Plague Inc Necroa Virus Update Brings Zombie Plague to the World

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The insanely popular Plague Inc managed to surprise us all once again with the announcement from their developers who admitted that they’re planning to bring the zombie apocalypse to the game and let us control how it spreads. This will be available to us all via an upcoming update that will make the Necroa virus playable and the zombie apocalypse a reality in Plague Inc.

Expected to be launched in February, the Necroa virus update will change the way we play the game. Except for the cool ability of controlling the zombie virus itself and actually mutate it to be able to resurrect the fallen ones, we’ll get a new gameplay mechanic called Active Abilities which will allow us to control the zombies and direct them to the areas that we want to attack.

Even more interesting, when the resurrection part become available, the “Cure” research won’t do too much good since there are actually walking dead roaming the world, so a new threat will appear: the Z Com, an organization that plans to hunt down all the zombies until there are none left. Your goal, of course, will be to make sure that this never happens.

The Necroa virus update for Plague Inc will be available as an in-app purchase for $1.99, as well as unlockable for free if you are able to beat the game at the Brutal level. Which many people aren’t.


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