Figgerits Answers: Level 41 to Level 50

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Here are the answers for Figgerits from level 41 to level 50, to help you solve them all and unlock new and exciting levels.

Figgerits is a wonderful, tough, and incredibly popular word puzzle game that has left me puzzled more than a few times. I bet you’ve found yourself in a similar bind, which is why I’ve decided to step in and help.

If you need help with previous levels, check out Fingerits answers Level 31 to Level 40 article, to find all the solutions.

In this article, I’ll reveal the solutions to level 31 to level 40 Figgerits – just keep scrolling to see all the answers listed below.

Figgerits Level 41 Answers


  • To appear or to arrive somewhere: Come
  • Less than uncommon or unusual: Rare
  • To put an end to something: Abolish
  • To comment on a text: Annotate
  • The act of restricting or banning something: Interdiction
  • (plural) Money at the bank, bank _: Accounts
  • Bursting with joy: Ebullient
  • Answer to a problem: Solution
  • The proof of his guilt was weak and _: Circumstantial
  • To engulf food: Swallow
  • Capable of sound judgment: Sensible
  • Not sharp (angle or person): Obtuse
  • Pagan, not part of a widely held religion: Heathen
  • Surpass in greatness: Outshine
  • Assumption: Presupposition

Phrase: This whole situation turned out to be a storm in a teacup.

Figgerits Level 42 Answers


  • Mouse catcher: Trap
  • I’ve been _ in this house for years: Living
  • State-of-the-_ technology: Art
  • To prove to be false: Refute
  • This art had a huge _ on my life: Impact
  • Person with strong moral principles: Purist
  • To nurture pets before finding a new home: Foster
  • Liquid from fruit: Juice
  • Temporary impediment: Hitch
  • Even, silky to the touch: Smooth
  • Characteristic of a whole country: National
  • Admired by many people: Popular
  • Lacking animation or activity: Lifeless

Phrase: Jupiter has such a strong gravitational pull that it attracts most of the asteroids.

Figgerits Level 43 Answers


  • (plural) People usually have a 32 of them: Teeth
  • (3rd person) To have a meal: Eats
  • Closed, not ajar: Shut
  • To plot a crime: Connive
  • Wedding party: Reception
  • Whirlwind or whirlpool: Vortex
  • Something sweet to finish a dinner: Dessert
  • To live in harmony: Coexist
  • To supply, furnish: Provide
  • I can’t _ him to give up smoking: Convince
  • Commissioned soldier: Officer
  • Computer or mobile phone: Device
  • To achieve a goal: Succeed
  • (syn.) Skillful, capable: Able
  • Large room for lectures: Hall

Phrase: Once the Universe is devoid of all usable heat, it is expected to die.

Figgerits Level 44 Answers


  • Courtesy _ many doors: Opens
  • Come freely, go _: Safely
  • Not making a single sound: Silent
  • To display art: Exhibit
  • Hurricane in a desert: Sandstorm
  • Funny short story: Anecdote
  • To rest on the surface of water: Float
  • Dishonest seller: Hustler
  • Transport in the sky: Plane
  • Serving no purpose: Useless
  • Tooth doctor: Dentist
  • Edge of the sea: Shore
  • Vast land mass:Continent
  • To put up with something: Tolerate
  • (3rd person) To assume, imagine: Supposes
  • Stick to aid walking: Crutch

Phrase: Metal doesn’t spontaneously fuse on Earth because it has an oxide layer.

Figgerits Level 45 Answers


  • The former and the _: Latter
  • Fly-on-the-_ documentary: Wall
  • Neither a victory, nor a failure: Draw
  • Turning around an axis: Rotary
  • (syn.) Funny, anecdotal: Humorous
  • Unwilling to obey, uncooperative: Recalcitrant
  • To twist together: Entwine
  • To mean, aim: Intend
  • To articulate each word: Enunciate
  • The feeling of joy about someone else’s misfortune: Schadenfreude
  • (syn.) Inclination, propensity: Tendency
  • To menace, promise harm: Threaten
  • Snitches get _: Stitches
  • Something that ends a drought: Rain
  • Rodent pet: Hamster
  • Makeup step: Contour
  • Aggressive attitude named after a bird: Hawkishness

Phrase: Astronauts drink recycled water that comes from their showers.

