Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm Full Walkthrough

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Mystery games like Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm Edition need their own walkthrough. Here I am offering you this detailed walkthrough as I play the game myself.

Each puzzle I solved and explained below so you can have an easier time and not spend too much time on them.

Follow my tutorial starting with the first task of Legendary Tales 2, and make sure you don’t miss any steps as you play. Every clue is important for you to solve ad advance further in the game.

Legendary Tales 2 “Go up the tower” Task

Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm 2
  • The wheel on the left has a collection item. It’s good to collect these.
  • A morphing object, for another collection, can be found above the door.
  • Click the bags in front of you.
  • Open the one standing and take the pigeon figurine.
  • Click the gate in the far back and take the eagle figurine in the bottom left corner.
  • Go to the soldier mannequin and tap on him to take a blade/sickle and a steel glove.
  • Go with the steel glove at the flower bed next to the crow on the right.
  • Dig with the glove in the flower bed and you’ll get the crow figurine.
  • With the figurines, go to the door of the tower and put them each in their place, so the door opens.
Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm 3
  • Tap on the metal knight suit and open the helmet’s visor.
  • Take the colored tile out of the helmet.
  • take down the red cloth and put the tile you found in the missing spot on the puzzle on the wall.
  • Move the balls on the puzzle so the blue balls are up, the reds are down and the grey will be in the middle. Follow this video if you need to see what I did.
  • Once you solve this puzzle, you will be given a purple amethyst.
  • You can get another collection item, the little statue head on the shelf to the right.
  • Another morphing object is right on the first intact step going up.
  • Go outside and place the amethyst in the crow’s eye.
  • Its beak will open and give you a key.
  • Go with the key to the locked chest inside the tower.
  • You can get a crystal from inside, and oil.
  • Click on the knight again and put some oil on the glove so you can take the spear out of his hand.
  • With this spear move to the gate on the right of the knight.
  • Pry open the gate with that spear.
  • It will lead you to the basement and to a hidden object mini-game.
  • I can show you in the video below where each item is and how to solve the mini puzzle inside.
  • Once you got everything right you can build a ladder that you can use to climb to the next level of the tower.
Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm 4
  • Up the tower, there’s a blind lady that will tell you how you need to save the world.
  • Now a new task is revealed.

Legendary Tales 2 “Go to the harbor” Task

Other Request: Find the stolen thing

  • In the tree by the right window, there’s a morphing butterfly.
  • On the chain hanging from the ceiling, you can put your crystal there.
  • Also on these ceiling chains, there’s a bird for your collection.
  • In front of you, nailed to the bean, there’s a boat (1/3) and a long nail.
  • It lights a spot on the painting in front. Check it out.
  • With the long nail break through that spot. It will reveal a puzzle.
  • Check out how I solved it.
  • The puzzle will give you a statuette and information about the Oracles (a manuscript)
  • Go downstairs and use the long nail to pry open the cabinet’s doors.
  • You find a handle here that you can use for your sickle, so put them together.
  • A bird figurine that you need for one of the birdcages upstairs so it opens the cage.
  • Inside you find a golden key.
  • Use this key to the desk in this room. The drawer will give you a lion-shaped handle.
  • Now go outside to the gate in the garden and cut the shrub around the gate with the sickle.
  • You can fit the lion-shaped handle into the locked gate.
  • To open it you need to assemble the pictures of animals as I did in the video below.
  • After you put each animal back together, click on it when it is done to seal the deal, you will be able to open the gate and find the horse and the broken cart.
Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm 5
  • Before leaving with the horse. you can look around. There’s a pearl-like collectible to the left.
  • Tap on the cart’s wheel and break the wooden shaft with the statuette.
  • Put the shaft in under the totem to keep it lifted and take a torch from under it.
  • Go inside the cart. Take the round-shaped key off the floor and open the chest.
  • take an apple, read the new manuscript you found, and take the saddle for the horse.
  • Another morphing object to the rocks in front of the horse.
  • Click on the horse and put the saddle on.
  • Open the saddle’s pouch, and take out the matches.
  • Go inside the tower, upstairs, and use the torch next to the books. Lit it up with the matches so you can solve this puzzle as I did in the video.
  • Find the stones inside this cupboard and place them on the box on the lower shelf.
  • There’s an oval-shaped medal that fits on another box you can open.
  • Put the rolled paper you find inside on the shelf above the box.
  • Take the flask inside in front of the bird statue above.
  • Once the glass is broken take out the coal and brush over the paper.
  • Now you can open the box like the drawing on the paper says: green triangle, blue circle, yellow hexagon, and red square.
  • The handle inside will open a cupboard below.
  • Take the belt and you can read the note.
  • Go to the horse and put the belt on the horse’s saddle and he’ll take you to the harbor.
Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm harbor 1
  • Go to the man leaning on the crates, he says he wants a bottle of rum to get you the key to the warehouse.

