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The walkthrough for Sidetrails – The Unjust Sentence is here, and we’re ready to explore a quest that is co-dependent of the main story of An Elmwood Trail.

I know everyone is waiting eagerly for An Elmwood Trail Episode 2, because I am too, ever since I finished the walkthrough for An Elmwood Trail Episode 1. And if you’re done with that, check out An Elmwood Trail – Episode 2 Play With Fire Walkthrough.

These Sidetrails that the developers of An Elmwood Trail are going to be a good distraction till they manage to come up with Episode 2.

Finishing a sidetrail will unlock a new one, so follow me to reveal the mysteries behind all of them.

Sidetrails – The Unjust Sentence Walkthrough

Plot: A man convicted for stealing a $500,000 painting claims he is innocent.

As soon as you open the Unjust Sentence sidetrail you’ll receive a message from Gerard:

  • Hey Adam, it’s been a long time brother.
  • Wish the circumstances were a bit different. Would’ve loved to catch up on life but um… Cammy…
  • He is in some really deep shit and I can’t think of anyone but you to help me out on this.
  • You owe me one Lane, help me save my brother.
    • Anderson? How long has it been like? 12 years?
  • Somewhere around that, sorry for dropping a bomb on you.
  • Should have bought cookies for your wife and kid.
    • You and your sluggish humor never get old. What’s the deal?
  • I have spent all these years trying to be a damn good lawyer and I can’t seem to find a way out for Cammy.
  • I need your help, Adam.
    • You don’t have to ask twice. Tell me everything you know.
  • It’s Cameron..
  • He is in prison and has been charged with theft under section 72A. The stolen property in question is worth $500,000.
    • What did he do?
  • I have no idea and authorities are not telling me anything since he is still being investigated.
  • He didn’t do it… I know he would never…
    • What did he steal?
  • I have no idea what happened or how it happened.
  • I can’t get to him. Everyone seems to be in on it, I can feel it. I can’t get him out on bail. I’ve got nothing on me.
    • I’m really sorry that you have to go through all of this.
  • I want you to help me in getting Cameron out.
  • I plan to counterclaim the charges brought against Cammy. I just need someone to help me with the investigation.
  • I need more concrete evidence pointing towards Cameron’s innocence.
  • And to your surprise, I don’t know anyone better than you.
    • He is already in custody, from what you told me. It’ll be difficult to contact him.
  • Some high official from ADA has been appointed to investigate Cameron privately.
    • What? ADA?
  • Yes… You’ve got a history with ADA. I sense you’ve got a bone to pick with them so you’ll be willing to help me with this.
    • How do you know it’s ADA?
  • I had to bribe one of the officers… This is all he knew.
    • Well then I’m up for investigating this case.
  • Thanks really… You don’t know how much it means to me.
  • I knew you would help me.
    • Drinks on you later, right now we have a lot to figure out.
  • We need to find the exact charges against Cameron. I’m sure theft is not all that there is…
  • Also the evidence ADA has against him.
  • This information should give us the upper hand in this situation.
  • I’ll send a small case report that I have prepared till now.
    • Okay. Let’s get started.

As soon as Gerard goes offline you’ll receive a new file. You can click on the top pop-up notification or in the Sidetrails menu tap on the Files app.

Open the file Case Report and you’ll get a file downloaded that you need to decrypt. You need to put the 4 white square in each corner using the arrows on the sides.

Read Cameron’s file and take note of your next objective.

Sidetrails - The Unjust Sentence Cameron's File

Objective: Find out about the police officer in charge of the case.

Tap the name Matt Baxter name and you’ll be able to retrieve information about the officer and you’ll be able to contact Matt if you go to your Connections.

Objective: Find out Riverstone Police Department’s website.

To do that you need to go to your phone and tap on the Browser app. Then tap on the Riverstone Map and click on the pins to see what each location is.

Sidetrails - The Unjust Sentence Riverstone Police Map


Enter that address in the Browser and complete the new objective.

Objective: Find Matt Baxter’s contact from the website.

Tap on the magnifying glass on the Riverstone Police Department’s website and look for Matt’s contact by entering his information from your Connections file.

