I Created a Text Based Adventure Game with ChatGPT – How to Do It

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There are plenty of things that you can do with ChatGPT – like writing an essay or having it create a love poem for your soul mate (and a LOT more).

But I had the idea of putting ChatGPT to work to create my own choose your own adventure type of game, one that can be played straight into the browser, in ChatGPT itself.

And, of course, the AI did the job! I do believe that the prompt needs some tweaking in order to achieve some more depth and make it more exciting… but even without this, I still managed to create a game in less time that it takes me to write this article about it. CRAZY!

How I created my adventure game with ChatGPT

The idea came after watching a few YouTube videos from people who made Unity games using Chat GPT. However, I have zero knowledge when it comes to coding, which means:

  • A) I have no idea what to ask from ChatGPT
  • B) I have no idea how to put that code to work or tweak it if it’s wrong (and apparently it is, more often than not)

But since I’m basically a dinosaur and I’ve been around and playing games that were fully text based (especially adventure games), I decided to give this a try and have ChatGPT create one for me.

Sure, the result wasn’t nowhere near as spectacular as the games I used to play in my youth, but the simple fact that everything was created by a robot is enough for to consider it mind blowing.

Here is the ONLY thing that I did to get a text based, choose your own adventure type of game created in seconds by ChatGPT:

I wrote a pretty basic prompt (aka command) in the chat window:

creating a game with chatgpt the prompt

In case you want to use it (and tweak it a lot), here is the actual text you can copy and paste:

Create a text based choose your own adventure game set in an epic, dark fantasy setting. The general story is about the main hero – a warrior named Bard – who sets on a quest to save the world from being destroyed by an evil wizard, Maleficus. You generate the story, which requires my input in the form of an answer, choosing what to do next for the story to continue.

As you can see, this is far from a very in-depth prompt, but at that time I was just curious to see if ChatGPT understands it and can create something out of it. And it did.

Here is how my adventure game, created fully by ChatGPT, and titled (by the AI) The Quest of Bard: A Dark Fantasy Adventure, went:

Note: you can click the photos to enlarge them if needed.

Chapter 1

the quest of bard 1

Chapter 2

the quest of bard 2

Chapter 3

the quest of bard 3

Chapter 4

the quest of bard 4

I have to admit that this entire game has a very DnD-esque vibe to it and even though it’s far from anything I would call a real game, I still found it pretty exciting. It’s fun to know that you can create, for free, your own games.

Just imagine how nice it would be to create something like this for your children or for friends, using their names and going crazy with relatable adventures. All of this without needing to know how to code!

My plan next is to try to go a bit more in depth with the prompts and have Chat GPT create a choose your own adventure type of game that really stands out.

I will get to work with it right now (hopefully there will be no connection errors to be dealt with) and I will update this article once I get some results.

Wrapping up

There you have it – in just a few minutes, you can get a fully customized, unique game created just for you.

I’m really curious to see if you have any ideas on how to improve the prompts and make the end result better – or just to see your created games. So don’t hesitate to share your comments below to see where this goes.


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