Longleaf Valley – How to Get More Energy

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Here are a few tips and tricks on how to get more energy in Longleaf Valley that you need to know if you want to play longer and have fun.

Longleaf Valley is a merging game that plants actual trees in the real world. The more you play the more trees you plant.

Now and then there’s an event going on, pushing you to do different tasks or go on the leaderboard, and earn different rewards depending on how fast and how many tasks you can do.

But every time you click on an item generator it takes 1 energy point for each. The energy bar can go up to 200 on itself, but as soon as you pass that threshold, which you can, the timer stops.

How to Get More Energy in Longleaf Valley

Here is how to go over the threshold and always have the energy to play as much as you want. Follow the tips below.

Go to the Shop

Longleaf Valley Shop Energy

This is the easy way. You can buy 200 energy with 30 gold coins or watch videos to get 25 energy per video. You can watch 6 videos per day, so that’s 150 energy more.

Gather Energy Chests

Longleaf Valley Energy Generators

Whenever you are rewarded an energy chest like the ones in the photo, it’s best you save them up first, then do this trick to gather as much as you can from them.

Before merging 2 of the same level energy chests, tap on each as follows, then merge:

  • Tap Level 1 Energy Chest 3 times to get 3 random energy bundles.
  • Tap Level 2 Energy Chest 4 times to get 4 random energy bundles.
  • Tap Level 3 Energy Chest 5 times to get 5 random energy bundles.

The Level 4 Energy chest is maxed out so you can save it and use whenever you need extra energy.

The reason you tap only 3-4-5 times and then merge them is because once merged the number of energy bundles generated is reset and you can get more energy in this way.

If you tap them even one more time, they vanish and you won’t have two of the same level energy chests to merge.

The biggest energy generator is of course the Level 4 Energy chest, but it needs work and patience to get to it, draining as much energy as you can along the way.

Merge Energy Bundles

Longleaf Valley Energy Bundles

There are 5 levels of Energy bundles and each one gives more energy than the previous one. So instead of gathering the energy points on the spot, it’s best you merge them and I’ll show you how much each level gives you:

  • Level 1 Energy – 2 energy points
  • Level 2 Energy – 5 energy points
  • Level 3 Energy – 15 energy points
  • Level 4 Energy – 40 energy points
  • Level 5 Energy – 100 energy points

Wrapping up

This is a relaxing way to spend your time playing a merge game like Longleaf Valley, and it will help you to feel extra good about yourself when you see that the trees you help plant are real.

Here’s more info about TreesPleaseGames.com, the charity they are working with, and how playing their game helps them plant real trees.

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