Legendary Tales 2 “Get on the ship” Task

  • Take the harpoon stuck in the wood board on the edge of the harbor.
  • Next to the oil lamp to your right there’s a skeleton hand for your collectibles.
  • Go to the far edge of the harbor, and take the net out of the water using your harpoon.
  • Cut the net with your sickle.
  • There’s the bottle of rum you can give to the man from earlier.
  • Open the doors to your right with the key he gives you and go inside.
Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm harbor 2
  • Use the harpoon to poke at the boats (2/3) stuck on the net in the upper left corner.
  • Another pearl-like object for your collectibles on the crates to your left.
  • Go to the bench on the far end, next to the barrel, and remove the yellow cloth.
  • You found the last set of boats (3/3) and a note.
  • Go out of the warehouse and put the boats on the game in front of the doors.
  • Here is the solution to the boat puzzle:
  • The chest opens and you can take wire cutters from inside.
  • Go inside the warehouse again and use the wire cutters to the locked door inside.
  • You’ll also collect the wire.
  • Inside you’ll find a hidden object mini-game. Here’s where you can find everything you need.
  • After you finish this you’ll find the crowbar you need.
  • Check out the mechanism on the left that holds the crate up.
  • Tap the grate and use the wire to hook the key inside.
  • Go outside and check the box on the warehouse wall. Use the key here.
  • Take the poppy herbal infusion and the forceps.
  • The pulley mechanism on the left has a handle you can take using the crowbar.
  • Go inside and use the handle on the pulley that holds the grate and spin.
  • The crate will get down and you can open them with the crowbar.
  • Use the forceps to take the scorpions out of the crate.
  • Now the next mini-game is kinda like Tetris, you need to fit all the weapons in the left crate, so you free the space to hide inside. Check out my video:

Legendary Tales 2 “Find the stolen thing” Task

Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm harbor 4
  • There’s a collection item between the barrels on the left.
  • Tap the table and take the coin with a sign on it. You can also read more about the witches in the manuscript there.
  • You can distract the animal in the cage to the right with the apple you have on you.
  • Now you can take the picklock.
  • Go to the table again and use the picklock to the object stuck in the crack.
  • You’ll get an element (1/3).

“Send the archwitch to sleep” Task

  • Go up the stairs and you need to talk with the archwitch, she’ll give you an empty glass to bring her some wine.
Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm Deck
  • Go under the deck and put some wine in the glass from the barrels on the left.
  • Now add the poppy herbal infusion to the wine glass.
  • Take the glass to the archwitch, she’ll fall asleep.

