Boba Story Magic Den Recipes: ALL Ingredients to Mix

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As a huge Boba tea lover, I have to admit that I have spent way too many hours playing the amazing Boba Story game. And things get even more addictive and interesting once you unlock the Magic Den and you can mix various ingredients for truly special Boba Teas.

Today, we’re going to check out all the Boba Story recipes that you can create in the Magic Den. Many new ones are added by the devs with new updates and I will try to also update this list as often as possible.

Boba Story Tea Making

At the same time, there might be some Boba Story Magic Den recipes that I haven’t found yet. If you managed to find one that is not listed below, please share it with us all in the comments section below!

With all these in mind, let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out all the existing recipes in the game.

Boba Story Magic Den Recipes List

You unlock the Magic Den after earning 1,500 leaves in the game. Here, using trinkets, you create experiments which can result in new (and delicious tea varieties).

To save you the trouble of going through endless trial and error actions, I am listing all the Boba Story recipes you can create:

Bee Boba: 2x Bees + Tapioca Jar

bee boba recipe in Boba Story

Black and White Cat: Cloud + Milk + Tapioca Jar

Brown Cat Boba: Tapioca Jar + Soda + Milk

Chick: 2x Chick + Tapioca Jar

Cloud boba: 2x Cloud + Tapioca Jar

Cow: Milk + Chick + Tapioca Jar

Deer: Tapioca Jar + Flower + Mushroom

Diamond: Planet + Tapioca Jar + Dinosaur

Dinosaur Boba: 2x Dinosaur + Tapioca Jar

dinosaur boba recipe in Boba Story

Dragon: Dinosaur + Cloud + Tapioca Jar

Dragon Fruit Boba: Mushroom + Dinosaur + Tapioca Jar

Flower: 2x Flower + Tapioca Jar

Frog: Frog + 2x Tapioca Jar

Galaxy Boba: Star + Tapioca Jar + Planet

Gummy Bears: 3x Bear trinkets

Heart Boba: 2x Heart + Tapioca Jar

Ice-Cream: Sugar Cube + Milk + Tapioca Jar

ice cream boba recipe in Boba Story

Lychee Soda: 3x Soda

Moon: Planet + Tapioca Jar + Heart

Mushroom: Mushroom + Heart + Tapioca Jar

Panda: Tapioca Jar + Bear + Bee

Pig Boba: 2x Pig + Tapioca Jar

Pink Dinosaur Boba: Heart + Tapioca Jar + Dinosaur

Planet: 2x Planet + Tapioca Jar

Polar Bear: Soda + Tapioca Jar + Bear

Puppy: Bear + Tapioca Jar + Chick

Rainbow Heart Boba: Heart + Star + Tapioca Jar

rainbow heart boba recipe in Boba Story

Star: 2x Star + Tapioca Jar

Strawberry Cow Boba: Soda + Tapioca Jar + Bee

Sunflower: Star + Flower + Tapioca Jar

Unicorn Boba: 2x Soda + Tapioca Jar

White Cat: Tapioca Jar + Soda + Heart

white cat boba recipe in Boba Story

Pineapple Boba: 2x Pineapple + Tapioca Jar

Boba Story Magic Den Syrup Recipes

There are also Syrups you can craft in the Magic Den, and I am listing the found recipes below.

Flower Syrup: flower + sugar cube

Frog Syrup: 2x frog + sugar cube

Galaxy Syrup: star + planet + sugar cube

Glitter Syrup: 2x star + cloud

Heart Syrup: 2x heart + sugar cube

Polar Bear Syrup: bear + soda + sugar cube

Rainbow Syrup: heart + star + sugar cube

Rose Petals Syrup: flower + bee + sugar cube

Sakura Petals Syrup: 2x flower + soda

Boba Story Magic Den Toppings & More Recipes

Finally, here are the recipes for the toppings you can craft in the Magic Den, as well as other things (like Jelly and such). Just like all the recipes above, I am listing them all in alphabetical order.

Dragon Cream: Cloud + Dino + Milk

Gummy Bears: 3x Bears

Honey: 3x Bee

Marshmallows: Sugar Cube + 2x Chick

Mushroom Jelly: 2x Mushroom + Sugar Cube

Oreo Creme Brule: Sugar Cube + 2x Milk

Pineapple: 3x Pineapple

Pineapple Jelly: 2x Pineapple + Sugar Cube

Rose Petals: 3x Flowers

Sakura Petals: 2x Flowers + Heart

Sprinkles: Pineapple + Heart + Honeybee

Whipped Cream: 3x Milk Cartons

Wrapping up

And this is it! These are all the Boba Tea recipes, as well as other recipes that I have found in Boba Story. Knowing these, you can now easily head over to the Magic Den and create your perfect concoction.

If you find any other recipes that are not listed above (or if you find that any of the recipes no longer work), let us all know by sharing your comments below.

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