Figgerits Level 46 Answers


  • (syn.) Standard, typical: Normal
  • To gain or to acquire money: Earn
  • Midterm _: Exam
  • Pensive, feeling blue: Wistful
  • Portion of a whole: Fraction
  • St. Peter or Alexander: Pope
  • To come from all directions, to envelop: Surround
  • Thick scarf: Muffler
  • He was so stressed, he finally had a _: Meltdown
  • Muscle spasm: Cramp
  • Sensible or objective: Realistic
  • Oak nut: Acorn
  • To keep and refuse to surrender: Withhold
  • (syn.) Roundabout, contingent: Indirect
  • Rattling noise, esp. in the kitchen: Clatter
  • To be successful in opposition: Thwart
  • Progress in the current profession: Career

Phrase: Pax Romana, or Roman peace, lasted for more than two centuries.

Figgerits Level 47 Answers


  • (past tense) To call or ring: Phones
  • A music term: Tone
  • A folklore story from the past: Legend
  • Miserable and inadequate: Pathetic
  • Symbol of medicine: Serpent
  • Regretful of sins: Penitent
  • Decomposing or tainted: Rotten
  • Mafdet’s head: Cheetah
  • A shanty or a crude house: Hut
  • A loud shout: Whoop
  • Pie nut: Pecan
  • Tendency to inaction: Inertia
  • Alluring woman or alarm sound: Siren
  • Somebody who was given something: Recipient
  • To understand a secret code: Decipher
  • Rear of a ship: Stern

Phrase: There were thirteen participants in the gunpowder plot.

Figgerits Level 48 Answers


  • Inhabitants of dwellers: Tenants
  • (syn) To provoke, insult: Taunt
  • Act of tempting strongly: Seduction
  • Everybody agreed, it was a _ decision: Unanimous
  • The ability to move objects with one’s mind: Telekineses
  • State of being married: Wedlock
  • Lump of some food: Dollop
  • Far from normal: Anomalous
  • Someone with an uncontrollable urge to steal: Kleptomaniac
  • High repute: Eminence
  • Fraudulent scheme: Swindle
  • To walk like a duck: Waddle
  • (plural) Autumn carving materials: Pumpkins
  • Lackluster, apathetic, indifferent: Unenthusiastic
  • (3rd person) To expand, broaden: Widens
  • A pool rod: Cue

Phrase: Ketchup was a medicine known as “tomato pills”.

Figgerits Level 49 Answers


  • Antonym of slow: Fast
  • To be the second one: Lose
  • One of the parents: Father
  • Toilet, loo: Washroom
  • I can’t hear them, we are out of _: Earshot
  • Cat-like: Feline
  • (syn.) Designer, author: Initiator
  • Humph! Snort
  • To try really hard: Strain
  • (syn.) The tiniest: Smallest
  • Sacred construction: Shrine
  • Equipment of war: Armament
  • To make something damp: Moisten
  • The opposite of glossy: Matte
  • Flight bonuses from credit cards: Miles

Phrase: No man is free who is not a master of himself.

Figgerits Level 50 Answers


  • House of an oyster: Shell
  • Mild, not hard: Soft
  • Not guilty: Innocent
  • It keeps mosquitoes away: Screen
  • Tool to cut grass: Scythe
  • Trusted advisor: Mentor
  • They were about to fight, I had to _: Interfere
  • (3rd person) To choose or to pick: Selects
  • There are lots of places to _ in this city: Sightsee
  • (syn.) A bit, somewhat: Slightly
  • True nature of something: Essence
  • Sealed so the water can’t enter: Hermetic
  • A reflexive pronoun for people in general: Oneself
  • Someone accused of disbelief: Infidel
  • (syn.) Hardly, only, just: Barely
  • Quality of not being hard: Softness

Phrase: The energy of the mind is the essence of life.

Extra Figgerits Level – Popular Myths Answers


  • Fake hair: Wig
  • For example, wakame or kombu: Kelp
  • Potty (syn.): Chamberpot
  • She held his hand firmly like a _: Vide
  • To slide (syn.): Slip
  • _ is a shorebird that nests only in the High Arctic: Sanderling
  • Everyone calls him Miste _-it-All: Know
  • Poisonous _ can paralyze humans with tetrodotoxin: Newts
  • Unintelligible (syn.): Incoherent
  • The board makes millions from the shares _: Buyout
  • She got the Blue _ for winning the event: Ribbon
  • Who thinks their nationality is the best? Chauvinist
  • Mass media is trying to _ up all the past details: Dredge
  • Encroacher (syn.): Captor
  • What surgical procedure lets one breathe? Tracheotomy

Phrase: Toads themselves have wart-like bumps on their skin, but they don’t secrete anything that can cause warts.

Wrapping up

These would be all the answers for Level 21 to Level 30 of Figgerits. If you want more answers for the next 10 levels, I suggest you check this page often, as I will constantly update the solution for all levels.

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