3D Escape Room Detective Story Level 3 Walkthrough

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There are more mysteries to be solved in 3D Escape Room Detective Story, and in this walkthrough for level 3 I’m going to give you all the clues you need to solve them.

You’re being informed about the detective’s former subordinate, Pete, being spotted in a fight at St. Catherine’s Dock.

Today’s level seems a bit personal for our detective, Michael Green, so he needs to find all the clues about where Pete vanished and what really happened there.

3D Escape Room – Detective Story Walkthrough – Looking for Pete

3D Escape Room Detective Story Walkthrough Level 3 Helm Area
  • You start at the boat’s helm, so look at the bottles on the floor on the right side.
  • You can roll one out of the way to see a note written in blood ASMT.
  • There’s a frame on the right wall with some wings, it’s a clue for later.
3D Escape Room Detective Story Walkthrough Level 3 Wings
  • Behind you, next to the closed door in the corner, there’s a box with a puzzle.
  • Tap the arrows to remove the locks and open it up.
  • Now rotate the circles to make the anchor whole.
3D Escape Room Detective Story Walkthrough Level 3 Anchor
  • You can take the small handle.
  • Next you need to move through the open door and check out the other room.
3D Escape Room Detective Story Walkthrough Level 3 Captain's Office
  • Look to your left and check out the desk.
  • Open the middle drawer under evidence note #2 and take the metal feather B.
  • Look at the drawer on the right side of this and use the small handle.
  • Move it around so that the mark reaches the green light.
  • Now move the small nub from the new puzzle down to the green light again.
  • Take the key and check out the books above the desk.
  • You can open the case of the third book, from left to right, and insert your key there.
  • Pick the letters ASMT and another puzzle will show up.
  • Check out the bookshelf on the right, go to the vases, and turn them around until you see some numbers: 37579
  • Put those numbers into the new puzzle and take the strange lock core.
  • Open it by rotating the cap.
  • Check out the box on the left side of the desk.
  • Rotate the little wheels to make the handle pop out.
3D Escape Room Detective Story Walkthrough Level 3 Box
  • Rotate the handle to open it and take the globe fragment B from inside.
  • Look at the drawers next to the books on top of the desk.
  • Open the drawers and see them from the side to notice the markings.
  • The clue is on the black books next to it.
3D Escape Room Detective Story Walkthrough Level 3 Drawers
  • Once the drawer under it opens you will find a double-layer gear inside.
  • Look at the Globe and take the metal feather A.
  • Look at the foot of the globe holder and rotate the metal part to match the green marks.
  • You’ll find a globe fragment C.
  • Go back to the helm and put the star-shaped lock core in the middle of it.
  • Turn it once 360 degrees and take the circular badge.
  • To open the circular badge press the buttons until only one triangle is out.
  • Then press the button right next to it so two triangles are out, side by side.
  • Then you press the ones that open 3 at a time:
3D Escape Room Detective Story Walkthrough Level 3 Badge
  • Go to the bird and put the feathers in their places.
  • Now rotate the golden circle to the right, counterclockwise, until the feather turns, from 6 to 3 o’clock.
  • Turn it left, clockwise, from 3 to 6 o’clock.
  • And so on and so on until all the feathers are turned.
  • Now turn its head to the left and right until all the pieces on the head get up.
    • left – right – left – left – right – right
  • Take the ruby from inside and enter the code 1025 (it’s the reverse number of what the clock under the bird is showing)
  • You’ll find a bookend metal piece.
  • Go back to the captain’s office and try that metal piece you just found in the closed drawer of the desk.
  • Open it to get the globe fragment A and go at the globe.
  • Put in all the fragments in the missing spots.
  • Look at the map on the wall in front of you and press the fragments in that order.
3D Escape Room Detective Story Walkthrough Level 3 Map
  • The new device that opens up has a tiny switch at the top, above the Roman numbers, that you need to turn and set in its place.
  • Now look under it, take the key from there, and put the star-shaped badge in that spot.
