    • Sotrinium – red
    • Jeconium – purple
    • Titridium – yellow
    • Veconium – green
  • Use the toolset key on the chest on the ground.
  • Look at the manuscript about the Bogro Estate.
  • Take the hammer and the gear transmitter.
  • Use the hammer to take a piece fucorite nugget (1/4) from the wall.
  • Go out and look at the blue gems next to the statue’s head.
  • Use the hammer to take one palerite nugget (2/4)
  • Go back to the cliff and look at the red gems on the left.
  • Use the hammer to take a sotrinium nugget (3/4) from here.
  • Go back to the campsite and look at the hut-shaped decoration next to the camp.
  • Put each iron flower in its place so you can take the last jeconium nugget (4/4)
  • Go to the shelter and put all the nuggets next to the yellow one on the floor.
  • Pick the round stone and the red band and fix the cutting machine.
  • Add the gear transmitter to it and solve the puzzle.
  • Move the pieces that have gears on, over the groves that have gears on.
    • The big ones, left and right.
    • The smaller ones, up and down.
  • Now that you fixed it you need to find something to lubricate it.
  • Go to the campsite and take the fat meat and put it in the pot.
  • Go to the cliff and take the brushwood there.
  • Put it under the pot, then go to the shelter’s entrance and take the flask with alcohol.
  • Go to the campsite, pour alcohol over the wood, and use the flint to set it on fire.
  • Take the empty cup from the blanket and pour the grease in it.
  • Now you can go back to the shelter to lubricate your axel with the fat.
  • Put the nuggets on to turn them into the crystal shape you want.
  • Go over to the device on the table and put the crystals there to finish your task.

Wrapping up

The games is more and more captivating, reminding us how fun Lost Lands games are, and how thick the plot is.

If you want to stick around, check out more articles with walkthroughs for Lost Lands 9 Stories of the First Brotherhood.

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