Peek a Phone Walkthrough: Level 15 – Level 20

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It seems that I am back once more with more Peek a Phone levels walkthrough for you, so you don’t get stuck in the game.

These Peek a Phone level 15 to level 20 walkthrough has all the steps you need for you to succeed at your missions.

If you don’t find the level you’re looking for here, because they are scrambled and not every player experiences the same, you can check out my previous walkthrough for Peek a Phone level 9 to level 14.

Don’t let any clue go by, take notes if you will, but follow me closely and you’ll be able to crack any phone mystery they’ll throw at you.

Peek a Phone Abduction Part 2 (Level 15) Walkthrough

In the first part of the abduction, you found the location where QDPie was heading before he was abducted. Heading there you’ll find a phone that will give you more information about what happened.

  1. To unlock the phone the word BEEF shows in the background, so the code is the corresponding numbers for the letters in BEEF: 2556
  2. There are a bunch of phone icons on the desktop, 10 of them are renamed into numbers and one is called Phone.
  3. Write those digits in the Phone app to call that number, and add a 1 for the area: 18643314386
  4. The Masters will answer the phone and give you some instructions.
    • Figure out how heavy 42 kg of beef is, converting it to pounds through the Converter app: A news article will pop up.
    • Read the article about Mr. Beef’s sister, and log into the Interflix app
      • Her uCloud email address is the same as her online name: [email protected]
      • Password is online name, backward: ybbaCybbA
  5. Scrolling through the movies there you’ll find “1 Last 365-Day Trip” to be liked by three of his friends. The number 1365 is the password to the Notes app.
  6. Check out the Are Hungry! note. You need to do the math to figure out the PIN: 2020
  7. Click on the Pizza app and enter the PIN, and press the button Track My Pizza.
  8. The address is your answer to where Mr. Beef is located: 32 Ripple Avenue.

Peek a Phone Funhouse (Level 16) Walkthrough

This time you have to find a girl lost in a Funhouse. Her phone, lipstick, and a map of the carnival are all you have to discover where she disappeared.

  1. Open the Town News app, and click “Whatever you do, DO NOT Use These Passwords.”
  2. Read that news and remember the last suggestion: HamBone7
  3. Open Messages app and write that password to enter and read the messages.
  4. Read the message from Cindy. It says Cindy was born in 2005, and meant the girl you’re looking for, that’s one year older than Cindy, was born in 2006.
  5. Use that 2006 to open the Calendar app.
  6. Check out the marked dates, even of the month before, you’ll find “First date with Mike.”
  7. The date on that is February 7.
  8. To open Docs app enter 0207.
  9. Check out the love poem, Passwords, and her Shopping list.
  10. Secret chat says:
    • Username: First letter of each verse -> MICHAEL
    • Password: My favorite food -> Pizza
      • You can find that out by checking her Contacts app, lots of names have a pizza in front of their names, which could be Pizza places.
  11. Click on the heart icon of the Health app and write Michael for the username and Pizza for the password.
  12. You’ll receive news on her phone that someone spotted the girl you’re looking for.
  13. In the Health app, you’ll find a secret chat with Michael.
  14. Also, they decide on the pattern password for the Photo app. It’s in an L shape.
  15. When you’re going to try to open the Vault app, you’ll receive an anonymous message: with a riddle to find the password to the Vault. The answer is: hauntedhouse.
  16. Open the Map.jpg picture and you’ll see the map of the carnival and a circle around “Harry’s horrible haunted house.”
  17. Haunted House is the answer to this Peek a Phone mystery.

Peek a Phone Chief (Level 17) Walkthrough

This mission is about saving the Chief of the police by looking at his phone. He’s gone missing after he got evidence to help him punish some bad cops.

It’s a time-sensitive mission, act quickly, and there’s no room for mistakes.

  1. The first thing to open is the Messages app and read the messages to Betsy.
  2. Click the link and it will take you to Cindy Lortz’s page. Betsy advised Rudy (our missing chief) to send her a friend request.
  3. Open the Calendar app and look for the marked date of his anniversary: 0129
  4. The Notes app has a password, you can try 0129 here, but might be different for you.
  5. Click on the (Novel) Terminology document, then on Reminders, and remember the password: cadet
  6. Open the Police DB app and write the badge number it shows off on the kid’s badge in the background picture.
    • Badge number: 613
    • Password: cadet
  7. Open the Office Roster, Monthly budget log, Safe Houses, and Evidence log
  8. Go to the Contacts app and find the number with a rat icon. It means he’s the informant.
  9. Call Frank Pollis who’s going to be upset you called. But you can talk to him through messages in Safe Chat app.
  10. After a little talk, he gives you a clue about the ring leader. Apparently one of the corrupted cops is giving his girlfriend gifts he shouldn’t be able to afford.
  11. Looks like Lawerence has given Cindy items from the Evidence Log. Tell F.P. where the gifts are coming from.
  12. He’ll give you a clue about the old Safe house named Minute Waltz
  13. The Safe Houses document will give you the address you’ll need to solve this.
  14. Write: 48 Plaisted avenue

Peek a Phone Eyewitness (Level 18) Walkthrough

After a horrible accident, a will is left behind. Find it in the deceased’s phone and you can help his family fulfill his last wishes.