Rank: Sheriff
ID: 1312020

His info will show up and you can press the Contact to get to chat with him.

  • You are now chatting with Matt
    • Hello Officer Matt. This is Adam Lane from Lane & Murphy Investigations. I have a few questions for you.
  • Ahh… you detectives think that you can just text the police for anything you want.
  • I’m sick of PI’s hitting me up and expecting me to just give them what they need.
    • I want to talk about Cameron’s theft situation.
  • I’m tired of everyone coming up to me for that boy… What part of him being a thief don’t you get?
  • Yesterday, that lawyer brother of his came. I had to get security involved to get him out.
    • What can you tell me about his case?
  • I ain’t telling you nothing.
    • You met Gerard Anderson at the station.
  • You need to understand that there is hard evidence against Cameron.
    • I heard about the little chat you had with Gerard about who’s investigating Cameron.
  • What are you talking about?
  • I told him to get out but he kept on insisting. I had to call security.
    • Interesting. Gerard told me a few bucks made you speak about ADA being involved in investigating Cameron.
  • ADA? I have no idea about any of this.
    • I have a few connections in ADA. It won’t be hard to get this to them.
  • You’re messing with the wrong people here, Adam.
    • If ADA finds out that you told someone about them investigating Cameron…
  • You guys got what you wanted. What else do you need? That’s all I know man…
    • You know a lot if you know that ADA is working on this case.
  • How do you know so much about ADA?
    • I used to work for ADA. Got a lot of history there.
  • So you got fired? Can’t blame them
    • Questioning is my part, you can concentrate on answering
  • Was just getting to know you… Jeez
    • Why is ADA investigating Cameron and not the police?
  • How would I know that? I just know that someone from ADA was here a couple of nights ago…
    • How are the police letting ADA take over the investigation?
  • We got orders that some high official from ADA will handle the investigation. No questions asked. Period.
  • You might not know but ADA is everywhere. Most of the detectives working on different cases are from ADA.
    • Who is this official investigating Cameron from ADA?
  • I can’t tell you that. Telling you the name would risk a lot for me.
  • There is no way you can find out who this official is. It’s all confidential.
    • Isn’t there someone or someplace, I can get a clue of who this person is?
  • These details are usually on our portal but no way you are getting its access.
  • And I think this is enough. Good luck to you going against ADA.
  • Anyway, my wife and I have our anniversary today… Gotta go. Thanks for wasting my time!
    • I’ll ping you if I need any more details
  • Whatever… It’s an open ad shut case

Objective: Log into the portal to find out the ADA investigator.

To log into the Riverstone Police Department website, go to their site and press the little figure beside the magnifying glass. If you paid attention to the info about Matt Baxter, it said he married the love of his life (in 2008), and today it was their anniversary.

So enter his ID again 1312020 and today’s date (which is different from player to player). To find the date press the little diamond in the top left corner. Enter the day, month and the year (2008)

Sidetrails - The Unjust Sentence Riverstone Police Matt Baxter

Answer: Special Investigator (ADA) Vanessa (7193147)

Tap her name (the blue tag) and start talking to her.

