Nobodies: After Death Mission 4 Walkthrough

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Another walkthrough for yet another mission on Nobodies – After Death is ready for you. All you have to do is follow my instructions step-by-step and you’ll be able to finish it in no time.

You’ll notice this mission is a bit more complex than the walkthrough I did for Nobodies – After Death mission 3. But it’s also more fun to solve.

Make sure you don’t miss any steps in the walkthrough I wrote for you. If you follow this closely you’ll be able to complete mission 4 Operation Undertaker with no problems at all.

Nobodies – After Death Walkthrough Mission 4 – Operation Undertaker

Nobodies - After Death Mission 4 Walkthrough Gates
  • Take the map on the table to your left and grab the garbage bin.
  • You can now take a look at the map in the upper right corner next to the phone.
Nobodies - After Death Mission 4 Walkthrough Map
  • Click on the tomb marked with 3 and you’ll find the dead body.
Nobodies - After Death Mission 4 Walkthrough Tomb
  • Take the rug and the dead body.
  • Go to your inventory and put the dead body into the garbage bin.
  • Open the map again and click on the building marked with 1.
Nobodies - After Death Mission 4 Walkthrough Gardening Shed
  • Put the rug over the sleeping man’s feet and then take the keys hanging on the wheelbarrow.
  • Use the keys to open up the gardening shed and go inside.
Nobodies - After Death Mission 4 Walkthrough Shed Inside
  • Take the pliers from the shelf next to the door.
  • And the adjustable wrench from the shelf to the left.
  • Click on the electric panel and use the pliers to cut off the first and middle wires
  • Tie the first wire with the timer set on 0:29 to the middle wire.
  • Go back, look at the map again, and tap on the area marked with C.
Nobodies - After Death Mission 4 Walkthrough Cemetery
  • Use the adjustable wrench to get the broken fence.
  • Move to the area marked with B on the map.
Nobodies - After Death Mission 4 Walkthrough Cemetery Burial
  • Use the broken fence on the casket to move the lid to the side.
  • Dump the body after you take it out from the garbage bin inside the casket.
  • Go back to the area marked C and put back the broken fence.
  • Go back to the gardening shed in the area marked 1, enter the shed, and use the pliers to put the wires back like they used to be.
  • Now put back the adjustable wrench and pliers exactly where you took them from.
  • Go outside, close the door, lock it with the keys, and put the keys back on the wheelbarrow.
  • Take back the rug and go to the tomb marked with 3.
  • Put the rug back on the floor of the tomb and go to the entrance, marked with 2 on the map.
  • Put the garbage bin at the gate, and the map on the table.
  • Click the Finish the mission button to complete Operation Undertaker.

Here’s a video to help you see what I did to solve this mission. Might be easier to follow.


Now that you reached the end of Nobodies – After Death mission 4 walkthrough, I know you want more, because this game is addicting.

Stay tuned for my next walkthrough on Nobodies – After Death Mission 5 Operation Stowaway to help you get through the mission with ease.


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