Longleaf Valley – How to Get More Leaves for Golden Leaf Cup

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I’m here to give you a few tips and tricks you should know if you want to be higher on the Golden Leaf Cup leaderboard event in Longleaf Valley.

Longleaf Valley is a merging game that plants actual trees in the real world. The more you play the more trees you plant.

Now and then there’s an event going on, pushing you to do different tasks or go on the leaderboard, and earn different rewards depending on how fast and how many tasks you can do.

Right now I’ll tell you a few tips and tricks to gather more leaves for the Golden Leaf Cup. This event asks you to gather as many leaves as you can. Here is how to be more efficient.

Do the Regular Tasks that Give You Leaf Rewards

Longleaf Valley Tasks

Each task has its own leaf reward based on how difficult it is to get. I’ve noticed that players keep to their own level in these leaderboards, so you don’t need to stress that your tasks don’t give you as many rewards as I get.

Complete the tasks and getting rewards can be tough sometimes, so it’s best you focus on one at a time and use your energy wisely.

I’ll give you a few pointers on how to get more energy in Longleaf Valley, so you don’t run out trying to complete these tasks.

Save-Up Lonely Leaves to Merge

Longleaf Valley Leaves

For the Golden Leaf Cup, it is required to get as many leaves as possible. So when certain merges give you a flying leaf you might be tempted to sell it (or double-click) and take the reward.

Don’t do that. Save them and merge them till they reach the Max level, which is a bundle of 5 leaves. I’ll explain why below, based on the picture above:

  • 1 leaf gives 1 leaf
  • 2 leaves give 3 leaves
  • 3 leaves give 7 leaves
  • 4 leaves give 15 leaves
  • 5 MAX gives 32

This is how many leaves it takes to make all that, but we’ll assume you collect them before merging: 1+1+(1+1)+(1+1+1+1)+(1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1)=16

So you see why it’s best you merge them before collecting. But that doesn’t apply to regular items.

Create Items from Your Campsite Generator and Sell Them

Longleaf Valley Campsite

Do not merge them. This is very important. Unlike the leaves that give more when merged, these actually give less.

Besides the very first one, the gloves, that give 0 leaves if you sell them, and it’s best you merge them, everything else gives less from merging.

  • Gardening fork: 1 leaf
  • Trowel: 2 leaves
  • Secateurs: 3 leaves
  • Pruning saw: 4 leaves
  • Shears: 5 leaves
  • Broom: 6 leaves
  • Etc.
  • Bug spray: 1 leaf
  • Rope: 2 leaves
  • Compass: 3 leaves
  • Torch: 4 leaves
  • Etc.

So you can see, that merging two trowels to get a secateurs, should only be done if you need a higher level item from the camping site, not to sell for the leaves rewards.

My advice is to keep generating camping items (because the camping site never needs a cooling time like other generators) and sell them right away.

As long as your energy is full and keep using it on this, you’ll have hundreds of leaves in just a few minutes.

Wrapping up

This is a relaxing way to spend your time playing a merge game like Longleaf Valley, and it will help you to feel extra good about yourself when you see that the trees you help plant are real.

Here’s more info about TreesPleaseGames.com, the charity they are working with, and how playing their game helps them plant real trees.

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