IQ Boost: Training Brain Games Level 151 – Level 175 Answers

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Here are the answers you’ve been expecting for IQ Boost level 151 to level 175. No tricks can hide from me, so read my answers below to help you advance further.

If you read my last article on IQ Boost level 126 to level 150 answers, you know the levels are always hiding some kind of trick and the answers are not always easy to get.

But you don’t have to worry, whenever you get stuck you can look through the answers below and you’ll be able to pass any of the next 25 levels, from level 151 to level 175.

IQ Boost Level 151 Answer

Request: Move the chips so that they all turn green!
Answer: You need to put them in order using the empty tile.

  • Start with 3 – 5 – 7 – 4
  • Then 8 – 7 – 5 – 6
  • Lastly, keep 8 pressed to retype the number 7 instead, then do the same for number 7, to change it to 8

IQ Boost Level 152 Answer

Request: Win the race!
Answer: Keep your finger pressed on the shorter pedal and it will pick up speed.

IQ Boost Level 153 Answer

Request: Place the objects in the correct order.
Answer: England’s flag top
Brazil’s flag left
Germany’s flag middle
Japan’s flag right
Egypt’s flag bottom

IQ Boost Level 153

IQ Boost Level 154 Answer

Request: Find the black cat
Answer: Drag the word “black” from the title onto one of the cats and tap on it.

IQ Boost Level 155 Answer

Request: Assemble the picture with berries:
Answer: It need to form cherries when you’re done.

IQ Boost Level 155

IQ Boost Level 156 Answer

Request: How many numbers do you see here?
Answer: 98. There’s a O and I hidden in there.

IQ Boost Level 157 Answer

Request: Tap on the numbers in ascending order!
Answer: 3-8, -4, 0,3, 7/14, 2, triangle, 4 dots, V, 6 dots, IX, 12, F

IQ Boost Level 158 Answer

Request: Decipher an ancient message!
Answer: Swipe the screen so the page turns and you see the message “Made in China”

IQ Boost Level 159 Answer

Request: Add up the three largest numbers:
Answer: 7+8+9=24

IQ Boost Level 160 Answer

Request: Find an exit from the pyramid
Answer: Tap on the words “exit from”

IQ Boost Level 161 Answer

Request: How many rabbits are in this hat?
Answer: Turn your phone horizontally and press the number 8 that now looks like an infinity sign.

IQ Boost Level 162 Answer

Request: Win the game!
Answer: Use two fingers to rotate the chess table then drag the black rook to take the white king.

IQ Boost Level 163 Answer

Request: Get to the gold!
Answer: Swipe to open the door, you don’t need a code.

IQ Boost Level 164 Answer

Request: What 3 numbers do you need to take to add up to 16?
Answer: Tap twice on 7 and once on 2.

IQ Boost Level 165 Answer

Request: Somebody’s knocking on the door! What do we do?!
Answer: Lower your phone volume to solve this level.

IQ Boost Level 166 Answer

Request: Get out of the cell!
Answer: Shake your phone. Giving them an earthquake will make them open the cell.

IQ Boost Level 167 Answer

Request: Tap on the octagon!
Answer: Combine the red + yellow + blue shapes to make a shape with 8 sides.

IQ Boost Level 168 Answer

Request: Fill the bucket with exactly 3 liters of water
Answer: Fill the big one and pour in the little one so there’s only 4 left.
* Empty the little one and now pour the 4 into the little one again.
* Now fill the big one, and pour 1 liter into the little one, then empty the little one again.
* You’ll have 0 in the little one and 8 in the big one.
* Pour 5 liters into the small one and you’ll be left with 3 liters in the big one.

IQ Boost Level 169 Answer

Request: Make the smallest possible number.
Answer: Tap the first line on the calculator to turn into a -, then type 999.

IQ Boost Level 170 Answer

Request: Figure out the correct sequence of items.
Answer: tree – hanger – lemon – cherry – clock – Saturn – Sun – sock – star

IQ Boost Level 171 Answer

Request: The soldier is sleeping! Wake him up!
Answer: Tell him to wake up. The phone will register your voice and wake him up.

IQ Boost Level 172 Answer

Request: Solve the last equation
Answer: 1014

IQ Boost Level 173 Answer

Request: Go on a journey!
Answer: Move the clock’s arrows counterclockwise till they get to 1:50

IQ Boost Level 174 Answer

Request: Kill the boss!
Answer: Use these in this order: Hammer, bomb, bow, hammer, health, bomb, hammer.

IQ Boost Level 175 Answer

Request: Make your opponent take the last match.
Answer: Take 2, then 1, then 2.0

Wrapping up

Let me know in the comments section below if you had any problems with any of the levels of IQ Boost. I’m always eager to help you.

Here’s a video of these 25 levels to get a better idea of how I managed to pass all the levels.

I can see how the difficulty is starting to increase with every level and I’m sure that on my next article for IQ Boost level 176 to level 200 you’ll need even more help to find the right answers.


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