“Open the sarcophagus” Task

  • Now that she’s gone you can search the deck.
  • Take the spyglass from the barrel on the right.
  • A morphing object crown is on the right stairs.
  • Tap the stars to go up and put the statuette on the empty stand.
  • The deck puzzle that you need to solve is pretty simple. Check out how I did it here:
  • The box under it will open and give you a circle-shaped figurine.
  • Tap the door under the guard sailing the boat and use the lockpick on the lock.
Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm harbor 5
  • You can find another manuscript on her table and a chest with the symbol from your golden coin. Fit it on the lid.
  • You can get a pair of tweezers, and scissors.
  • On top of her bed, close to the ceiling, there’s another morphing object for your collection. Also next to her bed, a sphere-like collectible.
  • Pull the red curtains away and you’ll reveal a mini-game of finding stars. Here are all the stars you need.
  • With that cupboard unlocked, it will give you a magic book.
  • Take it to the bookshelves on the right, and slide it in. A secret area will open up.
  • Take the inkwell.
  • At the end of her bed, in the bedframe, there’s a door you can open with the star figurine in your inventory.
  • This is how to solve the magnet stone puzzle step-by-step:
  • Take the soap from inside.
  • Go to the archwitch hand and put some soap on her hand to get the ring out of her finger.
  • Go outside to the barrel on the left and take out the stuck coin with the tweezers.
  • Use the coin on the spyglass to take out the lens.
  • Look at the gargoyle under the man sailing the boat. Use the scissors to open his jaw.
  • You found another part of the element (2/3)
  • Now cut the net on the left with the scissors as well and take the other piece of element (3/3)
  • Go inside to the archwitch’s table and put the lens on the magnifying glass.
  • Look at the symbols. Put the ink on the table and write the symbols on a piece of paper and take it with you.
  • Go under the deck, and use her ring to open the jail door to the sarcophagus.
  • Take the newly formed Element and put it in the middle of the circle.
  • Take the paper with the symbols and recreate the symbols in the middle, one by one.
  • Use the scissors to free the man inside.
  • The archwitch catches you and throws you underwater. Solve the hidden object mystery to get out of there.

Legendary Tales 2 “Escape from prison” Task

Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm Prison
  • Move the bedsheets and take the hairpin.
  • On the left of the door, there’s a piece of paper stuck between the wall and the rock. Take the hint out with the hairpin.
  • There’s a collectible item hanging from the ceiling, and a morphing object next to it.
  • Take the hint to the writings on the wall over the bed, and put the symbols in the right order.
  • This is how I solved the prison symbol puzzle:
  • Now tap the place the light points at, the rock there will fall and you’ll find a chisel and a note. Someone is helping you escape.
  • Tap the puddle on the floor and scrape the moss with the chisel, you’ll find an emblem (1/3)
  • Cut a rag from the mattress on the bed.
  • Get the rag wet in the puddle.
  • Use it at the bars on the door and use the chisel to bend the bars so you can reach the lock and open your door.

“Release the Ancient” Task

Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm Prison Escape
  • Take the hammer to your left, leaning on the rocks.
  • The shoes on the steps are another morphing object for your collection.
  • The head on the barrel to your right is for another collection.
  • Click the wooden planks on the floor and move them aside.
  • Check the pile of junk next to the gate. There’s a hidden object puzzle you need to solve. This is where I found all the items:
