Connected Hearts Episode 3 Cost of Beauty Walkthrough

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This is the best walkthrough for Connected Hearts Season 1 Episode 3, where you’ll find all the answers and solutions you need to finish it.

Connected Hearts Episode 3 is a hidden objects game filled with adventure, where love and courage help defeat the wicked witch and preserve the purity of the kingdom.

Connected Hearts Episode 3 – Cost of Beauty Walkthrough

Connected Hearts Episode 3 Walkthrough Start

TaskGet information on Rachel’s current location.

  • Move the hay away, look at the wooden planks, and take the matchbox.
  • Look at the well and take the candle and the bolt cutter.
  • Check the doors of the toolshed and get the weather vane and respirator.
  • Use the bolt cutter to cut the chain and go inside to play a hidden objects game.
Connected Hearts Episode 3 Walkthrough Shed game
  • Drag all three wood pieces to the firewood bundle.
  • Use the crowbar to open the crate and take the cabbage.
  • Use the smoker to settle the bees and take the hive.
  • Put the milk into the butter maker to make butter.
  • Use the pliers to get the key out.
  • You’ve found a barrel.
  • Use it like a wheel to move the wooden planks out of the way.
  • Take the septum ring and use it on the door of the house to the right to knock.
  • Here you can go inside and talk to the lady inside about Rachel.
    • Ask if something happened before she disappeared.
    • And where she might go.
  • Ask the woman to show you Rachel’s room or move out if you don’t have the money.
Connected Hearts Episode 3 Walkthrough Rachel's House
  • Take Rachel’s picture.
  • Look on the table and take the washing soda and the screwdriver.
  • Use the screwdriver to unscrew the fallen chair and take the spindle.
  • Use the spindle on the yarn tool to the left and take the yarn.
  • You can read the note telling you how strong the yarn is.

TaskSee the memories kept on the altar.

  • Behind the fireplace to the right, there’s a hole.
  • Use the yarn to get down there and solve the game.
  • Connect the same chips with a continuous line. The lines can’t cross each other.
Connected Hearts Episode 3 Walkthrough Chips game
  • Now that you managed to go through, search this place for clues.
Connected Hearts Episode 3 Walkthrough Altar
  • In the back, by the gate to the right, you can use the screwdriver to get a piece of moss from the ground and reveal some gears.
  • Check the bushes right ahead, take the ladybug (1/2) and the cork.
  • Now check the red liquid on your right.
  • Stop the flow with the moss and look at the note.
  • Take the axe and put the candle on the right side, the washing soda on the edge, the respirator next to it, and light up the candle with the matchbox.
  • Go to the water and use the axe to cut a piece of wood from that tree.
  • Take the wedge and go back to the well.
  • Use it and the weather vane to pull the bucket up and read the note about rust.
  • Take the ritual stone (1/3)
  • Go back to the shed again and find the objects shown on the bottom.
Connected Hearts Episode 3 Walkthrough Shed game 2
  • Make a mask from the wooden plank.
  • Put the missing taller on the scale.
  • Water the pot to get the plant.
  • Put the herbs in the basket.
  • Wipe the desk to see the sign drawn there.
  • You’ll find a pickaxe.
  • Go with it where you found the matchbox and use it to get the tweezers.
  • Go inside the house and use them to get a blue flower (thistle) and a glove.
  • Go inside the house where you made the yarn and use the glove and the cork to get phosphoric acid.
  • Go in the garden and where the blood water was running.
  • Put the phosphoric acid here and the recipe with what you have to do to clean the rust.
  • You’ll have a ritual knife and you can go to the center area where you found the ladybug.
  • Put Rachel’s photo on one of the circles and the thistle on the other.
  • The ritual knife in the middle and play the hidden object game by dragging each object on the bottom to the pictures above.
Connected Hearts Episode 3 Walkthrough Altar game
  • You’ll find a witch figurine.

TaskMeet with Rachel

  • Go to the gears in the back and put the witch figurine on the stone circle.
  • Underneath you’ll find a trident fork.
  • Go to the well and use the trident to pull the nails and get another ladybug (2/2)
  • Go inside the house to the fallen chair and put the ladybugs there to start another game.
Connected Hearts Episode 3 Walkthrough Ladybugs
  • You’ll find a diamond drill.
  • Use it on the drawer of the desk here to find another ritual stone (2/3)
  • Go to the altar again for another spot-the-differences game.
  • Use the green crystal to switch between the two pictures and find the differences.
Connected Hearts Episode 3 Walkthrough Altar Differences
  • Take the fishing net and use it in the water to grab the last ritual stone (3/3)
  • Take all three to where you got the ritual knife and go to meet Rachel.
  • She’ll charm you, and you might not have much choice but to Panic.

