Adventure Escape Mysteries: Cluedo Chapter 1 Walkthrough

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Excited to offer you this Adventure Escape Cluedo chapter 1 walkthrough, as it’s a time-limited event. Hopefully, we have plenty of time to finish it.

I’ll be moving to other Adventure Escape Mysteries games, after this is done, so make sure you follow my detailed walkthrough so you can finish this fun story.

Everyone that played Cluedo or maybe you know it as Clue, or something else, knows that they need to solve the murder that took place in a big mansion.

The following walkthrough for AE Mysteries Clue/Cluedo chapter 1 is going to be as detailed as possible as I’ll help you solve the murder.

AE Mysteries Cluedo Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Adventure Escape Mysteries - Cluedo - Chapter 1

After you drive to the mansion you meet Professor Plum and it’s best you two have a chat. He tells you this is the home of Mr. Boden Black that he and other guests were invited to, and doesn’t know what happened.

You’ll have notes of everything important said, so don’t worry about remembering all that. You’ll borrow his candlestick to take a look around, and here’s what you have to do.

  • Look to the left with your candlestick to find the fuse box.
  • The clue for the code is ripped from it, so check the drawer on the left of the staircase.
  • Take the ripped paper and go with it to the fusebox.
  • Seeing the square is 4, the other digits should be the edges of every shape. So: 4534
  • Now that it’s open you need to move the colored sparkling fuses to their right spot to match the colors:
    • Yellow first: right arrow.
    • Purple second: right arrow – up arrow – right arrow.
    • Green third: up arrow – right arrow – down arrow
    • Pink fourth: left arrow – up arrow – left arrow
  • The lights turn on and you see Mr. Black dead at the top of the stairs in the Hall.
Adventure Escape Mysteries - Cluedo - Hall
  • Check his neck and you’ll see he has no pulse and looks like strangulation marks.
  • Take the key from around his neck.
  • After talking to Professor Plum more and gathering up evidence against him, you can go to the bookshelf behind him and use the key to open the drawer below.
  • You’ll find a house map that it’s going to be useful.
  • You need to find your way inside the Dining Room.
  • Break the big vase to the left, and move the potted plant out of the way.
  • Press the hidden button behind the plant and put the token you find in the vase, on the door.
  • The clue on how to arrange the animal heads is on each corner of the door frame.
  • Once you enter you’ll meet Chef White who says she heard a gunshot.
Adventure Escape Mysteries - Cluedo - Dining Room
  • Looking around at the documents on the table you’ll see there are plans that involve all the guests in the mansion and Mr. Black.
  • Check the room to find all the photos.
  • You can move the chair at the end of the table and get the photo of Mr. Green.
  • One is under the carpet, of Ms. Peacock.
  • Look through the cupboards next to the table and you’ll find a pitcher.
  • Behind the painting is a water pipe, so turn on the water.
  • Put the pitcher in the lion head fountain to get some water.
  • By the fireplace, you can take the fire poker.
  • Tap on the fireplace and take a photo of Mr. Black and a sparkle from the fire.
  • Put water over the fire, and use the fire poker to take out the photo of Chef White.
  • Put them on the table and read the clues to know where every photo goes.
    • Black – CEO
    • Scarlet – Boardroom
    • Peacock – Law Office
    • White – Restaurant
    • Green – Office Suites
    • Mustard – Hotel Lobby
    • Plum – Land Acquisition
Adventure Escape Mysteries - Cluedo - Dining Room Notes Puzzle
  • Mr. Plum will come up and give you a key, then he’ll show you the way to the Billiard Room.
  • As usual, you need to figure out how to open the door to the room as the key is not for the main door.
  • Move the coat from the chair and you’ll find a dart.
  • Open the cupboard on the left side of the door and will find a target.
  • Throw the dart at it and a keyhole will appear so now you can use the key to open the door.
Adventure Escape Mysteries - Cluedo - Billiard Room
  • Here is where you meet Miss Scarlet and gain some insight into the victim, Mr. Black.
  • Take the heart bottle from under the chair by the bar.
  • Remove the crooked floorboard and take a red pool ball.
  • Move the green curtain out of the way to get a blue pool ball.
  • Move the yellow pillow on the armchair and take the record.
  • Now check under the armchair and get the antler.
  • Put the record on the record player and let the music play for a bit.
  • A drawer opens and you’ll find the violet pool ball and a skull bottle.
  • To put the antler back on the deer’s head, move the bar stool under it and after you do that, it drops the purple pool ball.
  • Put all the balls you found on the pool table.
  • Send each one into a pocket to solve this:
    • 1 – bottom right arrow – bottom right corner pocket
    • 2 – top right arrow – top middle pocket
    • 3 – bottom left arrow – bottom middle pocket
    • 4 – bottom right arrow – top right corner pocket
    • 5 – bottom left arrow – top left corner pocket
    • 6 – top left arrow – bottom left corner pocket
  • Now that every pocket is filled, you can open a hidden drawer in the pool table and take the Championship Plaque from inside.
  • Put it on the wall, under and to the left of the deer head.
  • Behind you’ll find a pineapple bottle and a computer you need to turn on.
  • Figure out the cable pattern from under the computer.
  • Look at the shelves behind the bar with the bottles on.
  • Set the bottles in your inventory on the shelves and look at the numbers and symbols on them.
    • Leaf – 4
    • Ball – 8
    • Hammer – 2
    • Diamond – 12
    • Skull – 14
    • Heart – 9
    • Feather – 7
    • Sun – 3
  • You can look at the recording now and see Scarlet pulling out a dagger and looks like she wants to stab Mr. Black.

But after talking to her it seems like she was actually giving it to him for defense as she was suspecting someone will want to hurt him.


We discovered a few clues together in this walkthrough for Adventure Escape Mysteries – Cluedo chapter 1. But there’s more to come.

I’ll keep writing to help you in finishing this interesting adventure, so make check back with my next article for Adventure Escape Mysteries – Cluedo chapter 2 walkthrough.

In case you want to play more mystery games, I highly suggest checking out my walkthrough for Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm or maybe even Rooms & Exits chapter 1 walkthrough.

As you can see, I’m a big fan of mystery/puzzle/hidden objects games, so if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears, I mean eyes. Leave a message in the comment section below with your favorite mystery game.


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