  • Use the dagger you find to cut the rope that holds the gate.
  • You can go out to the garden now.
Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm Out of Prison
  • Tap the bamboo to your left and cut one with your dagger.
  • Use the knife on the bamboo stick to make it even on both sides.
  • There’s a collectible bird in the tree in front of you.
  • Walk further along the path to the next area.
Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm Garden on the island
  • Take the head from next to the tree on the left.
  • Check out the red bag on the right.
  • Cut the tie with the dagger and you’ll find a part of the mosaic (1/6)
  • The tree to the right has a stick you can take with you.
  • Under the tree by the bridge, there’s another collection item.
  • On the left of the path check out the peg and hammer it into the ground with the rock.
  • Once you tie the rope to the peg, it will lift the cover and you can play another hidden object game inside the tent.
  • Go back to the first part and take down the fruits to your left with the stick you have.
  • You can use the shovel on the dirt to your right, under the tree.
  • In the box buried there, you’ll find another part of the mosaic (2/6), darts, and a note.
  • Go back to the building, and check out the stairs to your left. Use the stick to move the bean out of the way so you can take another part of the mosaic (3/6)
  • Use the stick in the hole in the middle of the room and take the bowl.
  • Go to your prison cell and take some water in your bowl.
  • Put the poisonous fruit in the bowl of water, after you cut it with the dagger.
  • Dip your darts in the poisonous water and use the poisonous darts with your bamboo stick to get a blowpipe.
  • Check with the men that are guarding the Ancient and use the blowpipe to knock them out.
Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm Sleeping Guards
  • A sphere for your collection can be found on the shelf to your left.
  • A morphing object by the barrel to your left on the ground.
  • The fallen man at the desk has a key on his sleeve and a note you can read.
  • Between the planks to your right, there’s something stuck there.
  • Use the dagger to take out another emblem (2/3).
  • Go back to the main area and open the locked door with the new key you found.
  • Enter the captain’s room and search around.
Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm Captain's room
  • There’s a morphing object, magnifying glass by the puddle, and another one above the bed.
  • Use the knife on the rope to your left, then to the knot on the fallen lantern, and take the rope.
  • Inside the drawer of the desk, there’s a button you can take.
  • Check the octopus on the wall, and break the glass bottle with the hammer to grab another part of the mosaic (4/6)
  • Check the bed and rip open the pillowcase with your dagger.
  • The last set of emblems (3/3) is found there.
  • Move to the room of the sleeping guards. Tap on the shield and use the emblems there.
  • This is how to solve the shield emblem puzzle there:
  • It will give you another part of the mosaic (5/6)
  • Now use the button you found in the drawer on the trap door on the floor.
  • This is how to open the trap door lock:
  • Throw the rope to the Ancient one. He has the last part of the mosaic (6/6)
  • Take back the rope after you free him.
  • Go to the captain’s room and use the mosaic pieces on the chest there. The trees tricked me and lost a lot of time.
  • You’ll find a hook here and another manuscript.
  • Tie the rope to the hook and go outside to the fallen bridge.
  • Throw the grappling hook over to catch the bridge and pull it to you.
  • Now you can pass to the other side, but the Ancient will get shot.

