Legendary Tales 3 Walkthrough – Chapter 1 – 6th and 7th Task

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Check out this walkthrough for our mystery game Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 1 Egil and the Disease 6th and 7th Task – Go to the Island and Help the Elderly Woman. This will help you solve all the mysteries.

Here you’ll find all the answers for all the mini-games and puzzles, within this adventure game. Discover stories, unforgettable characters, and complicated quests, as you explore the magic world and its forgotten secrets.

Follow closely the walkthrough for Egil and the Disease Chapter 1 of Legendary Tales 3, and you’ll be able to immerse yourself in this magical fairytale.

Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 1 Egil and the Disease Walkthrough

Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 1 Task 6 - Pond Tree
  • There’s a tree at the pond where you can use the ladder the witch gave you.

Task 6 – Go to the Island

I saw where I needed to go – the Stayrs asked the Fertility Goddess for help using the statue on the island.

Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 1 Task 6 - Go to the Island
  • Look at the broken boat on the shore and break the bottom with the hammer.
  • You’ll find a disk.
  • Go over to the boat on the water, make the mechanism turn so you find a chip with a square.
  • You can use the hammer to free the boat and go find some oars.
  • Move along the path to reach the house.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 1 Task 6 - House by the lake
  • In the grass to the right, there’s a fishing net.
  • Check out the broken ladder and get the chip with a line from the porch.
  • Look at the door of the house and take the s-hook hanging.
  • Go back to the hut on the lake and get a closer look at the door.
  • Put the s-hook at the end of the chain in front of the door.
  • Now get the hook on the door’s handle.
  • Go to the wheel and turn it so it opens the door for you.
  • Enter so you start the hidden object game.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 1 Task 6 - Inside Hut
  • Use the spear (1) to pry open the crate and get the tweezers (2) from inside and wire cutters (3).
  • Move the cloth and look inside the bag behind it, you’ll find a stencil (4)
  • Use the wire cutters (3) to cut the cage and take the key (5)
  • Use the tweezers (2) to get the note (6) stuck in the crate.
  • Go to the red box on the left, put the note on the table and the stencil on it.
  • Enter the code 451 and take the oiler (7) and weights (8) from inside.
  • Put the weights on the fishing net (9) at the window to take it.
  • Use the oiler on the lock of the trap door.
  • Then use the net to gather the bottle and find the other key (10)
  • Match the right key with the right lock at the big crate to open it.
  • Move the items aside to find the oars.
  • Now that you’re outside, use the fishing net to get the small box floating in the water.
  • Press the sides and you’ll find a part of the picture.
  • Put the oars on the boat, it will flip over and show you 4 symbols you need to remember.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 1 Task 6 - Boat Symbols
  • Go back to the house at the end of the path and talk with the old lady.
  • She says she can make you a potion if you help her with her chimney.
  • A totem pole next to the house is where you can put your disk and start the minigame (following the symbols on the boat)
    • green left – red up – blue right – yellow down
  • You’ll get a key crank that opens the storage hut next to the house.
  • Take boards from inside.
  • You can enter her home now to look around.

Task 7 – Help the Elderly Woman

The elderly woman that lives nearby promised to prepare a potion for me to deal with the Water Spirit in exchange for my help.

Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 1 Task 6 - Inside Home
  • Take the fire iron and look at the spinning wheel.
  • Use the knife to get the chip with a triangle from it.
  • There’s a painting on the wall that needs its puzzle solved after you put the puzzle part.
  • Swap the pieces around to restore the image.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 1 Task 6 - Painting
  • The painting will move and you’ll find a handle.
  • Open the drawer on the left by using the handle.
  • Take the chip with a dot and use all chips on the crate to the right.
  • Now there’s another minigame you have to solve inside the crate.
  • Guide the silver and gold tokens to their corresponding slots.
  • Get the nails from inside and a stone disk.
  • Go outside and to the broken ladder.
  • Use the boards, then add the nails, and use the hammer to fix it.
  • Go up to the chimney and use the fire iron to get the bundle from there.
  • She’ll give you a list of herbs she needs for the potion.
  • Use the knife to open up the bundle.
  • You’ll find a note about the Diadem of the Fertility Goddess and the Diadem.
  • Go to the back of the house and put the list of herbs in the garden there.
  • Gather the plants:
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 1 Task 6 - List of Herbs
  • Some of them are hidden behind big leaves.
  • Go with the plants inside and she’ll send you underground for more mushrooms.
  • Put the stone disk into the decoration to the right and solve the minigame by combining two blue tokens to make the yellow symbol.
  • Here you’ll find the mushroom you are looking for.
  • Take the bowl and collect ghost mushroom slime.
  • Go give it to the old lady and watch her drink the potion.
  • You’ll hide from her but you still need to get out and reach the island.
  • Look inside the crate where something is glowing.
  • Find the 15 hidden items after you shake the two green glowing jars.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 1 Task 7 - Hidden objects crate
  • Follow the white circles to get the ring, and choose the purple stone for it.
  • Put all the test tubes (purple circles) in the set of test tubes.
  • Move the hat to get the scroll, and use the brush (green circle) to clean the mirror and find the bow now that the hat is in front of it.
  • Take the chip (black circle) and put it in the drawer to open it.
  • There are scissors, a glove, and a bag of coins, one has an eagle on it.
  • Put all the moons (yellow circles) on the box and get the round item from inside.
  • Put it on the lid of the crate and play the minigame.
  • Follow the same colors and press on the three that match without any mistakes.
  • Here you’ll find the matches.
  • Use them to light the candles in the room.
  • Take the hacksaw from the table and use it to cut off pieces of the chandelier.
  • Put the metal piece in the vise and use the hammer to make a crowbar.
  • Use it on the planks to make an exit for yourself through the maze.
  • Go right first, then straight, till you reach a dead end.
  • Check the broken vase on the ground and you’ll find a key.
  • Go back (use the arrow) twice, to where you started, then go left now.
  • Use the key to open the door and go through.
  • Put the wood on the pickaxe head and take it.
  • Go back to the door you opened and then straight ahead.
  • Use the pickaxe to break the wall of rocks and go through.
  • Here you’ll find a small pond and get a lever.
  • Go back to the wall you broke through and then left.
  • Put the lever in the wall and pull.
  • The gates will open and you will find a bone.
  • Go back and pull the lever back up to go left.
  • Use the bone to move the rock and make your way through the fence.
  • Go left pull on the rope and take it.
  • Go back and right to find a way out through the ceiling.
  • Use the rope to escape and you’ll find yourself on the Island you wanted to go to.

Follow my video walkthrough of the maze to make sure you don’t get lost.

Wrapping up

The story is intriguing and gives you lots of plots to keep you curious and you’ll want to discover more of this magical world.

Follow my lead on this adventure, and I’ll help you discover all the secrets and solve all the mysteries. Check out Legendary Tales 3 Walkthrough Chapter 1 – 8th and 9th Task.

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