  • You are now chatting with Vanessa
    • Hi Vanessa, it’s me Adam. Hope you still remember me.
  • Adam…? Is this actually you? It’s been 7 years.
    • Yes… It’s me. You look surprised.
  • Well, I am. Long time no see. How’s the private detective life treating you?
  • Speaking of which, how’s Amanda? Are you both still together?
    • Why? Looking to ask me out again?
  • You really need to get over yourself, and thanks for saving me from that mistake.
  • I see your firm isn’t doing very well. Can’t say the same thing about myself.
    • Vanessa James, the queen of ADA. Impressive, but remember, success isn’t everything. I made a choice I believe in, and I have no regrets.
  • Oh please, Adam. Don’t act bitter just because you couldn’t keep up.
  • You were always so confident after solving Brown’s murder case, but then your career took a nosedive.
    • ADA’s approach to cases didn’t sit well with me. At least I’m not tied to someone else giving orders like you are.
  • With the kind of police we have in Riverstone, ADA was necessary.
  • ADA alone is providing justice for everyone in Riverstone.
    • Maxwell made sure that cases that actually matter shouldn’t be approached by any detective.
  • Ada is about making a difference in our community. We carefully select cases based on their impact and potential to serve justice.
  • It’s not just about flashy headlines.
  • Maybe you were never worthy enough for ADA…
  • Anyway what made you test me today out of nowhere
    • Let’s cut to the chase. I want to discuss the latest case you’re handling involving a guy named Cameron.
  • I’m not investigating anyone that goes by that name who told you that?
    • Drop the act, Vanessa… I know you are working on this case.
  • How do you even know about it? This was supposed to be confidential.
    • The how doesn’t matter now, does it?
  • Why do you care about Cameron’s case anyway?
    • He is Gerard’s brother and he is innocent.
  • And who is Gerard?
    • Anderson, the law student. He aced all his exams.
  • Gerard, yes, I remember him. The one who always had some sort of superiority complex.
  • So, Cameron is his brother? Well, that explains a lot. Haha.
    • What is Cameron accused of stealing?
  • Why are you concerned?
  • Whatever it is… ADA is taking care of it.
    • You still owe me for the missing case of Ms Baker. It was under your name. I haven’t forgotten about that.
  • You just got me Justin’s number. This is way bigger than that.
  • And I know whatever you are up to. It’s gonna go against me.
    • Come on Vanessa. For old-time’s sake.
  • Okay. Fine. But this information will stay between us. Understood?
  • Cameron went to Mr. Branford’s mansion on 11th Jan to click a few photographs of their gallery which was getting renovated by the company where he worked.
  • As luck would have it, the theft took place the same night.
    • And what did he steal exactly?
  • We have the three pictures he took from his phone that day and strange enough, those three paintings were the ones that got stolen from Mr Branford’s collection.
  • They were worth around $500,000.
  • The whole family was vacationing. Except for their daughter Ellen Branford who was home that night.
  • That’s all. It’s obvious that he did it.
    • You are not suspecting Ellen?
  • The footage we got from one of the security camera is good enough to clear Ellen.
  • Got anything to say now?
    • And at what time did the theft take place?
  • Somewhere between 9:12 to 9:34
    • You shouldn’t trust all this blindly. You might have missed something.
  • It seems you just missed everything I just said. Trusting him is out of the question with all the evidence pointing towards him.
    • Can you share the evidence with me? Maybe I can find something useful.
  • You always think you are better than others.
  • After all this time, you haven’t changed a bit.
  • I can’t believe there was a time I actually had feelings for you.
  • Anyway, forget it. I won’t be sharing any evidence with you.
  • Ciao

After talking to Vanessa you realize something important. Go to your Deduction file to read on it and answer the questions.

Question: Is the evidence presented by Vanessa enough to prove Cameron guilty?
Answer: Probably yes.
Question: Could Branford’s daughter Ellen be a potential suspect?
Answer: She doesn’t have a motive
Question: The security cams went offline for 10 minutes during the theft…
Answer: Someone did it

Deduction: Vanessa is being too credulous to believe that Cameronis the oe behind the theft. The footage evidence clearly points at him but maybe there are missing pieces that hold the truth.

Objective: Talk to Gerard about your recent chat with Vanessa.

Go to you phone messages and start a conversation with Gerard:

  • Hey Anderson, I just had a chat with the official from ADA who is investigating your brother for this case. Turns out it’s none other than Vanessa James from collage and my ex-partner at ADA.
    • What?? Really?
    • I remember her. She always had some sort of a superiority complex.
    • I don’t expect any help from her.
  • I learned some details about the case from her and have prepared a short transcript.
  • Send the Transcript.
    • I went through the transcript. I know it looks like he did it but believe me. Cammy will never do something like this. He is innocent.
    • Someone is framing him for this or someone made him do it.
  • I believe you. I also feel something is missing.
    • I know but before I forget I was able to manage to get the evidence police and ADA have against Cammy.
  • What evidence?
    • These are the images of the frames clicked by Cammy.
    • Anyway… I’m sending you the images. Just have a look…
  • I’ll check these and get back to you.

