The House of Da Vinci 3 – Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 Walkthrough

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Another adventure in The House of Da Vinci 3, where chapters 5 and 6 await you. I’m here to help you with them with a thorough walkthrough.

Follow my steps exactly in order to be able to finish these chapters. As you saw in my previous article for The House of Da Vinci 3 chapter 4 walkthrough, Leonardo will guide you around here as well.

In this next chapter you’ll help them escape, so follow my guide and make sure you don’t skip any steps so you won’t encounter any problems.

The House of Da Vinci 3 Chapter 5 Walkthrough – Villa of Luca Pacioli (Again)

The House of Da Vinci Walkthrough Chapter 5 Villa of Luca Pacioli
  • To go outside you need to go up the stairs to your right and through the hole.
  • Move along the railroad and you’ll find the men trying to break the door.
  • Use the Oculus to go back in time.
  • Now you can go to the device in the garden.
The House of Da Vinci Walkthrough Chapter 5 Villa of Luca Pacioli Garden device
  • Rotate the cap and push the cart to the right.
  • Go to the lever on the left and pull it to the right to turn the platform with the cart.
  • Look inside the cart and open up the lid with the lever on.
  • Rotate the lever inside so the cart starts moving and hits the two men, helping the others escape.

The House of Da Vinci 3 Chapter 6 Walkthrough – Secret Passage

The House of Da Vinci Walkthrough Chapter 6 Secret Passage
  • Check out the rock on the left, go around it, and turn the pieces so they make an infinity symbol.
  • Look under the stone and take the lever from there.
  • Move to the round door in the stone.
  • Look at the lever in your inventory and pull on the pieces till it gets a T shape.
  • Use the T lever in the mechanical part right under the center.
  • Rotate the T lever and pull on the right one to bring the empty triangle to the left, circle by circle.
  • Here’s how to position them in order to solve it:
  • After entering the cave, there’s a device on the left that you need to push all the way to the bridge.
  • Check out the two handles on the pole you pushed. There’s a bag of sand above you that can be directed to fall right on the bridge in order to lower it.
  • The bag is already in the middle where the bridge is, so all you have to do is push the vertical handle down so it lowers the heavy bag.
  • Now you can go over the bridge and through the tunnel on your right.
The House of Da Vinci Walkthrough Chapter 6 Secret Passage Underground
  • Look at the device on the right wall next to you.
  • Use the Ocuclus to know how to solve the lock puzzle.
  • Move the right handle and pull down on each bar to unlock it.
  • Here’s a video to help you solve it.
  • Spin the wheel on your left clockwise.
  • Walk the platform you opened up.
  • Pull the handles up to release the first little door and take the metal shaft.
  • Move back up the stairs and check the door over the bridge behind the man.
  • Take the wooden plank with you and push the device with the wheels from the other side, back towards the entrance.
  • Lower the hook over the grate in the ground and go there to secure the hook on the ring of the gate.
  • Now you can pull it up so you open the gate and go down to that tunnel.
  • Put the wooden plank over the chasm to securely pass over.
  • Going to the stairs on the right you can now open the door you found earlier.
  • But don’t go through, go back to the tunnel and forward.
  • Use the metal shaft on the gear in front of you.
  • Turning it will make something fall on the other side.
  • To reach that part you need to go back to the main area and move towards the entrance.
  • There’s an opening to your right with a skeleton inside.
  • Take the letter, the arquebus support, and the dagger.
  • Go back to the man in the cave and release the gate in the ground then start pushing the device towards the bridge again.
  • Go through the gate on the left, to the tunnel with the wooden plank and over it.
  • Fix the water gutter with the Arquebus support.
  • Now go there on the other side through where you first found that place.
  • Put the metal shaft back in its place, then the dagger to hold the other small door.
  • Go spin the wheel and then move to the handle in between the doors, move it to the left, and go spin the wheel again.
  • Go to the device with the wheels and the hook.
  • Make sure it’s not over the bridge, just before the bridge.
  • Move the hook to the right and lower it over the sandbag from under the bridge.
  • Go to the sandbag and make sure the hook is holding to the loop on the sandbag, so you’re able to pull it up using the device.
  • Now push it to the other side of the bridge.
  • Move the sandbag to be in the middle and drop it.
  • Go over the rails that fell, through that hole.
The House of Da Vinci Walkthrough Chapter 6 Secret Passage Underground Rails
  • Check the surrounding area, the rails on your right, from where you’re starting, lead to a dark cave.
  • Grab the bent rail from the ground and use the Occulus to go back in time.
The House of Da Vinci Walkthrough Chapter 6 Secret Passage Oculus Rails
  • Go to the soldier that is falling in the middle of the room, and take the mace from his hand.
  • Now check the device on the rails where you started, and put the mace in the hole to act as a lever.
  • Pull the lever to the far left and go back with the Occulus.
  • There’s a device on the right rails that can straighten your bent rail.
  • Turn the lever and let it straighten it.
  • Check the door that was closed earlier and go through it.
  • There’s a key on the wall to your left.
  • Go back through the Oculus and fix the rail by moving the lever to be right in the middle, and put the rail in your inventory on the left side.
  • Now go back with the Oculus to the present day and move to the cave right ahead, where the rats are.
  • Take the stepladder from the ground and give it to the man to fix the device.
  • There’s a bent metal shaft you need to get to that device to get it straight like you did with the rail.
  • Take it to him to and he’ll use it to fix the mechanism.
  • He needs you to find him some oil.
  • Grab the tongs on the stepladder.
  • Go open the door on the left with your key and go up the stairs here.
  • Use the tongs to unscrew the lamp off the wooden pole.
  • Take the Oil lamp and bring it down to give it to him.
  • Once he’s done you need to turn the wheel to be able to leave here.

Wrapping up

And now your mission is done. But the adventure of The House of Da Vinci 3 is not over, there are more chapters to come and I’m here to offer you a walkthrough for each one.

My video with the walkthrough for Chapter 5 and 6 will help you understand better how I finished them.

I’m positive we’ll meet again in my next article for The House of Da Vinci 3 Chapter 7 walkthrough, where the story will get even more interesting. Till next time, have fun!


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