Rooms&Exits Chapter 2 Level 21 Walkthrough [Hobby Room]

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Welcome back to another walkthrough, this time for Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 Level 21, where we’re going to explore the Hobby Room.

If you had too much pink in my last walkthrough in the Kids Bedroom 2 on Level 20, you’ll like this level more.

There are a lot of clues and patterns around the room, so pay attention to the steps I took below if you want to find the key and get out of here.

Rooms & Exits Chapter 2 Level 21 Hobby Room Walkthrough

Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 Level 21 Hobby Room Walkthrough
  • Check the desk with wood carvings on it and take the cutter from the pen holder.
  • Use the cutter to cut a diamond-shape wood piece from the wood piece to the left and take it.
  • Open the drawer and take the hammer.
  • There’s a crate under the window where you’ll find 5 drawer handles.
  • Move the vase from the window to find another handle.
  • The cabinet at the left of the crate has a paintbrush and a blue color tube.
  • Combine them to get a blue paintbrush.
  • Check the daffodil painting closer, take part of a key from the key-holder, a diamond-shaped wood piece, and a jar from the self.
  • Dismantle the jar to find another handle.
  • Look above the sowing machine and take the vase.
  • Go to your inventory to smash it with your hammer.
  • You’ll find another diamond-shaped wood piece inside.
  • Take the black piece from the box (it looks like a lock) on the shelf.
  • Combine the black piece with part of a key you found, to make a whole key.
  • Use it to open the top drawer of the green cabinet and take a blue folded cardboard from there.
  • Open the bottom doors of the cabinet and look at the round-shaped box inside.
  • The number you need here are the numbers you’ll find on the wall vases with tulips.
    • Red 7 – Pink 2 – Yellow 5
  • Inside the box, there will be a pyramid shape.
  • On top of the green cabinet, there’s a box with a puzzle on it.
  • The clue for each color shape is on the book spines above the sowing machine.
    • Blue – flower
    • Orange – round curly diamond
    • Yellow – star
    • Green – circle
  • Inside you’ll find a pair of scissors.
  • Open the first top drawer of the cupboard next to the green cabinet.
  • Look at the box inside and put the brown handle from your inventory.
  • Take the puzzle block from the inside.
  • Check the bottom drawers and notice the cabinet itself.
  • On the floor next to the rose painting there’s a magazine.
  • On one of the pages, you’ll find this exact cabinet and you’ll see where each handle needs to go.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 Level 21 Hobby Room Handle Drawers Puzzle
  • The sliding table is where you’ll need to build something.
  • Now open the fifth top drawer, to the right, and use the scissors to cut the ribbon off the gift box.
  • Inside you’ll find another diamond-shaped wood piece.
  • Look at the cabinet near the window and look at the clues around the room so you know where to put your diamond-shaped wood pieces.
    • First is the rose (from the painting)
    • Second, is the flower (from the wood carving desk)
    • Third are the daffodils (the painting on the wall)
    • Forth is the purple flower (the other painting on the wall)
  • Inside this drawer, you’ll find a house layout.
  • Go put it on the sliding table where you did the handle puzzle.
  • Put the blue folded cardboard on the roof of the house.
  • The puzzle block goes over the roof and the pyramid goes over that.
  • Paint the entire house blue with your paintbrush.
  • The little door will open and you will find a key.
  • Use it on the door and get out.

Wrapping up

Don’t be too glad you made your way out of Level 21 in Rooms and Exits Chapter 21. The Hobby Room wasn’t too hard, right? Now that we learned to notice the clues everywhere.

Meet me in my next walkthrough for Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 Level 22 as we explore the Master Bedroom and get closer to revealing the truth and discover the murderer.


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