Escape Game Lost Hospital Walkthrough Chapter 2

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Here’s the walkthrough you’ve been waiting for Escape Game Lost Hospital. This time we’re going to explore the secrets hidden in this abandoned hospital continuing with Chapter 2 East Wing.

If you’re looking for a scary escape room game, Lost Hospital should be right up your alley. Below you’ll find all the answers and clues you need to escape this chapter.

Escape Game Lost Hospital Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Escape Game Lost Hospital Walkthrough Chapter 2 East Wing
  • On the wall, you’ll find a Hospital Map that will help you navigate around.
  • Go to Sick Room B and check the bed.
Escape Game Lost Hospital Walkthrough Chapter 2 Sick Room B
  • On the bed, there’s a wooden key 1.
  • On the tables stacked, there’s another diary.
  • You can go to the bathroom now and explore.
Escape Game Lost Hospital Walkthrough Chapter 2 Bathroom
  • On the toilet paper here it says SICK.
  • On the water basin, there’s a metal fitting you can take.
  • You can now go to the Linen Room.
Escape Game Lost Hospital Walkthrough Chapter 2 Linen Room
  • You can take the Nurse’s report from the metal shelves to the right.
  • A part of the screwdriver on the green linen.
  • And the bucket from the floor to the left.
  • Inside the metal container, under the electric panel, there’s a broken bade frame.
  • The frame has the Roman Numbers: II – IV – III – V – I
  • Go to the Sick Room B and check the metal box inside the locker, enter the code.
  • You’ll find a weight and wire inside.
  • Check the other locker door and write the word SICK.
  • Take the wooden key 2 from inside.
  • On the blackboard behind the fallen bed, there’s a code:
    • 0110
    • 1100
  • Go to the Linen Room, and use the metal fitting to open the electric pannel.
  • Switch the buttons as the code on the blackboard: Middle 2 top up and first 2 bottom up.
  • Now you can open the washing machine and take the TV knob.
  • Go to the bathroom and fill your bucket with water from the sink on the far left.
  • Disassemble the screwdriver and put the thicker part of screwdriver you found.
  • Use it to open the electric panel in the bathroom.
  • Disassemble the screwdriver again and use it as a lever to pull down the handle.
  • That put a cork stop to the drain between the two urinals.
  • Pour your water bucket into the drain to be able to take the wooden key 3.
  • Go to Sick Room B and use the keys to open the wooden box on the bed.
  • You’ll find a Lobby key you can take.
  • Go and open it to go inside.
Escape Game Lost Hospital Walkthrough Chapter 2 Lobby 1
  • There’s a clerk’s report on the chair to the right it tells you how to open the safe dial:
    • WC -> Linen Room -> Operating Room
  • Put the TV knob on and rotate it to look at each camera.
  • Take notes of the arrows and matching camera numbers.
    • WC – 4 – clockwise
    • Linen room – 7 – counterclockwise
    • Operating room – 2 – clockwise
  • Go to the Linen room and open the safe: reach 4 with the top arrow – then 7 with the bottom arrow – then 2 with the top arrow
  • You’ll find a shutter key inside.
  • Go to the Lobby, look to the left of the room where the shutter door is.
Escape Game Lost Hospital Walkthrough Chapter 2 Lobby 2
  • Check the panel next to it and use the weight and wire for the pulley.
  • Now you can use the shutter key on the box inside, and press the red button.
  • And now you’re done with Chapter 2 as well as soon as you enter through the doors.

Wrapping up

The puzzles and codes were harder to find in Chapter 2 of Escape Room Lost Hospital. Come back again to find more walkthroughs for this captivating game.

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