Girls’ Connect Codes [NEW CODES]

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Girls’ Connect codes are here for you, so you can enjoy yet another RPG game and redeem these nice rewards.

Take advantage of these codes before they expire because they will help you advance faster in the game and give you a little boost.

Redeeming these Girls’ Connect codes will send your gifts to your mail, so make sure you check that and finish the redeeming process.

Redeem Girls’ Connect Codes

These Girls’ Connect codes can be redeemed right now. Lower/upper-case letters aren’t important, but make sure you don’t misspell any.

  • GC666 — Redeem to get 50 Diamonds, 2 Advance Summon Covenants, 500k Gold
  • GC777 — Redeem to get 50 Diamonds, 100 Ascension Stones, 200k Mana
  • GC888 — Redeem to get 2 Advance Summon Covenants, 5 Arena Tickets, 50 Diamonds
  • GC999 — Redeem to get 50 Diamonds, 3 Advance Summon Covenants, 200k Mana
  • GC2022 — Redeem to get 100 Diamonds, 3 Advance Summon Covenants, 500k Gold
  • Joingc — Redeem to get 100 Diamonds, 1 Advance Summon Covenant, 200 Ascension Stones
  • FBVIP – Redeem to get rewards. 
  • VKIEOS – Redeem to get rewards.
  • WNKLDW – Redeem to get rewards.
  • GVMCOX – Redeem to get rewards.

Now that you have the coeds you might wonder what you should do with them. I’ll tell you how to redeem Girls’ Connect codes right here. Just follow my lead.

How to Redeem Girls’ Connect Codes

It’s not that hard to redeem these codes if you know where to look for. Here are the steps you need to take in order to redeem your Girls’ Connect codes.

1. After you enter the game click on your avatar at the top left corner.
2. Tap the Settings icon in the bottom right corner of the new window.

Girls' Connect Codes redeem

3. Enter the code at the topof the Settings window and click Exchange.

Redeem Girls' Connect Codes

4. Don’t forget to check your in-game mail and claim your rewards.

Now you can enjoy your gifts and use them to your advantage. Make sure you don’t misspell the codes, otherwise they won’t work.

How to Get More Girls’ Connect Codes

If you’re wondering how to get more Girls’ Connect codes, the answer is here. You can bookmark this page and give it a read every now and then.

I’ll try and update the codes whenever they release new ones. Usually that happens around special events and after game updates.

Another way to keep an eye on new codes is to follow their Facebook page Girls’ Connect Official. A good way to keep up to fate with the news about the game as well.


Lots of great rewards with these codes for Girls’ Connect and they will help you a lot to advance faster.

MAke sure you redeem the codes before they expire, it would be a shame not to take advantage of all these free stuff.

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