Cryptogram Answers Titanic #1

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If you loved the movie, you’ll like these quotes for Cryptogram Titanic #1 and even if you didn’t see it yet, all these answers will come in handy to help you solve this chapter.

Follow the answers below if you stumble with the levels. As long as you peek at a word or two you can even solve them on your own.

Cryptogram Titanic #1 – Level 1 Answer

Answer: Rose DeWitt Bukater is a young woman from a wealthy family, who is engaged to Cal Hockley, for financial reasons.

Cryptogram Titanic #1 – Level 2 Answer

Answer: She is unhappy with her life, feeling trapped by her social class and the obligations imposed on her by her family and Cal.

Cryptogram Titanic #1 – Level 3 Answer

Answer: Menwhile, Jack Dawson is a poor artist from Wisconsin, who has spent most of his life traveling and working odd jobs to make ends meet.

Cryptogram Titanic #1 – Level 4 Answer

Answer: He wins a third-class ticket to board the Titanic in a poker game, hoping to sell his artwork in Europe.

Cryptogram Titanic #1 – Level 5 Answer

Answer: On the first night of the voyage, Rose meets Jack on the ship’s deck, where she prepares to commit su*cide by jumping overboard.

Cryptogram Titanic #1 – Level 6 Answer

Answer: Jack talks her out of it and they develop an instant connection.

Cryptogram Titanic #1 – Level 7 Answer

Answer: Despite their different backgrounds and social classes, they quickly fall in love, sharing a passion for life, adventure, and each other.

Cryptogram Titanic #1 – Level 8 Answer

Answer: As Jack and Rose’s romance blossoms, they explore the grandeur and luxury of the Titanic.

Cryptogram Titanic #1 – Level 9 Answer

Answer: This includes the famous staircase, grand dining hall, and state rooms.

Cryptogram Titanic #1 – Level 10 Answer

Answer: However, their love is threatened by Cal, who becomes jealous and violent towards Rose and Jack.

Wrapping up

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More cryptogram levels to go and you can check out the previous ones, just in case you stumble and need a little hand.


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