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Ghostbusters Review (iOS)


I grew up loving the Ghostbusters movies and then, later on, hating the game tie-ins that were released. When I heard that Beeline Interactive have decided to release yet another Ghostbusters game, I didn’t have...

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I am a sucker for board games, but I know that pretty soon the cards and dice will be moved online and we’ll play against our friends even though we’re miles away – this is what technology is supposed to do! And when that is going to happen, we’ll get our fair share of Stratego,...

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When civilization ends, there is no need to panic! You are here to help rebuild the world and reshape it and this is exactly what you are expected to do in Downfall: Clash of Factions. A strategy game (some might even call it a base building game), Downfall: Clash of Factions puts you in charge...

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