Escape Game Lost Hospital Walkthrough Chapter 1

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Here’s the walkthrough you’ve been waiting for Escape Game Lost Hospital. This time we’re going to explore the secrets hidden in this abandoned hospital starting with Chapter 1 Sick Room A.

If you’re looking for a scary escape room game, Lost Hospital should be right up your alley. Below you’ll find all the answers and clues you need to escape.

Escape Game Lost Hospital Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Escape Game Lost Hospital Walkthrough Chapter 1 Sick Room A 1
  • You start in Sick Room A and you can explore it to find your clues.
  • Take a closer look at the locker and notice the box inside.
  • Look at the bars on the side of the bed behind the teddy bear, they are forming some Roman numbers: I – IV – II – III – V
  • Enter that code into the box you found and take the scissors from inside.
  • Use them to cut the teddy bear’s head and take the hexagonal block.
  • On the other bed, you’ll see a wooden puzzle game.
  • Put the numbers in order from 1 to 8, leaving the last spot empty.
  • Inside you’ll find a key.
  • Use it to open the lock on the first locker and take the screwdriver.
  • Use it to unscrew the wheels on the toy wheelchair on the bed.
  • Notice the symbol on the bronze bell inside the locker and one on the front grey wheel of the wheelchair in the middle of the room.
  • Press the arrow to see the other side of the room.
Escape Game Lost Hospital Walkthrough Chapter 1 Sick Room A 2
  • By the door, there’s a cabinet you can look at.
  • On it, there’s a golden vase with another mark.
  • With these 3 symbols in mind go to the box that’s next to the wooden puzzle toy.
  • Enter those marks for each color:
    • bronze: 6-oints star inside a circle symbol
    • gold: a circle cut in 4 equal parts.
    • silver: 2 circles, one inside of the other.
  • Inside you’ll find a record.
  • On the table to the left, there’s a diary that has some information about the children that were treated here.
  • It says she made the 4 letter password 4 letters of the alphabet that matched the date of admission and the date of discharge.
  • 4/15 – 12/12 translates with: 4 – D, 15 – O, 12 – L DOLL
  • Enter this password to the middle locker, and you’ll find the record needle inside, and a bar.
  • Next to where the Diary was is a record player that is missing the needle.
  • Pu the record needle and the record, then use the bar to fix the locked wall outlet so you can plug the record player in.
  • You’ll find a triangular block after the lights come back on.
  • Use all the blocks and the tiny wheels to put them inside the shape toy box that’s in the cabinet by the door.
  • Take the door knob and put it at the exit door to finish this chapter.

Wrapping up

The puzzles and codes were easy to find but this was only Chapter 1 of Escape Room Lost Hospital. Come back again to find more walkthroughs for this captivating game.

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