Figgerits Answers: Level 31 to Level 40

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I’m here to assist you with Figgerits game from level 31 to level 40, and make sure you get all the answers you need.

Figgerits is a wonderful, tough, and incredibly popular word puzzle game that has left me puzzled more than a few times. I bet you’ve found yourself in a similar bind, which is why I’ve decided to step in and help.

If you need help with previous levels, check out Fingerits answers Level 21 to Level 30 article, to find all the solutions.

In this article, I’ll reveal the solutions to level 31 to level 40 Figgerits – just keep scrolling to see all the answers listed below.

Figgerits Level 31 Answers


  • _ and found: Lost
  • (3rd person) To sum or append: Adds
  • To ask in a strong manner: Insist
  • Military rank badge: Insignia
  • Border between countries: Frontier
  • Things to hold onto to avoid falling: Handrails
  • This person spreads their beliefs via TV screen: Televangelist
  • Grotesque waterspout: Gargoyle
  • Person making clothes: Tailor
  • Signal used to announce danger: Flare
  • The process of stealing attention: Overshadowing
  • To stay around for a while: Linger
  • Primary or first: Initial
  • A secluded place: Hiding
  • The act of throwing someone out a window: Defenestration

Phrase: Everything flows nothing stands still.

Figgerits Level 32 Answers


  • She is an _ reader: Avid
  • He tends to _ the blame to others: Shift
  • (syn.) To erase, remove: Delete
  • To move in different directions: Diverge
  • Weird in a classy way: Eccentric
  • I’ve just _ into the system: Logged
  • _ is a dish best served cold: Revenge
  • (syn.) To start, begin: Initiate
  • To flourish or prosper: Thrive
  • To take by force or intimidation: Extort
  • Chair for kings: Throne
  • Moving away from the norm: Deviation
  • To be defeated: Lose
  • Fraud, practical joke: Hoax
  • _ her past, she was a gentle person: Despite

Phrase: Nothing can ever exceed the Speed of light.

Figgerits Level 33 Answers


  • Equal or identical: Same
  • To wake up: Arise
  • I used to _ a horse: Ride
  • To prohibit: Forbid
  • Full of love: Amorous
  • Making people free from evil spirits: Exorcism
  • Outdoor fire: Bonfire
  • File of information: Dossier
  • Customer, someone buying goods: Consumer
  • Delivery person: Courier
  • Play it again! More! Encore
  • Which animal is named after its hands: Racoon
  • Lack of civilization or culture: Barbarism

Phrase: Mars is red because of Iron Oxide.

Figgerits Level 34 Answers


  • An unexpected or sudden event: Surprise
  • Not visible: Hidden
  • Large part of the face: Forehead
  • Important or outstanding: Prominent
  • Derisive look or sarcastic smile: Sneer
  • Philosophy that puts people in the center: Humanism
  • Describing a permanent attribute: Inherent
  • Person checking accounts: Auditor
  • Person pursuing pleasure: Hedonist
  • Extreme and constant fear: Paranoia
  • Pattern of symptoms: Syndrome
  • Proven or sampled: Tested
  • Sacred chant: Mantra
  • Calm or stoic: Patient

Phrase: Photons remain trapped inside the sun for thousands of years.

Figgerits Level 35 Answers


  • The _, the better: Sooner
  • Not wholesale: Retail
  • Particular material or stuff: Substance
  • Unwilling, not eager: Reluctant
  • The act of enrollment at a college or university: Matriculation
  • (syn.) Sought-after, desirable: Enviable
  • Greed strong enough to be a sin: Avarice
  • To accumulate, build up: Accrue
  • An art movement from the late 19th century: Aestheticism
  • To determine the value of something: Assess
  • (syn.) Bizarre, dreamlike: Surreal
  • Gift from abroad: Souvenir
  • Using a bullet: Shot
  • Weak, light, aerial: Insubstantial
  • (past tense) To gleam or sparkle: Shone

Phrase: There are no seasons on Venus since its orbit is almost circular.

Figgerits Level 36 Answers


  • To look for hunt: Seek
  • It _ him a minute to figure out the riddle: Took
  • _ and effect: Cause
  • Relative of the guitar: Banjo
  • Commemorative carving: Engraving
  • To dote over, indulge: Pamper
  • It was such a _ lie: Blatant
  • To regret deeply: Lament
  • Very hard gem: Diamond
  • Huh? Excuse me? Pardon
  • Frivolous, careless: Flippant
  • To stick to something: Adhere
  • To reduce in rank: Demote
  • (3rd person) To make up one’s mind: Decides

Phrase: The Sakoku edict banned all traveling from and to Japan.

Figgerits Level 37 Answers


  • (syn.) Strike, blow: Hit
  • Not an original: Copy
  • (syn.) To start, begin: Commence
  • Old and frail: Decrepit
  • _ mildew: Powdery
  • David is her significant _: Other
  • Fashionable, chic: Trendy
  • Portable light: Torch
  • To make little noise while walking: Tiptoe
  • Mesmerizing or sleep-inducing: Hypnotic
  • (syn.) Subject, theme: Topic
  • Formal assessment: Report
  • Persuasive talking: Rhetoric
  • Prairie wolf: Coyote
  • Topping of a cake: Cherry

Phrase: They were determined to protect the city.

