3D Escape Room Detective Story Level 1 Walkthrough

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This is a walkthrough everyone was waiting for in this article for 3D Escape Room Detective Story, and it has all the hints you need to solve Level 1.

The game starts by giving you a few hints of what you can do and how things work, so when you’re done with the tutorial you’ll be on your own to solve each level.

Follow all the steps written in the walkthrough below to make sure you solve all the puzzles and finish Level 1 in no time.

3D Escape Room – Detective Story Walkthrough – Murder Case at Tulip Inn

3D Escape Room Detective Story Walkthrough Level 1
  • You start by double-tapping the ringing phone and then tap on the earpiece to listen to the caller.
  • It’s Sheriff Claude who’s canceling the steak dinner tonight and needs help with a case.
  • You need to head to Tulip Inn on Sun Dew Avenue in White City and talk to the forensic team.
3D Escape Room Detective Story Walkthrough Level 1 First Case
  • Do as you’re told so you can learn the basics of how to move within the game and what you can do to get different objects.
  • So swipe the screen to see more of the room, then double-tap the desk to get a closer look.
  • Check out the object on the right side of the desk and tap it to get a handle.
  • Also, check out the order of the books on top of the desk: II – IV – III – I
  • You can tap the item while in your inventory to get a better look at it by rotating the camera (swiping the screen)
  • There’s a return arrow in the bottom left corner that you can press to go back.
  • To zoom in and out you can pinch the screen with two fingers.
  • If you’re stuck the hint button is in the bottom right corner.
  • It consumes 10 coins to give you a hint, but it’s worth it if you need a small boost.
  • It will take you to the lamp on the cabinet with the phone on.
  • The lamp is missing something, so drag the handle to the lamp and rotate it until the base opens up.
  • Tap on the opening and get the variable resistor.
  • Pinch the screen to go back a little and look under the green lamp.
  • Pull down the two locks of the drawer to the right to open it.
  • You’ll find a puzzle to solve by rotating the two side circles.
  • The lines need to be aligned so the two metal pieces can slide to the center and lock the centerpiece.
3D Escape Room Detective Story Walkthrough Level 1 Puzzle
  • Now go back to the desk on the left side of the room and having the books in mind, set the buttons of the device with Roman numbers on in the same order.
  • Drag the first button to II, the second to IV, the third to III, and the last to I.
3D Escape Room Detective Story Walkthrough Level 1 Puzzle Books
  • It will open and reveal an electric device used for transmissions.
  • Look at the suitcase in the middle of the room and unlock each side by rotating the rectangular button then pull the other one towards it.
  • Do the same for the other side as well.
  • Check the puzzle on the lid with the photos, rotate the piece until both sides free up and it opens.
  • It will also give a metal strip.
  • There’s a new device there and a phone number: 9527
  • Go to the phone on the cabinet and press one number at a time then rotate clockwise.
  • To solve the puzzle that opens move the small up-down-left-right.
    • First, move it to the right so all the pieces go right.
    • Then move it up, so only two pieces go up and one stays in the closed space.
    • Next, move the solo piece to the right till it reaches the first symbol (which is the same as the one on it)
    • Move all the pieces down and to the right again.
    • Move the pieces up so one remains in the enclosed space.
    • Move it to the left only once, then move the first piece down in front of it.
      • The other piece will be held on the spot because of the second piece.
    • Now move the two pieces to the left again and then up, that will solve the puzzle
  • Open the tiny lock of the phone to get the metal tray from inside.
  • Take the metal tray to the suitcase and set it on the device on the ground.
  • Rotate the handle and it will give you a half-star shaped metal.
  • Put it in the missing spot on this device and rotate the pieces of the new lock that opened under it so it matches the metal strip you have in your inventory.
  • Drag it on that spot and take the triangle metal block, double tap it in your inventory (notice it has a + sign next to it)
  • Rotate the triangle to make a 6-point star (irregular gear)
  • Put it on the golden geer on this device.
  • Move the red button to the left so the orange gear slides to the left then rotate the handle until another item is revealed.
  • Take the electronic prop and drag it to the radio device on the lid here.
  • Move the black arrow on the meter to the first red circle on it by pulling down the first button to +10, and then +5.
  • After that move down the third button to +4, then to +2.