TaskFind Albert

  • As Albert’s girlfriend, you need to use the phone to track him down.
  • Take the ring from inside the phone case.
  • On the red wall to the left there are some weapons, take the gun and the magnet.
  • You can read more about witches and what can they do.
  • Get a closer look at the gun and notice you need to find some bullets for it.
  • Check out the window and use the magnet to open it and get the pliers, the paper, and the dagger badge.
  • Behind the man (Albert’s father) there’s a box where the dagger badge will fit just fine.
  • You’ll find a letter inside and wires for the computer.
  • Go to the computer, put the phone here and add the wires to track him down.
  • Choose a path that will prevent your location tracker from hitting the moving chips.
  • 1st Path: The best path is 2, and you need to tap the play button when the horizontal chip is above the 2 button.
  • 2nd Path: Choose the 2 again and start it when the chips are in this position.
Connected Hearts Episode 3 Walkthrough Computer 2nd path
  • 3rd Path: Pick 3rd route and only start it when the chips are positioned like this:
Connected Hearts Episode 3 Walkthrough Computer 3rd Path

TaskSave Albert’s life

  • Find all the objects shown below.
Connected Hearts Episode 3 Walkthrough Save Albert
  • Show him the ring you have from him.
  • Now you need to look for the Water of life.
  • Check the statue on the left and take the clay shard.
  • Look at the column on the left, take the golden nugget, and read the note about fairies.
  • Go to the fountain and get some water in the clay shard to give to Albert.
  • Tell Albert he’ll have another chance.
  • He’ll give you a fancy key.

Task Learn about Rachel’s plan

  • Insert the key into the wall where Albert is standing and enter the room.
Connected Hearts Episode 3 Walkthrough Hidden Room
  • In front of the first archway to the left, there’s a pile of rubble where you’ll find a metronome and rubber bullets.
  • On the right around the glowing gold, you’ll find the fairy.
  • Use the clay shard to move the dirt and get the piece of stone.
  • Take this to the third archway on the left and click on the pieces that form each tile in the corner.
Connected Hearts Episode 3 Walkthrough Brick puzzle
  • You’ll find a trigger inside.
  • Put the rubber bullets and the trigger on the pistol.
  • Look at the ceiling and shoot the red button to drop the elevator.
  • Switch the lever to be able to climb up the ladders.
    • Bottom right lever – bottom left lever – top right lever – bottom left ever – top left lever.
    • Bottom left lever – top left lever – bottom right lever – top right lever – bottom right lever
    • (From left to right) 3rd lever – 2nd lever – 1st lever – 4th lever
  • The tunnel leads into Albert’s house.
Connected Hearts Episode 3 Walkthrough Albert's House
  • Check the closet behind the knight’s armor.
  • Take the bolt and the moonstone.
  • Look at the red fridge and use the magnet to open it.
  • Play the game inside the fridge to find the objects needed.
Connected Hearts Episode 3 Walkthrough Fridge Game
  • Get the sticker with the vacuum off the refrigerator first.
  • Then gather the rest to get the beet.
  • Go to the closet, put the paper over the code, and scratch the beet over it to take it with you.
  • Go to the toolbox in the bottom right corner and put that code over.
  • Read the note and take the pliers.
  • Use the map to go to the room with the computer.
  • Use the pliers to get the halberd from the wall with the weapons.
  • Go to the window and use the halberd to get the tongs there.
  • Go to the room with the fairy and use the tongs to get the emerald from the left side rubble.
  • Give it to the fairy and she’ll come with you.
  • Go to the room where you met Rachel and ask the fairy to give get the ladder down from the column on the left.
  • Take the note with the awakening spell from the top.
  • Put the spell on the water of life fountain here and solve the puzzle.
  • Tap on the drops in the right order to get into the vial at the same time.
    • top left – middle left – top right – middle right – bottom right – bottom left
  • Take the memory vial with you and give it to Albert at his home.
  • He’ll give you a keychain and you can use it to pry open the closet.
  • Take the pump and go to the toolbox.
  • Nearby there is a valve you can use the pump on to inflate.
  • Take the note from underneath to learn how to make antimagic shackles.
  • Take the broom and go to the office.
  • Look at the box under the painting on the right and use the broom to swipe off the shards.
  • Take the other part of the pliers and put that together with the first half and the bolt to make the pincers.
  • Go to where you found the emerald and use the pincers to break one of the stalagmite pieces.
  • Now you’ll need to find all the threat sources.
Connected Hearts Episode 3 Walkthrough Threats
  • Go to the third archway here.
  • Put the stalagmite and the metronome to lift the rock and take the lamp.
  • Go to the statue on the left at the life fountain and give her the lamp.
  • Take the scroll to look at and find the red words within the pictures.
    • 1st picture: witch hat and altar with red cloth in the back.
    • 2nd picture: drawn white heart on the ground, light in the sky, and a hourglass on the left.
  • You’ll find a heart broch that will go on the box you found at the top of the ladder on this column.
  • There you’ll find the crystal flower.
  • Go to Albert’s house and check the fridge again.
  • Pair up the items to find the mortar and pestle.
Connected Hearts Episode 3 Walkthrough Fridge Game 2
  • Take a closer look at the moonstone in your inventory and use the mortar and pestle to crush it.
  • Goto the oven and put the instructions for antimagic shackles near the hammer.
  • Put the gold nuggets here, the crystal flower, and the moonstone dust too.
  • The note will tell you how the hammer needs to be turned.
  • So put the hammers in the right position, so when you check them with the play button they all point at the green light.
  • Now you have the antimagic shackles to catch Rachel.

Now that you finished Episode 3 on Connected Hearts, you’re one step closer to finish up the story. Your next stop is Connected Hearts Episode 4, so I might be right back with a new walkthrough for you.


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