Objective: Decrypt the images to view the evidence.

Go to your Files and tap on Snaps to open the file. Decrypt by solving the puzzle, sending each white square to their place.

Sidetrails - The Unjust Sentence Snaps Decrypt Puzzle

You’ll be able to see the pics Cameron took of the paintings that day. Now go back to Gerard’s conversation to talk about these.

  • This cannot be all the evidence they have. There must be more.
    • Exactly! He was supposed to take these photographs. They must be having some concrete evidence other than this.
    • Do you think Vanessa can help us?
  • No, she has already made it clear.
    • I understand, can’t expect anything more from someone as egoistic as her
    • I found out about the CCTV surveillance company hired by the Branford.
    • Goes by the name of Safecam Tech.
  • How do we make our way inside?
    • I knew a guy in this company. Had to grease his palm to get the information out about where they keep their data.
    • is the website.
    • But the issue is how do we log in?
  • I’ll try to get the ID. But still we would need to figure out the password.
    • I bet it’s their daughter’s name. I have heard about how much they love her.
  • I think I‘ll give it a look then. Maybe I can find a way in.

Go to your Deduction file and start answering those questions.

Question: Cameron clicked those photos to set up a plan to steal the pictures.
Answer: Insufficient evidence
Question: Can Vanessa be trusted?
Answer: Yes
Question: How can I access the security footage of that day?
Answer: Safecam website

Deduction: Relying solely on these three photographs isn’t sufficient to conclude that Cameron orchestrated this. Gaining access to the safecam website might provide the means to collect the necessary video evidence.

Go to your phone’s Browser and enter the website.

One of the pictures Cameron took has a cam in the top left corner. Enter that code for the Device ID: AE71244. Then use Braford’s daughter’s name as the password: Ellen

Tap the Jan 11 file and the 9:00 PM as that’s when Vanessa said the theft happened. Download the file and go to your Files to view the Safecam footage.

Solve the puzzle to decrypt the file and be able to see the evidence video of the theft.

Sidetrails - The Unjust Sentence Video Decrypt Puzzle

After you watch the video, you need to tap the unidentified object so you get more info you can use. There’s a white rectangle under the white vase at 9:13, right before the camera glitches.

Tapping on it to enhance the image will reveal new evidence that will be send to your Files. And it’s a driver’s license of someone named Branford Cole. Unlocking a new deduction for you.

Question: The ID card found in the glitchy footage when the theft happened, belonged to
Answer: The thief
Question: He dropped his ID card and went back to get it but he knocked over the vase
Answer: It’s Cole Branford
Question: The thief is Cole Branford. Someone from the Branford family must have helped him.
Answer: Yes, but why?

Deduction: The ID card confirms that someone else was there. Cameron isn’t the thief. Cole must have framed Cameron by getting him into the mansion during those hours and cutting off the security cams. Someone from the Branford family must have helped him.

Go back to Gerard and tell him what you found.

  • This is it. I know who did it.
    • What?? Who did it? What do you have?
  • It’s a guy named Cole Branford. He cut the evidence where he stole the frames and his ID was visible. Here is all the evidence you need!
    • YES… this is it. I just need to find out who he is and why he framed Cammy. I’m sure I will win this case.
    • You were able to get the footage they were holding against Cammy?
  • I was only able to get the gallery footage because of the camera in the pictures you sent me. But that was enough to find the real culprit.
    • I can never question your skills. Let’s turn this around for my boy and meet up at Margerie’s this weekend.
  • I owed you one Anderson. I still remember the afterparty, freshman year, you saved me. I was a wreck back then
    • What was her name? Kayleigh Mathew?… Hahaha
    • You definitely owe me for that
  • You’ve got what you needed. Now go get your brother out.
    • Yes, I’ll get back to you after the hearing.

