Peridot Habitat Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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If you’ve been playing Niantic’s other AR games, you will feel at home with Habitats in Peridot too. But to make sure that you know everything about them, I’ve decided to share a guide explaining how they work and what to expect from the various habitats in the game.

Habitats in Peridot are real-world locations you can visit with your Dot. They are usually at cool, notable locations around you, like parks, places of worship, statues and other attractions – you know, the kind of places you’d love to check out anyway.

To see all the Habitats around you, simply tap the Map icon in the upper left corner of your screen. They will look like purple blobs on the map.

Make sure you have activated your Adventure Sync, to allow the game access to this data. Once done, the map would look something like what you can see below:

Purple dots marked on the Peridot map

As you can see in my screenshot above, you can end up in a very dry area (Bottom part of the map) or a more populated one. Either way, there are plenty of habitats everywhere in the world, so you should see a ton in your area.

What do Habitats do in Peridot?

As you can probably guess, the Peridot Habitats are very similar to Inns in Wizards Unite or the Special locations in Pokemon Go and other similar AR games.

This means that you have potential rewards waiting for you and your Dot at these Habitats. Your Dot certainly loves these places and especially to forage here. Make sure to do so to grab some special items.

Peridot Habitat Digging

Another thing that you can do at Habitats is to add your Dot to the list of Dots who have visited. Simply tap the + button at the top of the Habitat if you want to add the name of your Dot to the list.

You can also check out the list, where you will see the latest Keepers who have visited the area, as well as their Dots. This is a great way to make friends and potentially meet a match for your Adult Dot to start hatching a baby Dot.

Peridot Habitat Location

Speaking of which, make sure to read my previous guide to getting more Nests in Peridot – that’s something you should always have plenty of on hand.

An interesting feature here is that if you hatch a Dot while physically at a Habitat, it will be featured on the Bulletin Board of that specific habitat. Really nice way to get yourself and your pet noticed!

Apart from this, there isn’t any special interaction with Habitats at the moment. No fights, no actual rewards (that I found so far – but you saw how limited these are in my instance). But if I find anything new about Habitats in Peridot, I will make sure to update the article ASAP.

Wrapping up

Habitats are important attractions that you can visit, in the real life, together with your Dot. There are plenty of rewards there if you put your Dot to do a bit of work like digging for food.

These are also great spots to feature your Dot, make new friends and even hatch a new one if you have a Nest available.

If you find other things you can do at Habitats in the game – maybe you stumble upon a special type or something – don’t hesitate to let us all know by sharing a comment below.


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