  1. The News app has a notification, it’s an article about Toby’s death (the owner of the phone you have)
  2. Check out his Messages app, open the conversation with Isabel, and zoom in on the credit card.
  3. Open up the Contacts app. When clicking on Will Smith contact, you’ll find a code j3f5d
  4. Click on the Chat app and see the conversation with Riley Roberts (weird neighbor)
  5. Start up a conversation with Riley and wait for his reply. Then ask what did Toby say the last time he saw him.
  6. Remember his answer “phone” and “queen“.
  7. Open Safe Note app and type in queen. Open Possible Babysitters? and the Passwords note.
  8. Open the Email app and write the username and password you found in the notes:
    • Username: First and middle name – Toby Peter
    • Password: Red333
  9. Open the email to Lucas. You’ll find his last will and testament there.
  10. To download it you need the Will Smith password: j3f5d
  11. Remember the highlighted text. That’s Toby’s Last Wish: buy mia a science kit

Peek a Phone The Game (Level 19) Walkthrough

This seems like a deadly game, and you need to find the answer to how to wake up Kaylee, Lily’s roommate, by looking through Kaylee’s phone.

  1. The first thing to do is open up the Messages and check out Zoe’s conversation with Kaylee.
  2. The answer for the first level of The Game is going to be LOL.
  3. Check out the Notes app. Open lvl 2 notes and click the link. It’s a Wikipedia page for Gujarati Script.
  4. Click on the Digits to send you to that information.
  5. Now tap The Game app and click Restart.
    • Level 1 answer: LOL
    • Level 2 answer: Translating from Gujarati Script you’ll get the code 87149
    • Level 3 answer: “Who sings: Baby Light my Fire!” – Doors
    • Level 4 answer: Follow the letters through the maze, you’ll get the word rotator
    • Level 5 answer: The seedless watermelon will be at 16K
    • Level 6 answer: The building is Old State house built in 1713, street number: 201
  6. Level 7 will give you the word to wake up Kaylee. The right word is: AVOCADO

Peek a Phone The Critic (Level 20) Walkthrough

Use the phone of a dead film critic to find out who killed him.

  1. To unlock the phone using the year of the movie premiere of A Space Odyssey: 2001
  2. Enter the Messages app and look at the messages with Mom, she’s asking for the Streamy password: Macavity1
  3. Enter the Flavors of India conversation and write down the email address.
  4. Now go to the Streamy app and write:
  5. Remember Werecats
  6. Open the Docs app and look into Reminders and write down that email password reminder clue.
  7. Click the Email app and write the password werecats.
  8. Open the email from Zachary and read it. It says people put their birth year as a password..
  9. Next look at the Vault Setup email. It says the password is 1+1×1
  10. Open the Cinema News app and open Night of the Zombie Plants.
  11. Click on the link to Martin Weasel’s social account and note his birthday: 01.01.1991
  12. Tap the Calculator app and write 1+1×1 it will open up a secret Vault.
  13. Click on the Username.doc and write that down: anonymous731
  14. Tap the Casual app and write:
    • Username: anonymous731
    • Password: 01011991
  15. Go to the message bubble in the upper right corner, and open that message.
  16. Click the link in that message to find his phone number: 8505550137
  17. Open the Phone app and dial that number. A recorded message will tell you the man’s name is Henry (might be another name for you)
  18. The killer’s name is Henry Sinnfield. Congrats!

Wrapping up

I don’t know about you, but I had a lot of fun unraveling the mysteries of these phones. Every level in Peek a Phone is putting your attention to a test, but luckily you have all these Peek a Phone walkthroughs so you get some help if you stumble.

I’ll be working on the next Peek a Phone walkthroughs from level 21 to 26, so keep an eye out for my next article for this game.

Keep in mind some answers will differ from mine, but my step-by-step walkthrough will help you find your own answers if mine don’t work. Good luck!


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  1. In level 6 of The Game, 201 is the answer but that street number (Washington St.) is for One Boston place, BNY Mellon Center, the building behind The Old State House. The Old State House address is 206. The arrow points to the BNY graphic.


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