Legendary Tales 2 “Cure the Ancient” Task

Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm Over the bridge
  • You’ll get the ointment recipe from your friend.
  • There’s a bird collectible on the tree branch to the left side.
  • Go to the right of the fire pit, on the path that leads under the crooked tree.
Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm Cure for the curse
  • Take the net leaning on the tree to the left.
  • Then go back and take the path to the left, taking you behind the tent.
Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm Cure for curse
  • There’s an orb for your collectibles on the ground near the hut.
  • Check the body floating in the swamp to the right.
  • Use the net to pick up the bag next to the corps.
  • Check inside the bag read the journal about the curse and take the crystal.
  • Check the window of the hut in front of you.
  • Use the hammer to take out the planks that prevent you from entering.
  • Look inside and take the lamp by cutting the rope with your dagger.
  • Open the lamp and put the crystal inside.
  • Go outside to the white flower next to the house.
  • Use the shovel to take out the echinacea root.
  • Check the bridge to the left, and pick up the bear’s paw.
  • Now go deeper into the woods.
Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm Water Spirit Swamp
  • In the tree to the left, you’ll find glowing mushrooms you can cut out using your dagger.
  • Under it there’s another collectible item.
  • Tap on the cattail in front of you and cut some to use later.
  • Another morphing object to the right, looks like a starfish.
  • On the rock in the swamp, there’s another bear’s paw.
  • In the broken tree trunk, there’s a small pot.
  • Use the net on the boot in front of you and take out the string from it.
  • Put the string on the lantern and hang it on the wood closer to the water spirit. It will scare her away.
  • You can now check the place she was sitting on.
  • Move the branches out of the way and retrieve the key there with the net.
  • Now move to the other side of the swamp. This might be the house of the treasure hunter.
Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm Treasure Hunter's house
  • There’s a morphing object in the grass in front of you.
  • And a collectible bird on the tree branch on top of you.
  • Check the hut next to the house first. Use the hammer to open the door.
  • Take the Drawing of a bug on top of the barrel.
  • Take the rope on the chest too, then move to the house, and check the door to the basement on the left side, that’s covered in moss.
  • Clean the moss with your dagger, you’ll solve this puzzle later.
  • On the roof, right on top of the door, there’s a pain of antlers with something hanging from them.
  • Use the net to grab the element with animal (1/3)
  • Check the well in the middle now and set the rope on the plank. You’ll use it later to get the bucket up.
  • Check the framed bug next to the door, and put the bug drawing here. The missing bug horn is in the bucket.
  • Go back to your friends, and check out the chest next to the tent. Use the key on it.
  • Inside the chest, you’ll find the Bear’s head, a manuscript about werewolves, and forceps.
  • Check the fire and take out the pot from the flames with forceps.
  • You can go to the first hut and solve the bear puzzle with the pieces you found.
  • You can read another manuscript here, tale another element with animal (2/3), and bandage.
  • Go to the treasure hunter’s house and check the animal trap on the right.
  • Cut the wire with the forceps.
  • Use the wire and the rope to the well to get the bucket up and take the bug’s horn.
  • Go to the bug frame and put the horn in.
  • Once solved you’ll find another element with animal (3/3) and a medallion part (1/3)
  • Now go to the door to the basement, which was covered in moss, and put the elements with animals there.
  • Here’s how to solve the animal elements puzzle:
  • Trying to get inside you get stuck and you need to solve another hidden objects game to get yourself out.
  • Here is how to find all items to get out of the basement:
  • Now you are able to go inside the house.
Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm Treasure Hunter's house - inside
  • On the left by the fallen chair is a head for your collectibles.
  • Check under the cloth on the floor, and remove the wooden planks, you’ll need to find an element for that puzzle.
  • On the table to the left, there’s another medallion part (2/3)
  • Open the cupboard to the right with your dagger, take the matches, and the mustard behind the book.
  • Go to the stove and take a glove off it and the last medallion part (3/3) is on the bag on the right.
  • Open the stove door and put some wood, from the left side, inside.
  • Use the matches to light it up and the bellow to make it stronger.
  • By the stove, there’s an oven fork you can take.
  • On the shelf above the desk is a nettle plant. Use the glove to take some.
  • In the cupboard you opened you can put the medallion pieces in the small box inside.
  • Try to solve the ball maze puzzle like this:
  • Inside you’ll find a key and Tamva beans.
  • Use the oven fork to grab some peppers from the ceiling and some lavender too.
  • Go to the table and put the recipe you found in the basement.
  • This is the anti-curse potion recipe.
  • Put the mustard in the mortar and use the pestle to turn it into powder. Then add the nettle leaf, lavender inflorescence, bitter pepper, and mustard powder to the cauldron.
  • Take the cauldron with the ingredients with you to the stove.
  • Use the oven fork to take the anti-curse potion off the stove.
  • Use it on the cursed red vines at the door, so you can leave the house.
  • Go to the hut by the house and use the key found inside on the chest.
  • Once opened, take a walnut with forceps so you get a nut kernel.
  • Now go to the fallen tree with runes, next to where the Ancient is resting, and find all the runes there.
  • You can now use the rune tree to go back to that garden with the red soil.
  • Plant the Tamva beans at the base of the tree using the shovel to make a hole, put the beans, then cover them.
  • It will grow fast. Take the small pot and put it under the leaves. Cut it the leaf with your dagger.
  • This will give you Tamva’s stem juice.
  • Now go back to the first part of the garden, where there’s a bee hive up a tree.
  • Take your cattail and put it under, then use the matches to light them up and make lots of smoke.
  • Use the knife to cut a honeycomb from that.
  • Now you can go back to your camping spot.
  • Take out the recipe and start adding all the ingredients you need from your inventory.
  • Now with the ingredients for the ointment put them in the pot on the fire.
  • You just made a healing ointment to use on the Ancient’s wound.
  • Pour it over and bandage it and talk to the girl. She’ll give you an amulet dropped by a treasure hunter.
  • Use this amulet in the house of the treasure hunter, on the floor puzzle.
  • That will give you a totem.
  • Go with this at the little hut, with the bridge towards the beach, and put the totem inside the ritual space. The curse will be lifted.