After the hearing

  • Hey Adam, guess what
  • We won and Cammy is out.
  • I told him everything and he was so thankful for everything you did for him.
  • You saved him.
    • It’s all your hard work and dedication that paid off and got Cammy out.
  • I can’t express how happy I feel.
  • Thanks a lot!
    • Forget it and first tell me who stole the paintings?
  • You are not gonna believe it…
  • It was Mr. Branford who got it done. He got his own collection stollen.
    • What? But how and why would he get his own paintings stolen?
  • Exactly! Remember the guy whose ID you gave me… Cole?
  • Turns out he is Mr.Branford’s nephew. Once we presented the footage with his ID in it, Cole couldn’t keep up with his lies. We had the balls rolling in our favor.
  • He said Mr. Branford made him do it. Apparently, a couple months ago he went broke, he spent all his fortunes gambling. He planned the entire thing himself.
    • Why not sell the collection?
  • He wanted to maximize his profits.
  • Those 3 paintings were insured for theft. He orchstrated the entire thing to make it look like his collection got stolen to claim the insurance money. While still keeping his assets to himself.
  • It was a smart move.
  • Only piece missing was someone to blame this on. His wife was getting the gallery renovated and Cammy was just there at the right time.
  • They told Cameron exactly what they needed him to do to look guilty. Cole did the dirty for Mr. Branford. No one suspected them of stealing their own property.
    • Wow looks like he had it all planned out
  • He had… But we got him anyway
  • Are you gonna talk to Vanessa about this?
    • I will talk to her once. I hope she’ll be willing to talk.
  • You should… She was not looking good. I hope she didn’t suffer a stroke after. Just kidding.
  • Anyway… We are definitely catching up for a few drinks this week.
    • Absolutely! All on you my guy.

Now you can go and talk to Vanessa and give her some closure.

  • Hey Nessa. I heard what happened at the hearing.
    • Are you here to tell me that you were right then? Cut me some slack and go away.
  • Gerald told me how you almost had a stroke. So I just wanted to check in on you.
    • You must be amused by this.
  • You should never believe these famous names so easily. They are always hiding something.
    • It’s hard to believe a rich man would go to such lengths to orchestrate his own property being stolen.
  • How did Maxwell react when he found out about everything?
    • He’s always upset when ADA loses a case, but he was also somewhat surprised, just like me, when he discovered Mr. Branford’s involvement.
    • But yeah he said he was disappointed
    • It was my mistake. I shouldn’t have been so gullible despite what I witnessed. A detective should never be that naive.
  • Well, well… Miss Vanessa admits that she made a mistake. I recall how you threw me under the bus in front of Maxwell when we were solving our last case together…
    • You literally messed up that case. You could have figured everything out days earlier.
  • Ada shouldn’t have stopped Gerard from meeting his own brother.
    • Those things are not in my control Adam. That’s how things work here.
  • Anyway, maybe we can grab a coffee someday. Once you have recovered from this loss.
    • Actually, I’m trying to put a hold on caffeine for a bot. Maybe we can grab those bagels we used to have. Sunday maybe…?
    • By the way, thanks a lot for checking in on me.
    • We always had a bittersweet relationship. You are a good friend. I have to admit it.
  • I’m ready to say the same if it’s your treat on Sunday 🙂
    • Oh… It’s my treat for sure. I don’t want to see a struggling man pay for my bagel.
    • Unlike you, some people have work to do. So I’ll see you on Sunday 🙂
  • You must be busy losing cases. See you on Sunday!

One last deduction is ready for you. Go to your deduction file and check it out.

Question: Who got the painting stolen?
Answer: Mr. Branford
Question: ADA knew about Mr. Branford’s involvement but turned a blind eye.
Answer: ADA was not aware
Question: Get a bagel with Vanessa on Sunday.
Answer: Yes

Deduction: Mr. Branfor got the paintings stolen with help of Cole Branford while Cameron got framed deliberately. Vanessa lost the case but learnt a lesson to never blindly trust every detail in front of you.

Wrapping up

Solving the case should be police work, but as you’ll see in this walkthrough for Sidetrails – The Unjust Sentence if they don’t bother looking closer, they might get the wrong guy.

I’m sure you’ll be curious as well about Adam’s next case, and I’ll meet you back here for a new walkthrough on Sidetrails – Silent Scream. Sounds spooky, but intriguing! Can’t wait!


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