Funny Valentine’s Day Poems [Plus Tutorial to Make Your Own with Chat GPT]

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If you want to impress your loved one with a custom-made, truly unique poem created just for them, now it is easier than ever. With the launch of AI technology like the free to use Chat GPT, you can create custom poems with a personal touch.

I am here today to show you a few examples of funny and cheesy and generally nice Valentine’s Day poems, but most importantly – teach you how to make your own, from scratch, in just a couple of minutes with the help of AI – mainly Chat GPT.

These poems can be customized and you can instruct the AI to use your loved one’s name, some of their hobbies or interests and any details that you might consider useful.

How to make your personal Valentine’s Day poem with Chat GPT

how to write a love poem with chatgpt

In a similar fashion to writing a perfect essay with ChatGPT, writing a love poem is all about the prompt aka the command to you give to the AI.

However, in this case, things are really really easy – but I am here to teach you what to do, step by step:

1. Launch Chat GPT

In case you haven’t used it already, create an account for free and log in here.

2. Ask the AI to write your personalized love poem

In the chat window, write your command for the AI to write the poem. Something along these lines (more in-depth prompts below):

Write a Valentine’s Day poem for my girlfriend/boyfriend [Name]

On a really basic level, this is all you need to do and the AI will generate a poem immediately.

But you can tweak it a bit more and personalize the poem to make it stand out and truly amazing. We’re learning how below.

Best prompts for writing a perfect poem with Chat GPT

If making something very generic is not your thing, then you should go a bit more in depth with your prompt (instruction that you type for the AI).

What most people don’t know is that you can go really in depth and write a short novel in terms of instructions. This is the best way to approach things, too: the more instructions and information you give to the AI, the better your results.

So let’s see what poem it creates for the example above, when we only tell it: “Write a short Valentine’s Day poem for my girlfriend.

valentines day short poem by chatgpt

That is not terrible, but it’s a bit too generic. We want to personalize it a little bit, so let’s try expanding the prompt a little bit.

The new command is this: “Write a short Valentine’s Day poem my girlfriend Stacy. She likes to eat chocolate, go jogging and playing video games.

As you can see, the prompt is a bit more in-depth. Let’s see the new result:

Here’s a short Valentine’s Day poem for Stacy:

Stacy, my love, my heart’s sweet delight,
With you, everything just feels so right.
You bring joy to my life, day and night,
With your smile so bright, everything feels just right.

Chocolate, jogging and video games,
The things that make you smile, bring joy and fame.
I’m grateful for your love, so warm and true,
Together we’ll make memories, me and you.

This Valentine’s Day, I want you to know,
How much you mean to me, from head to toe.
With every beat of my heart, my love just grows,
For you, my love, my heart overflows.

So let’s enjoy this day, with love in our hearts,
With chocolate, jogging, and video games, we’ll play our parts.
I’m so grateful for you, Stacy, my love,
You bring joy to my life, from up above.

This is already better, right? Sure, it’s not a prize-winning poem above, but probably better (and definitely a lot faster than what you could do).

valentines day gift

But there’s even more!

Let’s see what happens if we go even more in depth and give a different prompt. Let’s try it for a boyfriend now.

Here is the prompt that I will use: “Write a Valentine’s Day Poem for my boyfriend Shawn. We’ve been together for one month and he means the world to me. He’s very good looking, with pink hair and purple eyes. He loves swimming under water, taking long showers and picking his nose. He’s also extremely boring and has a lazy eye. Use all these details to personalize the poem.

And here is the generated poem:

It’s only been a month, but oh how it feels,
Like we’ve been together for years, my love for you is real.
Shawn, with your pink hair and purple eyes so bright,
You light up my world and make everything right.

Under water, taking showers, or picking your nose,
I find joy in the things that make you who you are, the most.
Your uniqueness is what sets you apart,
I’m grateful for every moment that’s come from the start.

Though you may be a little boring, with a lazy eye,
I’m in love with everything about you, and that’s no lie.
With you by my side, every moment is a delight,
And I thank the universe for bringing you into my sight.

So on this Valentine’s Day, I want to say,
That you mean the world to me, in every single way.
Shawn, my love, I promise to always be there,
With you, I’m the happiest, it’s a love beyond compare.

So the AI does believe everything you tell it. It had no problem with the pink hair and purple eyes. But, surprisingly, it realized that being boring and having a lazy eye are not really qualities. I was impressed for sure!

TIP: After each poem is generated, either start a new chat, or write this command in the current chat: “Forget everything above.” If you don’t, the AI will start spitting VERY similar stuff.

Wrapping up

Generating a love poem that’s perfect for Valentine’s day is really easy with the launch of ChatGPT. The most important part, when creating the poem, is to feed the AI with as much data about the person you want them to write about. The more you give it, the more interesting the results.

You have some solid ideas for poems above and you can customize them for your current situation. Or simply create your own from scratch – it’s not really that difficult!

And if somehow ChatGPT is at capacity when you try to use it, you might want to read my article comparing Chat GPT and Chat GPT Plus to see what options you have.


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