Legendary Tales 2 “Clear the entrance to the cave” Task

Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm Beach
  • You can now go to the beach and talk to the man there. You make a deal with him to give you a boat and he’ll give you a manual to make a bomb.
  • Take the harpoon right in front of you.
  • And the sphere to the left of the boat for your collection. And one of the rocks on the beach is a turtle morphing object.
  • Go to the rock nearest to the boat, and use the harpoon to take out the wooden planks (1/3)
  • Go to the rocks on the right and take the flask.
  • Now go to the house on the left.
Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm Beach House
  • A compass for your collection is hanging on the tree to your left.
  • On the barrel to your right, there’s a case you can pick up. Tap on it and you’ll get a fishing rod from inside.
  • Check out the basket with the shells next to it. Open the shells with your dagger and collect the black pearl you find.
  • Go to the shore here and play the hidden object game so you can find the gunpowder.
  • Check the table in front of the house and put the black pearl under the heavy press, use the feather to brush the black pearl powder on the piece of paper under.
  • Go to the window in the front and take the fish figurine.
  • Go back to the boat and check inside. You can use the fish figurine for the chest inside.
  • This is how I solved the fish puzzle:
  • Inside the chest, you’ll find a string to be used as a fuse and a fishing hook.
  • Put your hook on your fishing rod and go to the house.
  • Move to the deck and use the fishing rod to hook the strainer and take it out of the water.
  • Now you can go inside the beach house.
Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm Fisherman's house
  • A head for your collection by the bed.
  • A morphing object above the man, on the shelf.
  • Take the ladder.
  • Take the oil pot on the table next to him.
  • Put the string in the oil so you create a fuse.
  • Check the cupboard by the head of the bed and open the drawer using your forceps.
  • There is another wooden plank (2/3) inside.
  • Go outside and put the ladder to reach the attic.
  • Take the metal plate from inside and cut the string of the clock weight with your dagger.
  • Now you can go back inside and use the weight on his clock on the wall and pull on it.
  • Take the key that the cuckoo gives you. It’s for the closet, so open it.
  • Use the dagger to open the tie on the bag.
  • Click on the glass jar inside and take the saltpeter you need.
  • Go to the boat area and check the big rock in front, where you found your first wooden plank.
  • Use the strainer on the sand next to it to find some quartz.
  • Now that you have all the ingredients for the bomb, just add them to the manual the man gave you.
  • Now give the bomb ingredients to the man inside the house.
  • He’ll give you a bomb.
  • Go to the rock formation next to the boat. Put the bomb there and light the fuse with your matches.
  • This is how you open the cave and find the boat.

Legendary Tales 2 “Fix the boat” Task

Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm Boat inside the cave
  • There’s a sphere on the planks to your left and a morphing seahorse in the vines to your right.
  • Check the well, and move the planks, take the keys (1/2) out with the harpoon.
  • Go inside the boat, and you’ll find your last wooden plank (3/3) tap on the stick, it will fall, and you need to take the broken pieces to fix it.
  • You should go to the fisherman’s house and tap the fish on the wall.
  • Put the wooden planks back on the fish and solve the puzzle like so:
  • You’ll find another set of keys (2/2) and a needle and thread.
  • Go back to the boat in the cave.
  • You can put both keys in the chest inside the boat. Take the torch, read the note, and take the cloth.
  • Check out the shack inside this cave.
  • Put the torch on the right side of the doorframe and light it up with your matches.
  • You can solve the hidden object game inside the cave like this:
  • You’ll get a lever from here.
  • Check the sail, put the cloth over the hole, and sew it using the needle and thread.
  • Look at the mechanism at the back of the boat, and put the lever on it.
  • Go at the treasure hunter’s hut, next to his house.
  • Put the metal plate on the workbench and the broken wooden plank from the boat.
  • Connect all the dots on the plank to solve the puzzle.
  • Go to the boat inside the cave, and put the rudder part into place to fix the boat, and the lever back in place.
  • Now go to the mechanism at the back and turn the lever to be able to leave with the boat.

