IQ Boost: Training Brain Games Level 51 – Level 75 Answers

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The next 25 answers for IQ Boost from level 51 to level 75 are waiting for you to help you move further in the game.

In my last video for IQ Boost answers for levels 25 to level 50 I showed you how tricky some of the solutions can be.

This article will explain a few more tricky levels so you can understand what you need to do to solve each level. So follow closely to make sure you pass all these levels.

IQ Boost Level 51 Answer

Request: What is the minimum number of cuts needed to get 8 pieces?
Solution: 3

IQ Boost Level 52 Answer

Request: Tap on the objects one by one from the smallest to the largest
Solution: Cherry – Clock – Ball – Earth – Sun

IQ Boost Level 53 Answer

Request: Match the items with their shadows.
Hammer – tractor – croissant – flask – butterfly
Banana – UFO – pill – train – caterpillar

IQ Boost Level 54 Answer

Request: Find all objects

IQ Boost Level 54

IQ Boost Level 55 Answer

Request: Win the race!
Solution: Move the finish line on your lane closer to your car.

IQ Boost Level 56 Answer

Request: Find all the symbols on the screen @

IQ Boost Level 56

IQ Boost Level 57 Answer

Request: Get ready for the weekend!
Solution: Move all TO DO stickers to the DONE side. Take all the pizzas and shut off the PC.

IQ Boost Level 58 Answer

Request: How to cross the river?
Solution: Swipe to go to the right where you can find a bridge over the river.

IQ Boost Level 59 Answer

Request: Heads or tails
Solution: Drag both buttons over each other to form one single button then press it to win.

IQ Boost Level 60 Answer

Request: How many leaves are there on the tree?
Solution: Shake your phone and the leaves will fall so you can enter the answer 0.

IQ Boost Level 61 Answer

Request: Light up all the bulbs!

IQ Boost Level 61

IQ Boost Level 62 Answer

Request: Get exactly 15 points!
Solution: Swipe to the left to find another dice and sum up 15 (3+6+6)

IQ Boost Level 63 Answer

Request: Tap on all the same cards in pairs!

Sun – Money – Cheese – Cherry
Clock – Sun – Money – Clock
Cherry – Cheese – Lemon – Lemon

IQ Boost Level 64 Answer

Request: Help the little mouse get out of the jar
Solution: Turn your phone upside down and the mouse will fall out.

IQ Boost Level 65 Answer

Request: How much hair does the kid have?
Solution: Drag the hair in the front away and she’ll be left with only 3.

IQ Boost Level 66 Answer

Request: Jump over the canyon!
Solution: Press the Jump button twice.

IQ Boost Level 67 Answer

Request: Jump over the canyon!
Solution: Drag the writing in between the two lands and click jump twice after.

IQ Boost Level 68 Answer

Request: Lure the beast out of the box!
Solution: Pick up the rock on the right side of the doghouse and lure the “beast” out with that cheese you find under.

IQ Boost Level 69 Answer

Request: Grow some oranges!
Solution: Twirl the arrows of the clock so the time passes faster.

IQ Boost Level 70 Answer

Request: What number is shaded?
Solution: Rub the red spot off to reveal the number 8.

IQ Boost Level 71 Answer

Request: Put all the foodstuffs in the fridge
Solution: Cake, cheese, salami, milk, bananas, and the word “foodstuffs”

IQ Boost Level 72 Answer

Request: What day is it today?
Solution: Zoom out, that’s actually a thumbtack on a chair so it’s April 1st.

IQ Boost Level 73 Answer

Request: Light up all the bulbs

IQ Boost Level 73

IQ Boost Level 74 Answer

Request: Connect matching items.
Solution: Party smiley – gift
UFO – alien
Mouse – cheese
Compass – boat
Pixel art – joystick
Zombie – brain

IQ Boost Level 75 Answer

Request: Kill the boss!
Solution: Shrink the boss by pinching the screen and hit it with the weapons till he’s done.


In case you get stuck with these explanations, I made a video that you can watch below to see how I made it past all these levels.

I guess we’ll see each other again o my next article for IQ Boost answers for level 76 to level 100 so you can pass all levels and become a master in this game.


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