Peridot Cheat: Forage Any Surface / Complete Most Quests

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Cheating in Peridot might seem impossible, but I found one cheat that can prove extremely helpful, especially when it comes to completing your daily missions and getting the exact items that you need.

If you’ve been playing the game for a while, you know already that it likes to challenge you to dig in various types of places, look at flowers/animals and so on.

And you might not always have a puddle of water nearby, or a bit of sand, or dirt or flowers, or a cat, or a dog… you get the idea.

But there is a really easy way out of this, one that requires a bit of creativity and zero walking. Which is perfect for most of us, even though this cheat doesn’t work with Peridot habitats.

It’s still better than nothing, so let’s see how to easily fool Peridot into thinking that you are near any type of terrain and complete most missions.

Best Peridot cheat

I found this by mistake, but I’ve been using it ever since. You will need a laptop or a desktop computer (ideally), although a tablet like an iPad and even a phone might work.

Peridot cheat to complete missions

All you need to do is to search on Google for the type of terrain that you need to complete a mission or that you want your Dot to dig through.

Does it want to sniff a cat and there’s none nearby? Search for a cat pic and aim your phone’s camera at it. Your Dot will happily consider it a real cat.

Do you need to dig in sand or water for a specific item? Simply search for a lake or a nice beach on Google, open the phone and aim your phone at it. Easy peasy!

This makes it insanely easy to complete all the missions without having to leave your house. Well… most of the missions, since you still need to to the walking when that’s needed.

peridot cheat

Also, I wasn’t able to show it photos of habitats to make it believe it’s there, as the game uses location to know where it’s at.

But it’s still a really simple cheat that will help you a ton, so feel free to use it whenever it’s necessary.

Final words

While some might say that it ruins the fun of the game to cheat in a game like Peridot, I personally don’t mind doing it, especially when it comes to digging through things that I don’t have nearby – not even within walking distance.

It’s up for you to decide if you want to use it or not. But at least now you know this useful Peridot cheat.

If you happen to stumble upon other similar cheats, don’t hesitate to share your findings with the world by commenting below.

Or you can just check out my previous articles covering the game, such as my comprehensive list of Peridot pet name ideas or a guide to nests in the game.


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  1. I literally found this out about two hours ago. I figured out if you forge on your hand it counts as the “human contact” thingy. I don’t condone cheating but it’s just like the sims games I used to play on my gamecube, I was little and thought it was the coolest thing I found these cheat things you can enter to make the game more exciting. It doesn’t ruin the fun.


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