Rooms&Exits Chapter 3 Level 3 Walkthrough [The Office]

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In my walkthrough for The Office in Rooms and Exits Chapter 3 Level 3, I’m going to guide you to the exit showing you all the right answers.

My last walkthrough was interesting to make and discover the scary things in Rooms and Exits Chapter 3 level 2, but I’m sure we’ll discover the mystery behind it soon in the levels to come.

Follow my walkthrough for Rooms and Exits Chapter 3 Level 3 so you get closer to finding out where the other half of the Pharaoh’s heart is.

Rooms & Exits Chapter 3 Level 3 The Office Walkthrough

Rooms and Exits Chapter 3 Level 3 The Office Walktrough
  • On the coffee table in front of the two chairs there’s a stained paper.
  • Go to the door on the left, open it and enter.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 3 Level 3 The Office Conference Room
  • The stained paper is the clue on how to move the arrows of the clock on the wall.
  • Set the clock to 12:30 and a hidden drawer will open under it.
  • You’ll find a decorative cube inside.
  • At the big table, one of the chairs is a bit teared up.
  • Move it to find an USB flash drive.
  • Now go back and enter the other room, which is a bathroom.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 3 Level 3 The Office Bathroom
  • You’ll find a paint thinner spray on the floor.
  • A red valve is on the shelf behind the door that you can use it on the red pipe.
  • Opening the valve will cause hot steam and it will show you some symbols on the mirror.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 3 Level 3 The Office Steam Symbols
  • You can use these symbols to unlock the laptop in the conference room.
  • It will show you a photo on the large screen.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 3 Level 3 The Office Missing Numbers
  • Find out the missing numbers:
    • 2 (+4) 6 (+2) 8 (+4) 12 (+2) 14 (+4) 18 (+2) 20
    • 4 (-2) 2 (+5) 7 (-2) 5 (+5) 10 (-2) 8 (+5) 13 (-2) 11
    • 90 (-5) 85 (-10) 75 (-15) 60 (-20) 40
  • With these numbers, you can go to the bathroom and open the cabinet under the sink: 201140
  • Inside you’ll find a cloth, combine it with the paint thinner.
  • Use the cloth with thinner to wipe the paint on the three paintings in the other room.
  • You’ll find 3 numbers on III – I – II and a neon light.
  • Go to the conference room and put the neon light above the 3 motivational posters.
  • The numbers 7 – 3 – 6 will show up.
  • The other numbers is the order of the new numbers, so: 367
  • Use this code to open the drawer under the neon light.
  • Take another decorative cube from inside.
  • The order of the colors is on the books to their right: red – yellow – blue – purple
  • You’ll find a charger you can use on the laptop at the desk.
  • Now insert the USB flash drive and it will show you a puzzle you need to solve.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 3 Level 3 The Office Puzzle
  • You can print it and take the printed photo from the printer.
  • It has a code on 7205 that you can use at the desk next to the chair.
  • There’s a key inside that you can use to the Exit door.

Wrapping up

You can sometimes jump right to the end of the level if you can’t manage certain puzzles on your own. You can write the code and get the key to get out of this room if you don’t enjoy the level.

Nevertheless, whatever you chose to do, you can always come back here to find my next walkthrough for Rooms and Exits Chapter 3 level 4, and follow my lead in solving all the puzzles.

Let me know in the comments section below if you found any of the puzzles particularly hard to solve, even with my help.


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