Aurora Hills Chapter 1 Walkthrough

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This is the walkthrough you were looking for Aurora Hills Chapter 1. Everything you need to solve the puzzles and get the answers you are looking for to finish the game is here.

Play as Ethan Hill, a park ranger detective investigating the unsolved mystery of the Aurora Hills disappearances. Solve puzzles and enigmas in this new point-and-click, hidden object, escape room style puzzle adventure game.

Aurora Hills Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Aurora Hills Chapter 1 Walkthrough Bedroom

Check out the ! in the top left corner to see your tasks:

Task – Get ready for work

  • Car keys
  • Ranger uniform
  • Camera
  • Photo album
  • A bite to eat
  • Check the desk and here’s where you’ll find the camera.
  • Get out the door in the hallway and to the bathroom (the open door on the right)
Aurora Hills Chapter 1 Walkthrough Bathroom
  • Hanging on the shower curtain it’s your ranger unifor.
  • Now go back and downstairs.
Aurora Hills Chapter 1 Walkthrough Livingroom
  • On the right, tap on the couch and get the seat cushion to the side to get the car keys.
  • On the left, to the kitchen, you’ll find an energy bar on the table.
Aurora Hills Chapter 1 Walkthrough Kitchen
  • Go towards the exit and look in the storage closet on the right to find your photo album.
  • Now you can go outside and to your car.
Aurora Hills Chapter 1 Walkthrough Outside
  • Use the key to unlock the door of the car and get to work.
Aurora Hills Chapter 1 Walkthrough Rangers
  • Go inside the cabin and check the ! in the corner to see what your tasks are.
Aurora Hills Chapter 1 Walkthrough Rangers inside

Task – Make coffee

  • Coffee
  • Coffee pot
  • There’s a door to the far left that you can open and take the coffee pot sitting on the desk.
  • Go back to the main area and check the desk on the left.
  • Open the red pencil case and grab the tweezers.
  • Now go to the right of the main area, and through the open wall.
  • Check the cupboard above the left desk here and take the coffee.
  • Go to the coffee machine on the other desk and open the top lid.
  • Put some coffee in, put the coffee pot on, and turn it on.
  • The fax machine starts beeping and together they power surge the fuses.
  • Go back out of this room and check the astrology map glowing on the wall.
  • Remember the symbols.
Aurora Hills Chapter 1 Walkthrough Astrology chart
  • Go to the first office you’ve been in, where you found the coffee pot.
  • Look at the cabinet here, check out the lock and the zodiac signs, and pull the middle in this order:
    • Towards 2 – 3 – 7 – 12 – 5 (if we look at it like we would look at a clock)
  • Take the flashlight and the hairpin from inside, and remember the chart (take a picture of it).
  • Go to the main area, at the door near the window, use the tweezers to get the broken key from the lock, and use the hairpin to unlock it.
    • First goes twice up
    • Second all the way up.
    • Third goes once.
    • Fourth goes all the way up.
    • Fifth goes three times up.
  • Go through the doors and look on the right wall.
  • You’ll find a piece of screwdriver and a drawing on it.
  • The question mark is the answer you need for the desk outside this room.
  • Press the right pattern on the buttons to open the drawer.
Aurora Hills Chapter 1 Walkthrough Desk lock
  • Inside you’ll find the other part of a screwdriver and a tubular key.
  • Go back to the electric panel and use the tubular key to open it.
  • Take the faulty fuse and go outside at the telephone booth.
  • It’s on the right, under the shack.
  • Press the tool symbol above your inventory and put the two pieces of screwdriver together.
  • Unscrew the electric panel on the phone and take the fuse here.
  • Go put the fuse in the electric panel to make it work.
Aurora Hills Chapter 1 Walkthrough Fuses Puzzle
  • Now go down the stairs and to the panel on the left.
  • Open it with the screwdriver and move the tubes so it is a complete system.
Aurora Hills Chapter 1 Walkthrough Electric system
  • Now you can open the door and enter the basement.
  • Look at the desk and take a photo of the missing person report.
  • Do the same with all the other reports you found:
    • The desk on the right as you go back up.
    • The board on the left, on the opposite side of the desk.
    • Photo on the board in the office on the left.
    • On the desk next to the coffee machine.
    • Poster on the pole next to the phone booth.
  • Restart the fax machine to see the message you were meant to receive.

Task – Meet up with Jen

  • Now go back to the basement and look at the safe and the red symbols above the code.
  • Look at the board and move the pictures so it matches the location they disappeared from.
    • Linda – Hayven River bridge
    • Marvin – Stafford Farms
    • Harrisson – Aurora Hills
    • Clara – National Park, between Painmont Ridge and Matapon Pass
    • Qadir – Sawmill
    • Patrick – Aurora Hills National Park, above the Park Visitor Center
  • Now go to the safe and write in the numbers for each shape:
    • Lines: 13
    • Triangles: 4
    • Trapezium: 2
  • Take the keys to the ranger truck that Jen mentioned.
  • Go outside and use the keys on the truck to meet Jen.
Aurora Hills Chapter 1 Walkthrough Jen
  • Check out the map on the left, next to the trail that leads to the forest.
  • In the boxes under the map, you’ll find an amethyst gemstone, and info about the park.
  • Go up the stairs to the house and enter it.

