IQ Boost: Training Brain Games Level 101 – Level 125 Answers

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Today’s answers for IQ Boost level 101 to level 125 are a bit more difficult than the previous ones. It’s fun to see the game becomes trickier with every level.

In my previous article for IQ Boost level 76 to level 100 answers I could figure out the solution in no time. This time it took me a while.

Follow my answers below if you want to pass all levels and be able to advance and gain the Genius level 8 title, and show everyone you’re a pro at this game.

IQ Boost Level 101 Answer

Request: Connect matching items.
Answer: Woman – hat – lipstick
Santa – star – present
Clown – balloon – circus

IQ Boost Level 102 Answer

Request: Choose the largest number
Answer: You gotta be quick. Just look for the biggest numbers, and if you see / or – you’ll know it’s the other one. The equations are random so there’s no right answer for me to give.

IQ Boost Level 103 Answer

Request: Connect matching items.
Answer: wink – kiss – hearts
blowing nose – temperature – mask
tired – yawn – sleep

IQ Boost Level 104 Answer

Request: How many points were shown?
Answer: Count fast, that’s all you can do.

IQ Boost Level 105 Answer

Request: Make a square with these shapes:
Answer: Move the rectangle outside of your screen, just enough to cut it so it becomes a square.

IQ Boost Level 106 Answer

Request: Defuse the bomb!
Answer: Press the right arrow till you get 27 on the clock. Then you can tap the green wires with 19 and 8 on. Press the right arrow again till 20 it’s written there, then tap the red wires with 12 and 8. Press the arrow for 12 and then on blue wires with 5 and 7.

IQ Boost Level 107 Answer

Request: Divide 3 bones by 6 puppies equally
Answer: Drag the two numbers in the request and switch them between them. Now you can divide 6 bones by 3 puppies equally.

IQ Boost Level 108 Answer

Request: Break into the safe!
Answer: Just press two fingers at the same time on the key and the lock to open the safe.

IQ Boost Level 109 Answer

Request: Take the star!
Answer: Keep tapping the penguin so he flaps his wings and starts flying up till it reaches the star.

IQ Boost Level 110 Answer

Request: Take the kitten out of the box
Answer: Tilt your phone down so the cat drops out of the box.

IQ Boost Level 111 Answer

Request: Buy the cake!
Answer: Tap the price and write 0 instead of 10. Because all you got is $ and they are asking for euros.

IQ Boost Level 112 Answer

Request: Hit all the pins!
Answer: Pinch the screen to zoom and make the ball bigger then send it towards the pins.

IQ Boost Level 113 Answer

Request: Win the race!
Answer: Tap the clock till you break it then start the race and keep accelerating until you reach the finish line.

IQ Boost Level 114 Answer

Request: Which cup is the ball in?
Answer: You’ll never get it right if you follow it, just tap and drag up all three cups.

IQ Boost Level 115 Answer

Request: Can you solve this task?
Answer: Tap Enter and type No

IQ Boost Level 116 Answer

Request: Win this game!
Answer: Drag the X above in the top right corner, then tap the lower right corner to make a line.

IQ Boost Level 117 Answer

Request: How to lower the fever?
Answer: Shake your phone and the thermometer will reset and the red line will go down.

IQ Boost Level 118 Answer

Request: Get out of Groundhog Day!
Answer: Rub your finger on the silver handle till it falls.

IQ Boost Level 119 Answer

Request: Make a shape
Answer: Fit all the pieces inside, then leave the light blue L shape last. Tap the longer line at the end to break it and fit in the last place.

IQ Boost Level 119

IQ Boost Level 120 Answer

Request: Leave the 4th lightbulb on!
Answer: Switch the number 4 with the number 5, because it never stops on 4.

IQ Boost Level 121 Answer

Request: Move one match to make the equation correct
Answer: Move one match from 8 to turn it into 6, and take it to 9 to turn it into 8. 8-6=2

IQ Boost Level 122 Answer

Request: Get rid of the counterfeit coin!
Answer: Get all the coins down on the table, then put two coins at a time on each side and see which one is lighter.

IQ Boost Level 123 Answer

Request: Hit the bull’s-eye!
Answer: Make the bull’s-eye bigger by zooming on it, then you can shoot.

IQ Boost Level 124 Answer

Request: Place the missing objects!
Answer: First row: cherry – lemon – cherry – lemon – cherry
Second row: All apples
Third row: lemon – cherry – lemon – cherry – lemon

IQ Boost Level 125 Answer

Request: Win the game!
Answer: Tap two fingers on the empty spots to make a line with your X

Wrapping up

Maybe you’ll have an easier time to understand these levels if you watch me play in the video below.

Congrats on finishing another 25 levels of IQ Boost, and hopefully you’ll be able to keep up the good work and reach even higher.

I’ll be posting the next article for IQ Boost level 126 to level 150 as soon as I finish them. Make sure you keep a close watch on my website so you don’t miss it.


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