Peridot: How to Get More Nests [Full Guide]

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Nests are extremely important in Peridot, because you need them to hatch new Dots in the game. But they’re extremely hard to get – as you will see in today’s article, which is probably an intended feature to keep the population of dots and the combinations to a minimum.

But first, let’s learn how to get more Nests in Peridot – and what to do to increase our chances of getting more for free to hatch our own Dots.

The only way right now to get extra Nests in Peridot is by purchasing them from the store as a single Nest or in various Bundles.

single dot nest in Peridot

The price of a single nest is $5 currently (adapted to your country’s currency), which is pretty expensive, considering it is an essential part of the gameplay and the only way to hatch a Dot.

Bundles are better as they reduce the overall price of each Nest, but still not great in a free to play game. The entire gaming community is upset right now, and hopefully the developers will listen and make some changes.

Especially because during the Beta phase, players were able to collect parts that could be used to create additional Nests. But this entire mechanic has been removed, and now the only way to get more Peridot Nests is by spending real life dollars on them.

You get one free Nest in Peridot

Fortunately, you do get one free Nest when you start playing the game. In order to get it, simply go to the store and you will see it as a Special Offer.

free Nest Basket in Peridot

It’s like the developers saying, “Welcome, player! Now go forth and hatch a Dot. It might be your only one.”

This is because Nests are one-hit wonders. Use them once, and poof! They’re gone. So, you gotta hustle to get more nests if you want to keep hatching those adorable Dots. (In this case, hustle = spend more money).

Potential ways to get more Nests in the game

With the developers switching from being able to collect parts to craft more Nests in Peridot to only being able to purchase them for a pretty big investments, let’s just say that the community isn’t exactly thrilled about the situation.

I’m really hoping the brains behind Peridot will listen to us players and rethink their pricing and / or give us additional ways to get more nests to hatch our own little Dots to care for.

Nest Baskets
One of the in-game bundles that sells 3 Nests for $15, but also other goodies

I actually believe that we will be able to grab some free ones every now and then via Special Events and maybe as various rewards later on in the game, including the daily login rewards. But these are just guesses…

Either way, since currently there are many complaints about this feature, I wouldn’t rush to spend $5 per Nest right now… wait for a week or two, at least, to see if things change or not.

Wrapping up

As you see in today’s article, you don’t have many options when it comes to getting more Nests in Peridot. Basically, you have to spend money to get more.

They come at $5 a piece if you purchase them individually, or cheaper if you go for Bundles, ending up as low as around $3 per nest if you get a Nests Baskets bundle that also comes with other goodies.

If you manage to find a different way to get more Nests in the game, don’t hesitate to share your strategies below.


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5 thoughts on “Peridot: How to Get More Nests [Full Guide]”

  1. You gave to be kidding….$4.99 for each nest? The most I would spend is $.99! This is a new game!!!! Not reality! Sell 6 nests for $5.00. That’s how to get people to play… no robbing them!!!! Your going to lose us… because we will lose interest way before we lose our money… especially in today’s economy! You need to replace the person who made this business decision. Suzanne

      • The only other way to get a nest without having to pay is if you have the option you can use those black looking rocks that you get from catching a wild dot. . I just exchanged 2500 that I had accumulated for one nest, I’ve been trying to get an Ice dot to hatch but that was an unrealistic task.

  2. I really like my little guy, but as soon as I learned the mechanics and browsed the shop only to see the essentially pay-to-play setup, I knew I needed to quit. Don’t want to get too attached, plus you can’t trust a company that comes out of the gate with something this atrocious, whether they change course later or not.

  3. I was super excited for this game, but I refuse to pay $5 per nest…at most I’d pay $5 for a bundle of 5 or 6 nests.

    Being able to gradually collect items to build nests for free is a great way to keep players as well… some of us will be patient and wait to build them but others will just buy some.

    Like Pokémon go I rarely buy anything – but when I need a bag upgrade and I don’t have enough coins earned I’ll spend a few bucks to increase it for a community day. They really need to rethink the price gouging.


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