IQ Boost: Training Brain Games Level 26 – Level 50 Answers

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Back to you with more IQ Boost answers for level 26 to level 50, so you can advance further and not get stuck on any levels.

Just like IQ Boost answers for level 1 to level 25, these levels are fun to play and discover the tricks to get to the right answer.

Make sure you take a look at these next 25 levels in case you don’t know the answer to one of them. I tried my best to explain the process and I also added a video of me playing at the end.

IQ Boost Level 26 Answer

Request: Press the red and blue button 10 times
Solution: You tap on the red button (left) 2 times, Blue button (right) 2 times, Red – 2 times, Blue – 2 times, Red – 2 times, Blue – 2 times, Red – 2 times, Blue – 2 times, Red – 2 times, Blue – 2 times.

IQ Boost Level 27 Answer

Request: Connect matching items.
Solution: Surfer – Wave, Mouse – Chese, Door – Key.

IQ Boost Level 28 Answer

Request: Tap on the button that says “1000”
Solution: Drag the red button down and tap on the Blue button with 1000 on.

IQ Boost Level 29 Answer

Request: Make the flower happy!
Solution: Move the clouds away so the sun can shine.

IQ Boost Level 30 Answer

Request: Connect matching items.
Solution: Nose blowing smiley – pill, sleeping smiley – bed, Cold smiley – beach, clown – circus tent.

IQ Boost Level 31 Answer

Request: Pair the socks!
Solution: Swipe the screen so you can find more socks to match.

IQ Boost Level 32 Answer

Request: Complete the level!
Solution: Tap the clock till it goes over 59:59

IQ Boost Level 33 Answer

Request: Connect matching items.
Solution: Great Britain flag – Sandwich, Germany flag – roast, China flag – rice.

IQ Boost Level 34 Answer

Request: Balance the scales
Solution: Blue – Yellow – Green + Red – White – Green

IQ Boost Level 35 Answer

Request: Crack the code lock!
Solution: Blue tells you when one is correct and wrongfully placed. Green + Blue together is when one number is correct and placed in the right spot: 537

IQ Boost Level 36 Answer

Request: Which hand is the candy in?
Solution: Tap both hands fast, one after the other.

IQ Boost Level 37 Answer

Request: Place the missing objects!


  • Lemon – Apple – Cherry
  • Apple – Lemon – Apple
  • Cherry – Apple – Lemon

IQ Boost Level 38 Answer

Request: Pick the Lock!
Solution: Tap on each spring in this order: 35241

IQ Boost Level 39 Answer

Request: Complete the group with the right items.
Solution: Sunflower – Mushroom – Boat

IQ Boost Level 40 Answer

Request: Divide the items into groups.

  • Chemistry flask to the girl with a lab coat.
  • Knife to the Cook.
  • Corn – Cook
  • Flask – Lab girl
  • Croisant – Cook
  • Protection glasses – Lab girl
  • Microscope – Lab girl
  • Salad – Cook

IQ Boost Level 41 Answer

Request: Which item is extra?
Solution: Meat – Corn – Pizza

IQ Boost Level 42 Answer

Request: Match the items with their shadows.
Solution: 1. Yellow Flower 2. Umbrella 3. Red Flower 4. Mushroom

IQ Boost Level 43 Answer

Request: How many differences are there between these pictures?
Solution: 0 the pictures are identical.

IQ Boost Level 44 Answer

Request: Grab the candy!
Solution: Move the pinata to the left to find a bat and then hit the pinata with the bat.

IQ Boost Level 45 Answer

Request: Guide the kitten to the ball

  • Left arrow once
  • Up arrow 7 times
  • Right arrow 11 times
  • Down arrow 2 times.

IQ Boost Level 46 Answer

Request: Beat your opponent!
Solution: Tap the Roll button twice fast to get another dice.

IQ Boost Level 47 Answer

Request: How many triangles can you see?
Solution: 8. Move the yellow green triangles out of the way to find new ones behind.

IQ Boost Level 48 Answer

Request: Lift the weight!
Solution: Double tap the number and click on 0 then try and lift it.

IQ Boost Level 49 Answer

Request: Put all the letters together to make a word.
Solution: VICTORY. Drag your finger across the screen starting from V and ending with Y to form the word.

IQ Boost Level 50 Answer

Request: How many green dots were shown?
Solution: Unfortunately it’s never the same answer, just try and guess it.


This next video is going to help you understand how I solved all these levels for IQ Boost levels 26 to level 50.

For the next levels just keep a close watch on my next articles on IQ Boost answers level 51 to level 75, and you’ll have no problem advancing further in the game.

You’ll be able to play and become a real pro, even if you need a little bit of help at times from articles like this, I’m happy to help you get to the highest levels.


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