IQ Boost: Training Brain Games Level 1 – Level 25 Answers

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Here are your answers for IQ Boost Training Brain Games level 1 to level 25. I’m sure you’ve been looking for them.

The game offers lots of fun levels and you can only advance if you find the answer to your current level. So that’s why I’m here with the first 25 levels and I’m planning to offer you more.

Follow closely these IQ Boost answers starting with level 1 to get a hang of how the game is played and you’ll see that most are pretty easy at the start.

IQ Boost Level 1 Answer

Request: Tap on the largest drop
Solution: Drag all the drops together till you make the biggest drop you can.

IQ Boost Level 2 Answer

Request: Find an odd object!
Solution: Tap on the snow globe.

IQ Boost Level 3 Answer

Request: Crack open the treasure chest!
Solution: Swipe to the right so it shows you the right side of the screen where you can find a key.

IQ Boost Level 4 Answer

Request: Assemble a house from pieces.
Solution: The puzzle is not too hard and it doesn’t have any tricks either.

IQ Boost Level 5 Answer

Request: How many puppies are there on the screen?
Solution: Move a few of the puppies away and you can see 8 puppies on the screen.

IQ Boost Level 6 Answer

Request: Which color can you mostly see?
Solution: Beige as the background color.

IQ Boost Level 7 Answer

Request: How to hide an elephant in a box?
Solution: Pinch the elephant with two fingers to shrink it.

IQ Boost Level 8 Answer

Request: Find the differences: 0/5

IQ Boost Level 8

IQ Boost Level 9 Answer

Request: Tap on the objects in the right order:
Solution: Drum – Sunglasses – Mouse – Mirror – Scissors – Puppy – Football – Apple

IQ Boost Level 9

IQ Boost Level 10 Answer

Request: Tap on the yellow circle.
Solution: Drag the Red circle (Black) over the Green circle (White) it will transform in yellow.

IQ Boost Level 11 Answer

Request: Wake up the owl!
Solution: Drag the sun under the tree so the night can come when owls wake up.

IQ Boost Level 12 Answer

Request: Save the little mammoth!
Solution: Rub your finger over the phone where the cube of ice is, to melt it.

IQ Boost Level 13 Answer

Request: The train was left without a driver. Where will you send it to?
Solution: Drag the man standing to the train so he can drive it.

IQ Boost Level 14 Answer

Request: Hide everything in the box
Solution: Drag everything inside the box: Sunglasses, clock, dice, cherry, the lid and the writing “Hide everything in the box

IQ Boost Level 15 Answer

Request: Which emoji is different from the rest?
Solution: Drag the lowest emoji to the side to find a new different emoji.

IQ Boost Level 16 Answer

Request: Guess the number that falls on the die
Solution: 5

IQ Boost Level 17 Answer

Request: Which glass has less water?
Solution: Drag each item out of the water and you’ll see that the one that used to have a clock inside has less water than the other glasses.

IQ Boost Level 18 Answer

Request: Find a panda!
Solution: Zoom out to see more animals and a panda on the left.

IQ Boost Level 19 Answer

Request: Help the turtle!
Solution: Turn your phone upside down in your hand.

IQ Boost Level 20 Answer

Request: Where is the darkest shade?
Solution: The writing “Where is the darkest shade?” has the darkest shade.

IQ Boost Level 21 Answer

Request: Find a cat!
Solution: In the lower right corner.

IQ Boost Level 21

IQ Boost Level 22 Answer

Request: How many differences are there in these pictures?
Solution: 7

IQ Boost Level 23 Answer

Request: You have to defuse the bomb!
Solution: Click on each wire of the color accordingly with the color of the time on the bomb.

IQ Boost Level 24 Answer

Request: Arrange all the coins so that one wallet has twice as many of them as the other.
Solution: Put two in each wallet, then put the small wallet into the big wallet.

IQ Boost Level 25 Answer

Request: Find a pattern and select items in order!
Solution: Hammer – Sock – Thermometer – Phone – Smiley face

If you wanna see how I solved these levels, check out my video below with all the answers for IQ Boost Level 2 to level 25.

Come back to my website if you want to see more answers for the next few levels. I’ll be posting IQ Boost level 26 to level 50 answers soon enough.

If you encounter any more problems I can read your thoughts in the comment section below. I’m sure I can give you a hand to understand it better.


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