Legendary Tales 3 Walkthrough – Chapter 1 – 8th and 9th Task

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Check out this walkthrough for our mystery game Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 1 Egil and the Disease 8th and 9th tasks – Summon the Goddess and Perform the Seed Ritual. This will help you solve all the mysteries.

Here you’ll find all the answers for all the mini-games and puzzles, within this adventure game. Discover stories, unforgettable characters, and complicated quests, as you explore the magic world and its forgotten secrets.

Follow closely the walkthrough for Egil and the Disease Chapter 1 of Legendary Tales 3, and you’ll be able to immerse yourself in this magical fairytale.

Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 1 Egil and the Disease Walkthrough

Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 1 Task 8

Task 8 – Summon the Goddess

The Fertility Goddess will help me solve the settlement’s problem. I need to figure out how to summon her.

  • First you need to block the tunnel so the monster doesn’t get out.
  • Push the big boulder over the exit to the tunnel.
  • There’s a book on the right on the ground.
  • Go to the boat and take the hand net.
  • There’s a hole to the left of the stone circle and you can use the hand net to reach the bag.
  • Open it and get the crystal.
  • Look at the statues and put the books in the hands of the one facing you.
  • Now turn the parts around so the statue is reformed to its original form.
  • Put the diadem on the head of the goddess statue.

Task 9 – Perform the Seed Ritual

I need to perform a ritual with the seeds of the Tree of Life to heal my fellow villagers. The Fertility Goddess will complete her part afterward.

  • Give the Goddess the crystal and she’ll enchant it so when you take it back you’ll be protected from the water spirit.
  • You need to go around the map to find those seeds.
  • First stop: Witch Forest – the ruins
    • Use the net to get a seed (1/7) from the hole.
  • Second stop: Mountains – Tent in the top left corner
    • Get inside the tent and grab another seed (2/7)
    • Go inside the cave on the right and grab another seed (3/7)
  • Third stop: Mountains – Middle bottom cave
    • Next to the mirror on the right there’s another seed (4/7)
    • To the left of the statue, deeper inside the cave where the altar is, you’ll find another seed (5/7)on the right where you once found a dagger.
  • Fourth stop: Land of Fertility – Docks by the lake
    • Look inside the turned-over boat by the lake and get that seed (6/7) from inside.
    • Go along the road to the witch’s house and check out the totem right ahead to find your last seed (7/8)
  • Go to the Goddess and put the seeds in the middle of the rock circle.
  • The Goddess will make you a druid to save the people from the disease.
  • Go to the stones and look at the symbols shown there.
  • Switch the stone parts to only match two symbols from the glowing set in the middle.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 1 Task 8 - Runes

Wrapping up

This was the last walkthrough for Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 1. I might start soon on Chapter 2 Little Red Riding Hood, so stay tuned.

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