IQ Boost: Training Brain Games Level 76 – Level 100 Answers

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IQ Boost level 76 to level 100 is starting to become harder with every level. Lucky for you I’m here to give you the answers you need.

The last 25 levels weren’t much different as you could see in my article for IQ Boost level 51 to level 75 answers.

In order to advance further and become a professional at this game you’ll need a bit of help from me. So make sure you check out my answers below if you get stuck.

IQ Boost Level 76 Answer

Request: A hare can eat a carrot in 30 seconds. How much can it eat in 10 minutes?
Solution: 0 because those are not carrots.

IQ Boost Level 77 Answer

Request: Open the bottle of champagne!
Solution: Shake your phone and the cork would fly out.

IQ Boost Level 78 Answer

Request: The left candle, 10 cm long, burns for 2 hours. The right candle – 20 cm, burns for 5 hours. How long does it take for the candles to be the same length?
Solution: 5h, they would both be flat.

IQ Boost Level 79 Answer

Request: Move 1 match to get the largest possible number
Solution: One match from 8 is removed to turn into 9, and put on the 3 to turn the 3 into 9 also and get the number 959.

IQ Boost Level 80 Answer

Request: Hit the target with the cannon
Solution: Pick 45 degrees then move the target over the spot it landed and try again. The second one will hit the target.

IQ Boost Level 81 Answer

Request: Check if this crown is made of pure gold
Solution: Submerge the crown in the water and click on the line where the level of water rise. Then submerge the gold ingot and do the same.

IQ Boost Level 82 Answer

Request: Help the mouse get out!
Solution: Swipe your finger over the cork, then pinch the mouse to shink, then turn your phone upside down so it can fall out of the bottle.

IQ Boost Level 83 Answer

Request: Find your way to the treasure
Solution: Drag the compass over the map, then the telescope, then the candle a few times, then the red crayon, and tap the red X.

IQ Boost Level 84 Answer

Request: Divide the items into groups.
Solution: 1. Ladybug – red flower – red shoe – helicopter – mushroom
2. Dolphin – blue butterfly – blue heart – whale – freezing smiley
3. Lion – cheese – yellow flower – party smiley – sunflower

IQ Boost Level 85 Answer

Request: Kill the fly!
Solution: Put a finger on the screen and keep it there till the fly comes under it, then tap with another finger on it.

IQ Boost Level 86 Answer

Request: Piece a hummingbird together!
Solution: The tale, beak, and wings are the easiest to put back. Then the other pieces will fit in easier. Pinch the screen to zoom out and find the last missing piece.

IQ Boost Level 87 Answer

Request: Solve the task
Solution: The orange is 7. So 7+7=14

IQ Boost Level 88 Answer

Request: What time is it now?
Solution: Ignore the clock on the wall and look at your own watch and write the time.

IQ Boost Level 89 Answer

Request: Connect matching items.
Solution: Lion – steak
Koala – bamboo leaf
Banana – Monkey
Hamster – swipe to get to the peanuts on the left
Cheese – swipe to get to the eyebrow-raising smiley

IQ Boost Level 90 Answer

Request: How to get into the cafe?
Solution: Tap the CLOSED sign to write OPEN instead

IQ Boost Level 91 Answer

Request: Balance the scales
Solution: Double-tap all the balls to take them away till none is left and the scales are balanced.

IQ Boost Level 92 Answer

Request: Tap the blue button 10 times and then the red button 3 times
Solution: Actually blue is tapped till 11 is above it, then red 3 times.

IQ Boost Level 93 Answer

Request: Connect matching items.
Solution: Drag your finger from one animal to the next, without taking your finger off and until you connect all animals.

IQ Boost Level 94 Answer

Request: Find a black cat in the dark room.
Solution: Turn on the lantern and move it all around till the cat shows up to follow the light.

IQ Boost Level 95 Answer

Request: How many times will you have to lift your leg to climb these stairs?
Solution: 0

IQ Boost Level 96 Answer

Request: Turn on the light!
Solution: Swipe the lightbulb a few times to screw it back in. Then you can tap the switch to turn it on.

IQ Boost Level 97 Answer

Request: Light up all the bulbs!
Solution: Pinch the red button next to the bigger light bulb, to make the button bigger. Now you can light the other bulb too.

IQ Boost Level 98 Answer

Request: How many holes are there in the pants?
Solution: 11, if you count the natural holes.

IQ Boost Level 99 Answer

Request: Help the turtle win the race!
Solution: Put two of your fingers over the bunny and cat to hold them so the turtle can advance alone.

IQ Boost Level 100 Answer

Request: Lift the barbell!
Solution: Use three fingers to lift the barbell.

Wrapping up

Here’s my video for all these 25 levels, in case you need a better view of how I solved them myself.

Looking forward to more levels in IQ Boost? I’m sure I’ll be able to write an article for IQ Boost level 101 to level 125 answers soon enough for you.

See you back on my next article, in case you need a bit of help from me!


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