  • Go back to the helm, use the key there, and turn the helm around.
  • Set the ruby in the middle of the device and turn the three wheels to put the ruby back together.
3D Escape Room Detective Story Walkthrough Level 3 Ruby
  • Take the ruby back and clue paper A on the back of the compass that turns.
  • Go to the device you found the last key and put the ruby there.
  • The clue paper will help you move the ruby around to solve the puzzle.
  • Find one side where you can drag the ruby all the way down.
  • Then rotate the device twice until you have a path up, you need to go up twice.
  • Then rotate the device again and you’ll get a spot to move the ruby down once.
  • Rotate again and when you make the same pattern as it is on the clue, you’ll be given the coordinate N63.
  • Move the Roman numbers to show through the front frame the numbers VI and III.
  • Then as you see the W29, move them to II and to IX.
  • Take the key and go at the bookshelf on the left.
  • Look at the device above the vases.
  • There’s a cap under it that you can move to the side, use the key, and turn it.
  • Take the submarine model and pull on the top part towards the tail.
  • Count the triangle on each drawing to find the number, on both sides of the model.
    • First is: 3185
    • Second: 5268
  • Turn the propeller and take the emerald from the front.
  • Go to the left of the helm and put the emerald in the device to fix this as well.
  • I suggest you skip the mini-game of fixing the emerald because if you try too hard you’re going to get stuck like I did and have an even harder time fixing it.
  • Open the second compass to get the clue paper B.
  • Go with it at the globe and put the emerald there.
  • The path is drawn for you on the note.
  • Now you can do the N31 and pick III and I
  • And then E118 which is XI and VIII
  • Take the new key and go at the bookshelf.
  • There’s an empty ink bottle next tot he books, use the key there.
  • Push the book back and take the metal frame and the wooden piece out of the shelf.
  • Go to the open drawer on the desk and put them both inside.
  • Check the calendar above the desk and set the frame to have the fifth symbol on the second row in the top right corner.
3D Escape Room Detective Story Walkthrough Level 3 Electricity Pattern
  • Go to the control panel on the left in the helm room and turn the fuses up as needed as shown in the frame above.
  • Another key will show up on the panel.
  • Go to the bookshelf again and insert this one into the ink bottle as well.
  • Now you’ll find another puzzle to solve.
  • Gems for each color on the house model and drag the gems on the side to the right spot:
    • Green 4
    • Yellow 3
    • Blue 2
    • Red 5
  • It will give you the sapphire to take to the gem fixer:
    • Move the wheels so that all 4 blue lights cross the sapphire.
3D Escape Room Detective Story Walkthrough Level 3 Sapphire
  • Take it with you and go and solve the puzzle on the panel and drag each piece to the center in this order:
    • 1. Bottom middle piece up.
    • 2. Bottom right corner
    • 3. Top right corner.
    • 4. Middle right piece.
    • 5. Bottom left corner.
    • 6. Middle left piece.
    • 7. Top left corner.
    • 8. Top middle piece.
  • Take the last note clue for the sapphire path.
  • Go to the globe and follow the clue to drag the sapphire in its place.
  • Once the labyrinth is solved go to the coordinates and set the N15 to I and V
  • And then the W92 to IX and II.
  • Take the other single-layer gear and put one of them on the device above the maps to the right of the globe, the left one first.
  • Turn the lever and move the nub to the left to make room for the other gear to fit on the right side.
  • Turn this lever too and use the three nubs and turn the two levers so that the square hole and empty spaces of the 3 moving pieces align with the tiny doors behind them so you can have access to it and open it.
3D Escape Room Detective Story Walkthrough Level 3 Gear Pattern
  • A note with the words “Memory is an eternal life” is behind those doors.

Wrapping up

Keep a close watch on my next walkthroughs and make sure you check out the other two walkthroughs I did for 3D Escape Room Detective Story Level 1 and Level 2.

If you have other games that you’d like me to write about, leave a recommendation in the comments section below, I’m open to suggestions.


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