Figgerits Level 38 Answers


  • No _ is an island: One
  • Gap in the law: Loophole
  • Involuntary reaction: Reflex
  • Under legal age: Minor
  • Type of ballroom dance: Foxtrot
  • To end an official connection: Disaffiliate
  • Not informed: Unaware
  • Positive quality: Virtue
  • Practice in a theater: Rehearsal
  • An animal’s internal support structure: Endoskeleton
  • The opposite of affordable: Expensive
  • To stay away, abstain: Refrain
  • This pill will help you _ your pain: Alleviate
  • Socially outgoing: Extrovert
  • Presentation of ordinary things in a provocative manner: Sensationalism

Phrase: Life that used to exist on this planet will forever remain unknown.

Figgerits Level 39 Answers


  • Locomotive and carriages: Train
  • Milky gem: Opal
  • (syn.) Prudent, sensible, discerning: Judicious
  • Prophet or seer: Psychic
  • Euphemism for a curse word: Bloody
  • Advance knowledge: Foresight
  • To worship or cherish: Deify
  • Winner, the best at something: Champion
  • Safe and innocent, of no threat: Harmless
  • (plural) Short letters: Notes
  • To give directions: Command
  • I bought this dress just for this _: Occasion
  • Confused mixture: Jumble
  • Barely visible, almost gone: Faded

Phrase: Among all the animals on Earth, only humans are able to enjoy spicy food.

Figgerits Level 40 Answers


  • It was _ other than Dave: None
  • _ than that, it’s fine: Other
  • (syn.) Friendly, affectionate: Chummy
  • Referee’s device: Whistle
  • He ate a _ of sweets: Mouthfull
  • Strong belief in fate: Fatalism
  • Bank robbery: Heist
  • Small fleet: Flotilla
  • Medicine for skin conditions: Ointment
  • Funny TV show: Sitcom
  • Prehistoric remains: Fossil
  • Embalmed body: Mummy
  • You hit me, I hit you. Now we are _: Even
  • To apply warmth: Heat

Phrase: Everyone on Earth is at most fiftieth cousin with everyone else.

Extra Figgerits Level – Unusual Families Answers


  • Fluid for writing: Ink
  • Opposite of even: Odd
  • Payment given for a nominally free service: Honorarium
  • Circular movement of water: Eddy
  • Large trees bearing acorns: Oaks
  • _ medicine is based on the like-cures principle: Homeopathic
  • People exercise there: Gym
  • A piece of fabric: Cloth
  • Military disguise: Camouflage
  • Mythological nymph of the woods: Dryad
  • Frothy, _ waves: Foamy
  • Someone who composes plays or movies: Scriptwriter
  • Which animal spins webs? Spider
  • Descendant(s) of any living organism, offspring: Progeny
  • Resistant to the elements: Weatherproof

Phrase: Families with two daughters are the happiest. Researchers concluded that two girls are unlikely to fight and rarely annoy their parents.

Extra Figgerits Level – World Records Answers


  • Currency in the Philippines: Peso
  • To give an off-the-_ remark: Cuff
  • _ is used for string data in this app: Descriptor
  • Geek (syn.): Swot
  • Grand _ of Luxembourg: Duchy
  • Squid or octopus, for example: Cephalopod
  • What crosses a circle twice: Secant
  • Bird with a crown: Hoopoe
  • Who asks for the wine list immediately? Oenophilist
  • Type of pants: Palazzo
  • _ in house prices: Downturn
  • Happiness (syn.): Gratulation
  • She Stoops to _: Conquer
  • Seaweed gelatin: Agar
  • The process of growing apples: Fructification

Phrase: The world’s largest pizza had an area of 13,580.28 square feet. In Italy in 2012.

Extra Figgerits Level – Unique Customs Answers


  • What do you call a person who practices yoga? Yogi
  • Don’t believe the _: Hype
  • Usually the best friend of a woman who is getting married: Bridesmaid
  • You hear this played on military bases at sunset: Taps
  • A special type of horned cattle found in India: Zebu
  • What type of parasite is often carried by ticks? Sporozoite
  • Be sure to _ the guests as soon as they enter: Greet
  • An angry dog makes this noise: Snarl
  • Synonym: of sharpened: Honed
  • Fred’s _ with Lisa was completely one-sided: Infatuation
  • What can you call someone who seems old-fashioned? Fusty
  • These short roads go onto and off of a freeway (plural): Ramps
  • A legal term for a condition in a contract: Proviso
  • Intersecting lines at two points: Transversal

Phrase: Being early for the Venezuelans means the person is either overly eager or greedy.

Wrapping up

These would be all the answers for Level 31 to Level 40 of Figgerits. If you want more answers for the next 10 levels, I suggest you check this Figgerits Answers: Level 41 to Level 50. I will constantly update the solution for all levels as I play.

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