EscapeGame PainlessRoom Walkthrough

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The walkthrough for Escape Game Painless Room is here to help you solve all the puzzles inside. The game has an interesting design and the music is very relaxing, making the experience more fun.

Follow my walkthrough below to find out how to solve all the puzzles you encounter and finish the game in no time.

EscapeGame PainlessRoom Walkthrough

EscapeGame PainlessRoom Walkthrough 1st Room

The game starts with these 4 rooms that you can explore, take notes of all the clues you see and they will help you advance in the game.

  • As you move using the arrows on the bottom, you can stop at the unicorn room with the orange drapes.
EscapeGame PainlessRoom Walkthrough 3rd Room
  • Here you can tap on the painting of the sheep above and make the puzzle until it becomes another painting.
  • Once done you’ll find a pin needle.
  • Go on to the next area and look at the dog snoring in the hand.
EscapeGame PainlessRoom Walkthrough 4th Room
  • Burst that bubble with the pin and it’ll give you the bottle under it.
  • Go to the area with the two friends sitting at the table.
EscapeGame PainlessRoom Walkthrough 2nd Room
  • Pour the bottle over the glasses and save the little horse and remember the pattern of the liquid in the glasses.
    • Top glass full.
    • Middle left 1 third.
    • Middle right 2 thirds.
    • Bottom left full.
    • Bottom middle 2 thirds.
    • Bottom right 1 third.
  • Go to the other unicorn and watch the two fall in love.
  • Now go to the first room with the pink table and look at the mouse door underneath.
  • Enter the same pattern you’ve seen on the glasses and the door will open for you.
  • Now go back to the lake with the ducks and notice the duck with a party cone.
  • Tap on it and arrange the line so it matches the gift cake on the pink table in the 1st room.
  • This is how you need to arrange them.
    • First top line far left.
    • Second line middle.
    • Third line one far right
    • Fourth line middle.
    • Last bottom line far left.
  • It will give you a pink triangle with a sun.
  • Go put it above the two sitting at the table then go check out the pink table.
  • You’ll find a cookie on the gift cake that you can go to give it to the octopus.
  • It will open the drapes for you where you’ll find a green triangle which you can take to the same device above the two.
  • Now go to the pink table to notice the weather has changed again and the rain put out the fire.
  • There’s another red flower there. Remember all the flowers you’ve seen around.
  • Go to the two at the table and notice the pattern of their socks.
  • Return to the gift cake and enter that pattern on the side.
EscapeGame PainlessRoom Walkthrough Sock pattern
  • It will give you a button.
  • Go to the ducks and check the door behind with the flower patterns.
  • Enter the colors in this order:
    • 1st: red
    • 2nd: white
    • 3rd: purple
    • 4th: grey
    • 5th: pink
  • It will give you a pair of scissors.
  • Use it to cut the apple behind the curtain and take it.
  • The apple falling in the unicorn horn will make it glitch.
  • You’ll find a blue triangle.
  • Go put the triangle in the device above the two at the table.
  • The pink table area will be flooded.
  • Take the green floater that you can take and give to the dog.
  • Take the cheese from the hills.
  • Go to the pink table and check out the mouse home.
  • Leave the cheese on the plate.
  • Give the apple to the mouse with the knife, and now you have the apple fruit and the apple skin separated.
  • Notice the pattern of the cups that show up and go to the lamps above the two at the table.
EscapeGame PainlessRoom Walkthrough Nub pattern
  • Arrange them in the position of the spoons.
  • Take the sunflowers and put them in the vase.
  • Now go look around at all the eyes and pick the right colors on the eyes on the vase.
    • Red + grey circle
    • Orange + blue circle
    • Blue + pink circle
    • Green + yellow circle
  • Take the wheat and remember the clue on the painting.
  • Move to the horse and unicorn and use the apple skin to tie the curtain
  • Put the on button on the hourglass instead of the off button.
  • Insert the wheat and apple inside the hourglass and press On.
  • You’ll make an apple pie which you can take to the two to eat.
  • Take the spoon from the table, open the door in the face, and look inside.
  • Go to the dog and use the spoon to dig the key out.
  • Now the pink table has some Roman numbers on: V II X I
  • Around the rooms there are symbols that coincide with those numbers:
    • On the floor next to the creatures there’s an X next to a V.
    • On the hand at the lake, there’s a double circle next to an II.
    • On the painting above the creature, there’s a triangle next to an X.
    • On the shelves with the potions, one of them has a checkmark next to an I.
  • Enter the creature’s head and put those symbols above the window: X – double circle – triangle – checkmark
  • Take the last purple triangle and put it in the device to make it night.
  • Take the key to the room where the pink table was and put it through the keyhole.


Wrapping up

Although it was a short puzzle game, it was fun and much different than the usual escape room games. At least the design was definitely unique and I’m sure you enjoyed everything about it as well.

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