  • It will release the left lock.
  • Now move the first button up twice to +15, Move the third one up twice to +6, then move the middle one down twice to -9.
  • The right lock will open as well so you can take the semi-circular metal piece.
  • Take a closer look at it in your inventory and rotate the nub so it opens up and transforms into a sundial compass.
  • Put that on the device that’s on the other side of the suitcase.
  • Once it opens up more, take the new sundial compass back.
  • Now go to the cabinet with the phone on and put the sundial compass in the lock under it.
  • A new case will show up with a key and a trunk.
  • Open the door on the right wall with the key you just got by turning the key in the lock.
  • Put the trunk you found on the left elephant head by the sink.
  • Rotate the two pieces of the trunk so they fit the pattern of the other elephant head.
  • Take the faucet key and use it on the cabinet above the sink.
  • There are some numbers on the door: 955 689
  • On the right side of this device there’s a little drawer in the top right corner.
  • Open it and take the metal ball, then open the metal ball in your inventory, rotate the middle and take the coin you find inside.
  • Go back into the room and to the desk on the left.
  • Check the green item and notice it has a coin hole on the top.
  • Insert the coin to find yet another puzzle.
  • Move the pieces around to get the special piece out.
3D Escape Room Detective Story Walkthrough Level 1 Puzzle Slide
  • You’ll find an eyepiece you can take to the suitcase and put it in the middle.
  • You’ll find a magnetic tape inside with the inscription: FM:98 AM:110
  • And a resistor.
  • Go to the device on the desk and pull the first three switches up (maybe you need to play with yours a little as it might be random)
  • Put the resistor on the left and rotate the square tiles so the wires reach the red wire on the right and the green wire on the bottom.
3D Escape Room Detective Story Walkthrough Level 1 Puzzle Wires
  • Now put the variable resistor in the new section that opened.
  • Now you need to rotate the two nubs so the green line has the exact same shape and size as the blue line.
3D Escape Room Detective Story Walkthrough Level 1 Puzzle Waves
  • You can take the key from inside and use it on the drawer on this desk.
  • Take a closer look at the new radio and move the nubs so they show the AM and FM you saw recently.
  • A cassette holder will open, so insert your magnetic tape there.
  • It will give you a decorative slider.
  • Now go to the bathroom and pull down the lever.
  • Rotate the three buttons so they each point to their own red dot.
    • Start with the middle one and move it all the way to its own red dot.
    • Now move the third to its own dot.
    • And lastly, move the first to its own.
  • Everything will be in the right place and a new puzzle will be revealed.
  • Put the decorative slider on this and move the sliders to the side.
  • You’ll figure out the pattern eventually, but just in case, this was mine:
    • First was the bottom left slider.
    • Second was the top right slider.
    • Third was the bottom right slider.
    • And last was the top left slider.
  • Now turn the wheel so the empty space fits the red button.
  • Push the red button to the left and take the shield you find there.
  • Go with it and drag it to the lock on the cabinet under the phone.
  • Then move the metal up and take the cross wrench with you.
  • Look on the left side of the cabinet and open the hidden cupboard there.
  • Use the cross wrench and rotate it counterclockwise until it opens another drawer.
  • To get all the green lights you must first notice which one activates when you turn each one.
    • Just remember that turning the 1st rotates the 1st, the 2nd, and the 4th.
    • The 2nd and 3rd rotate the 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
    • And the 4th only moves itself.
  • Start with making the 3rd green, then rotate the first to make the 1st and 2nd green, and lastly move the 4th until it becomes green.
  • Take the cube with the number 3 on from inside.
  • Go to the bathroom and put it in the missing spot where the numbers are.
  • Now you need to make those numbers, 955 on the left and 689 on the right.
  • Drag the numbers up and down till you arrange them to be in line.
  • After you arrange them, drag the 2 metal bars.
3D Escape Room Detective Story Walkthrough Level 1 Puzzle Digits
  • You’ll find a note with the words “Churchill’s piano teacher”
  • And this is where the first level ends.

Wrapping up

After so many puzzles to solve right from the beginning I’m sure you’re curious to see what’s next on 3D Escape Room Detective Story.

So I’ll meet you back here for my next walkthrough on Level 2 3D Escape Room Detective Story, to see what other mysteries are there to be solved.


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