IQ Boost: Training Brain Games Level 176 – Level 200 Answers

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I’m back again with more answers for IQ Boost level 176 to level 200. Hopefully that’s enough to help you advance further in the game.

My last article on IQ Boost level 151 to level 175 proved to be a bit difficult to figure out. And it seems that the levels I’m covering today have a theme of erasing and drawing.

You don’t need too much drawing talent if you listen to my instructions to a T, you’ll be able to finish these next 25 levels without any problems.

IQ Boost Level 176 Answer

Request: Who’s the cutest in the land?
Answer: Rub your finger over the mirror to see who’s really the cutest.

IQ Boost Level 177 Answer

Request: Find your way to the treasure
Answer: Rub off the red marks from the ship to the right part of the map. Only leave the marks from the ship to the treasure.

IQ Boost Level 178 Answer

Request: Win the jackpot!
Answer: First scratch the top row, then the bottom 3.

IQ Boost Level 179 Answer

Request: Improve your pepperoni.
Answer: Erase the tomatoes and mushrooms off the pizza.

IQ Boost Level 180 Answer

Request: Get to the top!
Answer: Erase the top of the mountain, with your finger, down to the man climbing it.

IQ Boost Level 181 Answer

Request: Win the race!
Answer: Erase the finish line of the purple car, then press Start.

IQ Boost Level 182 Answer

Request: Win this game!
Answer: Erase the little finger and the ring finger of your opponent to win the game. Rock beats scissors.

IQ Boost Level 183 Answer

Request: Find a cat!
Answer: Start erasing in the bottom right corner.

IQ Boost Level 184 Answer

Request: Erase all the problems!
Answer: Just erase the word “problems” and you’ll win.

IQ Boost Level 185 Answer

Request: Win!
Answer: Erase only over the sun on the bottom, so it makes a line with the other 0s

IQ Boost Level 186 Answer

Request: Take the package!
Answer: Rub your finger over the word “package”

IQ Boost Level 187 Answer

Request: Crack open the treasure chest!
Answer: Erase only one side of the key to fit in the lock.

IQ Boost Level 188 Answer

Request: Make toast!
Answer: Erase the blue part of the toaster so you can see the button.

IQ Boost Level 189 Answer

Request: Find the treasure!
Answer: Erase the first layer, then keep pressed on the pillars in the order shown over the symbol. Circle – Triangle – Star – Hexagon

IQ Boost Level 190 Answer

Request: Find an exit from the pyramid
Answer: Draw a line from the mummy to the exit without touching the walls.

IQ Boost Level 191 Answer

Request: Comfort the baby!
Answer: Try and redraw the missing cake with the black marker.

IQ Boost Level 192 Answer

Request: Paint a picture!
Answer: Draw all the white paper with the black marker, without raising your finger off the phone.

IQ Boost Level 193 Answer

Request: Win!
Answer: Draw a line over the 0s on the diagonally.

IQ Boost Level 194 Answer

Request: Fix the bike!
Answer: Draw a chain from the pedals to the back wheel.

IQ Boost Level 195 Answer

Request: Get bingo!
Answer: Draw over 31, 46, and write over the last chip on top a 1, then draw over the 1 on your ticket.

IQ Boost Level 196 Answer

Request: Turn on the light!
Answer: Draw over the white rectangle to get a switch, press the top to get the red light then draw over the light bulb.

IQ Boost Level 197 Answer

Request: Save the rabbits!
Answer: Draw a line in between the wolves and the rabbits from right to left to put a fence in between them.

IQ Boost Level 198 Answer

Request: Collect coins!
Answer: Draw a line to follow the coins and he will jump following the line.

IQ Boost Level 199 Answer

Request: Make the equation true!
Answer: Draw a line over the =

IQ Boost Level 200 Answer

Request: Jump over the canyon!
Answer: Draw a line from one edge to another, then from one side of the plank to each edge so it doesn’t break. Then press Jump!

Wrapping up

Finishing 25 more levels of IQ Boost really feels nice. I am sure together we’ll be able to advance further and reach higher levels not many managed to reach.

Here’s a visual of all the levels from level 176 to level 200 to understand better how I did things.

Keep a close eye on my articles for when I come back with the answers for IQ Boost level 201 to level 222. I’m sure it will be a lot of help to you.


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