Legendary Tales 3 Walkthrough – Chapter 1 – 1st Task

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I’m here for yet another mystery game and ready to give you a full walkthrough for Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 1 Egil and the Disease.

Here you’ll find all the answers for all the mini-games and puzzles, within this adventure game. Discover stories, unforgettable characters, and complicated quests, as you explore the magic world and its forgotten secrets.

Follow closely the walkthrough for Egil and the Disease Chapter 1 of Legendary Tales 3, and you’ll be able to immerse yourself in this magical fairytale.

Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 1 Egil and the Disease Walkthrough

Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 1 Talk to the Elder house

An experienced herbalist faces an incurable disease spreading across his village. No one but him can solve this problem.

Task 1 – Talk to the Elder

The elder wanted to talk to me but had a fever. I need to make him a compress to relieve the fever.

  • On the chair by the door, there’s a bag, and on the lateral pocket, there’s a detail piece that goes on the lock of the bag and opens it.
  • Take the herbs inside and book of recipes.
  • Check the closet in the far left corner and take the roll of cloth and mechanical hand.
  • Move the clothes to the left until you find the hammer.
  • Put the book of recipes on the table and the herbs to sort them out in the minigame.
  • Pick the flowers that are shown in the book and you’ll get a herbal preparation.
  • Now you can go outside to explore some more.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 1 Talk to the Elder outside house
  • Look at the log on the left and use the hammer to take out the ax blade stuck there.
  • Use the ax blade and the hammer to cut the wire on the door to the right.
  • There’s a valve in front of the goat’s stable.
  • Go to the fancy door in the middle and use the mechanical hand to start the game.
  • Make sure you leave the last two at the end to make sure you solve it.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 1 Talk to the Elder match minigame
  • Take the scissors and use them to cut through the rope bag and get a corn from there.
  • Use the corn to feed the goat and distract her to take the basin from there.
  • Enter the house again and use the valve on the tank to the right.
  • Put the basin under there and turn on the water to fill it.
  • Use the scissors to cut a piece of the roll of cloth.
  • Put the herbs inside the basin and then the cloth, to get a compress.
  • Use the compress on the elder’s forehead to be able to speak with him.
  • Go to the window and take the key from the windowsill.
  • Use it to open the door to the right and go inside.
  • Here’s where to find all the items you need.
Legendary Tales 3 Chapter 1 Talk to the Elder hidden objects
  • Take the blade first (1) and fix the saw (2) before taking it.
  • Take seeds from the bag (3) and the pestle (4) from the table.
  • Go to the bowl (5) put the seeds inside and smash them with the pestle to make oil (5)
  • Go to the bag (6) pout oil over the lock and take the detail (6)
  • Go to the end of the bed and use the saw to get the other detail (7)
  • Insert both details in the drawer (8) and take the magnifying glass (8) and the decoration in wax (9)
  • Check out the candle on the table (10), use the magnifying glass to lit up the candle, and melt the decoration in wax, to find the decoration (10)
  • Use the decoration to open the box on the table.
  • Take the settlement’s medallion and give it to the elder.
  • You are now done with your first task and are on your way to the next.

Wrapping up

The story is intriguing and gives you lots of plots to keep you curious and you’ll want to discover more of this magical world.

Follow my lead on this adventure, and I’ll help you discover all the secrets and solve all the mysteries.

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