IQ Boost: Training Brain Games Level 126 – Level 150 Answers

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Got your next answers for IQ Boost level 126 to level 150 for you today. If you’ve come this far you know they are starting to get harder.

Even in my last article for IQ Boost level 101 to level 125 answers I found some that were a not as easy as we were used.

Follow these answers below to make sure you finish the next 25 levels and are able to unlock more and more levels as you progress.

IQ Boost Level 126 Answer

Request: Feed the puppy!
Answer: Double tap the lid of the Dog Food container, tilt your phone upside down and shake it so the food drops in his bowl.

IQ Boost Level 127 Answer

Request: Charge your phone
Answer: Your actual phone… like plug in your phone to pass the level.

IQ Boost Level 128 Answer

Request: Make the ball fall NOT into the box
Answer: Tap the word NOT to scratch that out and let the ball fall.

IQ Boost Level 129 Answer

Request: Kill the boss!
Answer: Zoom the boss to make it super large so it explodes.

IQ Boost Level 130 Answer

Request: Move the chips so that the numbers are in order!
Answer: Move them only using the empty chip. They go green when they are placed in the correct spot.

IQ Boost Level 131 Answer

Request: Light the candles!
Answer: Light one candle with the burning match and then tilt your phone to the side so the flame reaches the other candles.

IQ Boost Level 132 Answer

Request: Divide the items into groups.
Answer: Ladybug – Butterfly – Parrot – Fairy
Helicopter – Airplane – Kite – UFO
Bunny – Penguin – Catterpillar – Ant
Mushroom – Flower – Tractor – Hammer

IQ Boost Level 133 Answer

Request: Find a way to win!
Answer: Keep your finger on the screen starting with the letter V and drag it across until you spell VICTORY.

IQ Boost Level 134 Answer

Request: Get access to the secret laboratory!
Answer: Keep your finger pressed on the panel with the fingerprint on, until the doors open up for you.

IQ Boost Level 135 Answer

Request: Find all the objects in the picture
Answer: It’s pretty easy, but I’l show you in the image below.

IQ Boost Level 135

IQ Boost Level 136 Answer

Request: Switch on all the bulbs
Answer: Swipe over the last bulb to take it out and then press the buttons to make sure all are switched on

IQ Boost Level 137 Answer

Request: Get the maximum number!
Answer: Tap on both zeros so it looks like infinity.

IQ Boost Level 138 Answer

Request: How many squares can you see?
Answer: 6 (the + and – next to Enter button are squares too)

IQ Boost Level 139 Answer

Request: Wish the kid Happy Birthday!
Answer: DDEDGF to sing him Happy Birthday song!

IQ Boost Level 140 Answer

Request: Find the fake dice!
Answer: There are three that are pretty well camouflaged in there.

IQ Boost Level 140

IQ Boost Level 141 Answer

Request: Divide the items into groups.
Answer: Eagle – Egg – Chicken – Penguin – Owl
Bat – Hamster – Lion – Monkey – Party emoji
Catterpillar – Ladybug – Ant – Butterfly – Bee

IQ Boost Level 142 Answer

Request: Complete the level
Answer: Turn your phone upside down so the dino is walking on the ceiling till it reaches the finish line.

IQ Boost Level 143 Answer

Request: Find all the circles in the picture
Answer: Clock, Earth, Penguin, Ball are the obvious ones. Move the drapes out of the way and tap the sun as well.

IQ Boost Level 143

IQ Boost Level 144 Answer

Request: Kill the Boss!
Answer: Put a finger over his health bar and drag it to lower it to 0.

IQ Boost Level 145 Answer

Request: Guess the side the coin comes up
Answer: Click just one of them Tails or Heads repeatedly, very fast till you get it right.

IQ Boost Level 146 Answer

Request: Catch the goldfish!
Answer: Tap the fishing rod and keep your finger there till the fish comes out.

IQ Boost Level 147 Answer

Request: Don’t push the button!
Answer: Just don’t do anything for a while. It will tell you you won eventually!

IQ Boost Level 148 Answer

Request: How many candles will be left if you blow out 2 of them?
Answer: 2. If you blow 2 out, it means the others will just burn out, so only 2 will be left.

IQ Boost Level 149 Answer

Request: Which cup is the ball in?
Answer: Just try to follow the first 2 balls to win. The third will be too fast, so erase the 0 that is added to the speed, so it goes back to being 1

IQ Boost Level 150 Answer

Request: Work out what’s in the picture
Answer: It’s a heart. The numbers on the side tell you how many red squares there are on that row or column.

IQ Boost Level 150 heart1

Wrapping up

If you think a video can help you understand better, check out the video below of how I played these 25 levels.

This was another fun article to write for IQ Boost level 126 to level 150 answers. I hope you were able to find your answers here.

If you’re looking for more answers for IQ Boost level 151 to level 175, make sure you visit my website soon to check out for new articles.


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