Task – Search for Jen’s note

Aurora Hills Chapter 1 Walkthrough Find Jen
  • Look at the glass case on the right, under the window, and open the lock by putting all the tiles in the correct order.
  • Take the knife and the black gemstone.
  • Check the drawers on the right and open the last one on the bottom row to get an agate gemstone.
  • Look at the 6 prints on these drawers, both inside and on the surface, and go outside to the mailbox.
Aurora Hills Chapter 1 Walkthrough Mailbox
  • Use the knife to open up the parcel and take one magnetic dart and the string.
  • Use the tool symbol to put together the dart and the string.
  • On the right side of the stairs there’s a storm drain grill.
  • Use the lantern to look down the hole and use the string dart to get the keys to the gift shop.
  • Go back inside and look at the glass case with the bunny.
  • Take the pyrite, and check the left side area where the fox case is.
  • Open the door using the keys and go inside.
  • The cash register on the left has the following color code hint:
    • orange – yellow – white – pink – black – blue
  • On the countertop in the middle, there’s a crystal you can take.
  • If you go to the right, in the box on the floor you’ll find the furnace handle.
  • Go back into the room behind and use the handle on the furnace door.
  • Take the topaz from inside the furnace and check the table by the window.
  • Put each gemstone in its place, following the shape left behind.
  • Take note of the position of each gemstone in the order drawn on the cash register:
Aurora Hills Chapter 1 Walkthrough Gemstones
  • Go to the cash register and enter that pattern in.
  • Take some coins from inside and to toy disc.
  • Go to the right, by the window, and look at the red toy.
  • Insert the toy disc inside and look through the pictures.
  • There are some animals scattered around with numbers that will help you open the Staff room door.
  • Go to the vending machine in the hallway and put the coins in to get a root bear.
  • The wooden frame of the map outside has 6 animals:
    • bird – deer – fox
    • bunny – fish – bear
  • You can find all the animals inside the cabin:
    • root bear: 5
    • deer in the photos: 3
    • bird in the photos: 6
    • fish on the wall: 9
    • fox in the glass case: 2
    • rabbit in the glass case: 1
  • Go to the staff room and enter this code, each 3 digits are from top to bottom:
    • 632
    • 195
  • Enter the staff room and look at the note from Jen on the desk.

Task – Meet up with Jen

  • Go outside and follow the trail to the left to find Jen.
  • Go deeper into the woods until you find a trash bin.
  • Then go up the stairs and forward till you find the picnic tables.
  • Take the watering can and remember those scratched numbers on the table.
    • 8 above a 7 in a square, diagonally.
  • Go back and take the trail to the left instead of going to the picnic tables.
  • Look at the sign on the tree and remember those numbers:
    • 1 in a square with a 2 underneath, diagonally.
  • Go towards the bathrooms and take the left trail first.
  • On the bench, there are 2 more numbers:
    • 6 on the left and 5 on the right in a circle.
  • Now go back and take the right trail.
  • Go towards the shack on the right and look at the drawing on it:
    • 4 to the left, 3 to the right.
  • Now go back to the picnic tables and check the other table with the toolbox on.
  • The numbers you found are the code for the toolbox, from top to bottom, left first:
    • 1764
    • 8253
  • Take the pliers from inside.
  • Go to the water pump and use the pliers to take the hose.
  • Go to the bathrooms and to the shack on the right.
  • Use the pliers to get the hex key from inside the shack, through the broken window.
  • Go to the trash bin and use the hex key to open the lid and solve the puzzle.
  • Free all three bottom pieces.
  • Take the washroom keys and go open the bathroom.
  • Look at the paper towel, scroll down, and remember the odd patterns you see.
  • Go to the shack and insert those symbols to open the lock.
Aurora Hills Chapter 1 Walkthrough Shack Pattern
  • Get inside and take the crowbar and the ladder.
  • Go to the bathroom and use the crowbar to open the wood door on the water system.
  • Put the pipes in the right order so you can turn on the water.
  • Make sure there aren’t any loose ends:
Aurora Hills Chapter 1 Walkthrough Pipes
  • Go to the sink, and use the hose to fill in the watering can with water.
  • Check out the toilet and read the note.
  • Use the crowbar to take the pipe that goes to the toilet and look inside using the flashlight.
  • A photo by the windowsill will tell you which way to go next.
  • Follow that path to do the next task.

Task – Head into the forest

  • Go to the picnic area and use the ladder to get the battery from the bug repellant hanging in the tree.
  • Go to the pipe in the bathroom and put together the battery and the flashlight to make it work again.
  • Look with it inside of the pipe, and pour water over it to make the compass float up and reach it.
  • Now go outside, to the shack and use the compass on the path to the right of it to finish up your last task.

Now we’ll be waiting for Chapter 2 of Aurora Hills. The story is intriguing and the puzzles and mysteries are fun to discover. Looking forward to play more and write more walkthroughs.


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