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I grew up loving the Ghostbusters movies and then, later on, hating the game tie-ins that were released. When I heard that Beeline Interactive have decided to release yet another Ghostbusters game, I didn’t have high hopes from it. But did the latest Ghostbusters game, released on iOS for iPhone and iPad, manage to kill the curse and deliver an actually pleasant experience? I’ll keep you waiting for the answer until the end, because we first have to see what this game is about!

And of course, it’s all about ghostbusting. You take on a team of Ghostbusters that have to reach all the way to the 10th level of a tower from where a nut psychic-powered guy sends ghost all over the town, giving you a bread to eat, but scaring the living soul out of the rest of the citizens. If you take on the mission, you should prepare for a long ride – but getting to the boss was never an easy job.

Basically, Ghostbusters for iOS is divided in two major parts: first, we have the micromanagement part where you research new stuff to make your busters better, recruit additional ones and read about the ghosts you have captured; and second, we have the actual action-part of the game which is obviously the reason why you start playing this game on your tablet or smartphone in the first place.

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Most of the time, you will answer calls from all over the city and bust some ghosts: missions are either easy (great to start with), medium (already a challenge) or difficult (the nightmare of any Ghostbuster). They all have a similar pattern, which is pretty sad: you are placed in a room, where you have control over your Ghostbusters, who have to shoot at different ghosts and trap them before they, the busters, are sent in Heaven. Different ghosts have different attack moves and preferences, while your busters have different abilities that must be used if you want to become the winner of the round.

You control the Ghostbusters in your team by tapping and holding, then dragging to the place where you want to move them. If a ghost happens to be there, they will attack it. Also, the scientist can heal your injured busters and will sometimes be used only to heal people around, sacrificing his or her life for the good of the team. Each mission earns you slime, which is required to go up the tower in your quest to find and destroy the evil boss – probably a helluva fight that will take some time to be made available.

Visually, Ghostbusters for iOS is charming and provides exactly what you would expect from a Ghostbusters game. Even better, the soundtrack will sound familiar to those who loved the movie when they were kids, which is always a bonus.

All in all, Ghostbusters for iOS is not a complete Bust. It’s not the best game either, but it might be the best Ghostbusters title to be made. It manages to recreate that fantastic feeling of the movie series and delivers intense action – a real challenge, once you start playing the difficult levels – but somehow something is still missing: some extra variety, maybe bigger stages for our fights… I don’t really know what! Maybe it’s just the “curse” of the games bult around an already amazing product, games from which you expect the world and the moon and the stars and which, obviously, can’t give you all that. But yes, Beeline’s Ghostbusters game for iOS is a game you should play. Personally, I know who I’m gonna call if I need to get my ghostbusting fix on the go!

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