Legendary Tales 2 “Get into the bunker” Task

Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm Volcano Island
  • There’s another head next to the crates.
  • Click on the crates and use the dagger to cut the rope and take it.
  • Use the rope to tie the guard before walking on the path toward the volcano.
Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm Volcano
  • Take the ladder on the rocks to the right.
  • Check inside the tree house and find all 15 of the straw dolls.
  • Note: My video cut off so here is where to find the other string dolls
    • Inside the chest, there are 2 string dolls, and another one is hiding after the blue cloth.
    • Tap on the guitar and take the one behind it, fix the pliers, and cut the guitar strings to take another doll.
    • Remove the cutting board to find another doll.
    • Take the lid off the pumpkin and open the cage with the key you find inside, to take the last doll.
    • Now you can take the lever once the door to it opens.
  • Go to the rock statue in the middle. (outer defense system)
  • Cut the weeds with the dagger.
  • Take the fish from the ground, and the flashlight from the command board, Looks like a pipe if you ask me.
  • Look at the trap in the ground in front of you. Put the lever on it. Push it and the spikes will go inside.
  • You can take the totem core.
  • Go back to the crates and check the hole in the rocks, where a crab is.
  • Give the fish to the crabs so you can take the lock part (1/3) he hid under it.
  • Check the weird-looking totem man on the left.
  • Put the totem core in the middle and solve the buds and balls puzzle like this:
  • You’ll find the lock part (2/3) and a mask (1/3) inside.
  • Go to the bottom of the volcano.
Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm Volcano cave
  • There’s a bird for your collectibles in the middle of the path, on one of the rocks.
  • Put the ladder on the tree to your right to get to the nest. You’ll find some buttons (1/4)
  • Take the ladder back and check out the tree trunk on the right side of the path.
  • Use the dagger to cut the roots and take another button (2/4)
  • There’s a morphing object on the right side of the volcano.
  • Get inside of the volcano through the cave, you’ll find your last lock part (3/3) at the entrance.
  • Use the flashlight to look inside the cave. There’s another mask (2/3)
  • Now go back and check the chest by the crates at the shore, on the beach.
  • Put the lock parts on the beach chest to solve the puzzle:
  • Walk up to the facility and talk to the man there.
  • The Ancient will give you two crystals (2/3)
Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm Volcano Facility
  • There’s a crystal ball/sphere on the ground to the left.
  • Search the pile in front of you for the third crystal.
  • Here’s how to solve the facility hidden object game:
  • You’ll find the missing crystal (3/3)
  • Go to the defense statue and put the crystals there to activate the defense system.
  • Go to the facility and put the ladder on the column to the left. Tap the circle to get your last button (4/4)
  • Take the ladder again with you.
  • Check the pully system on the right and use the dagger to cut the rope so the basket falls and you can take the pickaxe.
  • Go to the center in front of the facility, and take the brush from the right side of the hole.
  • Use the pickax to take out the activator.
  • Go to the entrance of the facility and to the right column.
  • Take the mask (3/3) and brush the spiderweb away.
  • Put the buttons here to solve this chips-column puzzle.
  • This opens up the facility, and you can enter it.
Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm Volcano Inside the Facility
  • There’s a collectible head on the right side.
  • Put the ladder over the gap in the floor so you can pass on the other side.
  • Go to the table with food in the middle of the room and clear the food off it.
  • Check out the orange cloth on the left, cut up a rag with your dagger.
  • Look at the altar on the right, and wipe it up with the rag.
  • Put the set of masks here and solve the pattern so the emotions and colors do not repeat in each row and column.
  • It will give you a staff after you’re done.
  • Put the staff in the hatch on the table in the center.
  • Enter it and go through the maze.

Follow these steps to exit the maze:

  1. Right.
  2. Left.
  3. Straight.
  4. Left.
  5. Right.
  6. Straight.

Legendary Tales 2 “Prevent a catastrophe” Task

Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm Facility Reactor
  • Take the lever from the ground.
  • Tap the mechanism in front and take the screwdriver.
  • Check the panel to the left of the open door.
  • Use the screwdriver to open it.
  • Take the key to the switchboard.
  • Check the mechanism on the right side of the door.
  • Put the lever here.
  • Go to the left side of the room and put the activator here.
  • You need to go in the cave at the bottom of the volcano and put the key here.
  • Solve the light bean volcano puzzle to save the world.
  • Go to the control room where the Ancient is fixing the machine and close the door by pulling down the lever.
  • He’ll give you a password to open the safe with it. It’s to the right of this room, where you put the activator.
  • Put the system key in the red spot on the mechanism in the middle.

Congratulations! You saved the world.


Here we are at the end of Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm adventure. Saving the world wasn’t easy, but the story was totally worth the effort.

If you like this kind of mystery games, the creators have more stories to tell. You can try out my walkthrough for Lost Land 8 Sand Captivity, if you are looking for more games.

I’m sure you enjoyed playing Legendary Tales 2 as much as I did, every puzzle was a new adventure that was fun to discover. Hope I helped!


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